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Aether Files "A-Files"

This is an open plot hosted by Hoshi about a team of scientists and SAINT agents and operaives, among others, that are collecting data on the intricate nature of the unexplainable “aliens” in Ayenee.

OOC Notes

OOC Thread is here.

Pacing is frequent, multiple times a week.

RP Rating is L2-S2-V2



The team has only recently been created but is composed of some of the top minds and leaders, as well as spies and soldiers. Those that are not of Ayenee-origin are to be explored by these intrepid SAoY personnel. If someone or something is from another universe, expect them to be under investigation at some point by the crew of the A-Files.

They are based out of Fort Miller.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Hoshi on Thu 25-01-18.

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