[Interest Check/OOC] A-Files


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This is an interest check for Project Aether Files or A-Files!

Tell me which character you would like to be approved for joining the A-Files in this thread.

All other inquiries and for getting pre-approval to post up your character, you can go through discord.

My discord is A Wild Hoshi#8571
I am looking for new characters to join up, if anyone else is interested. Only a few posts of the briefing have been completed here, so there isn't too much to catch up on.
So I've got a character made up (forgot about them for a bit, oof) but they're an "Alien" so I'll jump in once you guys get into it it that's cool...

If it's an issue, I can make another character.
Nope, not a problem because we have tons of "aliens" and even in the ongoing briefing, this is mentioned a bit in my last post. Feel free to jump in when you feel like it, sooner is better tho.
Gonna be making Trilis' species into its own thing, I hadn't done it before since I was still finalizing some details but I'll try to make it soon.

Also Trilis is gonna want your blood now. Just saying. Maybe not as much as Shasse but she's still literally blood thristy so yeah.
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