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Fort Miller

Fort Miller is the current Star Army of Yamatai base of operations on planet Ayenee.


The base is situated on the site of the former PNUgen Corporation CMC Research Base1) on the outskirts of Capital Memorial City and south of Ayenee Capital City.

The existence of the base is a military secret back in the Star Army's home universe, and in Ayenee, Fort Miller keeps a low profile.


Before closure of PNUgen Corporation and takover by the Star Army of Yamatai, this base was known as PNUgen CMC2) Research base. It was formerly headed by Dr. Shinichiro Nobumoto, MD.

Services offered by PNUgen CMC included:

  • Sentient Organic Weapons (such as the NH-7)
  • Biological Weapons (such as viruses)
  • Genetic Manipulation (such disease-elimination)
  • Cloning
  • Immortality (Through body-switching)
  • Advanced Medical Services
  • Heavy Construction

After the Star Army acquired the base, it was named Fort Miller after Johnathan Miller for his help assisting Ketsurui Yui defeating the murderer Eve (circa 2002 or early 2003).

In 2017, the YSS Pliable from Star Army Intelligence visited Ayenee for its regular recon and contacted Fort Miller to check on it3).

In 2018, Fort Miller received a large influx of SAoY personnel, namely of Kaiyō personnel as well as trainers. Fort Miller had become a training base and area of operations for the transuniversal exploration team being positioned to defend threats in the space around Ayenee.


Many sections of the old PNUgen facilities have been abandoned for many years and are in some stage of decay. Additionally, there are some feral remnants of the old genetically engineered creatures that PNUgen used to clone, which are considered a nuisance and hazard to the base's personnel.


The Star Army didn't have a large presence in the Ayenee universe, so there was only a small detachment of personnel on the base, mostly there to maintain the facilities and keep out trespassers.

In 2018 a large influx of Star Army of Yamatai personnel were assigned to the base and a Outpost was set up for, primarily, the crew of the Kaiyo, who stayed in several Type 39 Cabins. The ship YSS Kaiyō II itself is stationed at the Fort.

There are regular supply dropoffs from Star Army's Special Logistics unit. Some basic anti-magic defenses are in place. The next one is scheduled for timeline:ye_45.

Fort Miller is also home to a library of Ayenee maps and history.

OOC Notes

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