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Ayenee is universe in which all sorts of magic, creatures, sentients, and landscapes exist together in different time periods and planes of existence that sometimes bisect and usually exist separate from one another.

Capital Ayenee Capital City
Population Cannot Be Known
Head of State King Varsinax
Government Type Monarchy
Formation None 1)
Current Year 20182)
Currency Gp

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Information about Ayenee

The Entertainment & Arts section used to be called Arts & Entertainment. This is where the name Ayenee came from. First used by Anna, for her character, Aglaranna_, she came up with the word and started using it in the summer of 1997, as an In Character (IC) way to name the world around her, as there was no other at the time. Ayenee is basically what A&E; sounds like when you say it.

The term Ayenee was not really used by the rest of the players until around the summer of 1998, when the name was posted on the first version of the RP board in reply to a question about what the “realm” could be called. For whatever reason, the idea took off, and became very popular. Now there exist many different Characters, Groups, and sites that use the term.

In the early days of RP in A&E;, (now E&A;) the game was played out in just one room, the RPG Tavern, first hosted by Alenaa. At that time, in the spring of 1997, the number of Players is estimated to be something around 30. There was a small webpage created at the time, called the RPG Tavern Newsletter, and hosted by Lord Judas.

For some reason unknown to even those at the time, by the fall of 1997 there was a great influx of new Players, and the game changed greatly. Clans and Groups formed among characters, and the RPG Tavern had spawned off several other chat rooms, as the original was often too crowded for enjoyable RP. Characters and Groups began to put up their own websites sometime around here as well.

In the summer of 1998 the first “rules” page was created by John (aka Kellendil), and since then many others have popped up as companions or competition. A Crypt was also created at the time.. a place to list those Characters who died or were killed, and though the idea and the actual page and board have changed hands too many times to mention, it still exists in the form of the current Mausoleum, hosted by Memnoch and the Justicars. Also a message board was made which was hosted by Anna, and has grown into a busy community of boards, The Ayenee Message Board Community.

From the beginning of those creations however, it is almost impossible to track the specific growth of Ayenee as it had become no longer a game with just one Plot. Many different pages have been made, and different stories have unfolded, some together, some on their own - and it would be impossible to include each of them, if anyone even knew it all completely.

However, all of them, as well as each and every Player and Character, have contributed, each in their own way, to what is currently Ayenee, and they will continue to do so, with the help of any new additions in the future.

Ayenee however grew over time the Ayenee Message Board Community, became Ayenee.Org, Where as the Death Board became functioned as a forum community until 2011 Under Nemo (Rob). The reigns of the Ayenee Message board Community transferred from Anna to Travis English, and From Travis English to Muutwon, then to Sin DeFeisar, who oversaw the loss of the domain the reigns of head Admin transferred to the moderator of the Ayenee Assassins Board, Mithrandirxx, who started up a short term Tempboard. Ceros, and Sj_thebartender resurrected the community to in September of 2006. Which remained until 2016. As of 2016 Mithrandirxx and Wes continue stewardship of

3) 4)5).


Below is the military presence in Ayenee:

Incorporated Species

Below is a non-comprehensive list of the incorporates species:


The territories of Ayenee are below:


The history of Ayenee predates modern record-keeping. It was born of the A&E (Arts and Entertainment) section of Yahoo!Chat. Communities were created in time that were spawned of the chat rooms of the past in the form of actual websites and forums. Many of these forums are viewable at Then, the boards were merged and the board 6) is still visible as the Realm of Tears on Yuku. Then, it was brought under the umbrella of Many offshoots spawned during this time when Yahoo!chat fully closed its doors. In 2016, Wes took over the site and moved it back to its url.

It has been moving steadily towards the common goal of an RP community that is diverse, supportive, and enjoyable for all.

More About Ayenee

Ayenee is a place in both space and time that exists unparalleled by any other universe due to the nature of its spatial and temporal existence, an anomalous one that is quantifiable in no vernacular.

Great Things About This Faction

This is what players had to say about this faction:

Quote from [Interest Check] Arcadian Complex
His reasons for picking Aneyee include the less NTSE-driven setting, the fantasy/sci-fi blend, the potential to grow, and familiar faces who came here recently.

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