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Generally pretty peaceful, I linger about and throw spam bots into the furnace where I listen to them scream, but other than that pretty peaceful, hows about yourself ?


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Was just randomly thinking about the old days of Ayenee and decided to poke around to see if anything still existed other than my old archived geocities pages. Pleasantly surprised to find you all! I was in the A & E chat rooms from 1997ish-2001ish and vaguely remember when the term Ayenee was first coined in the late 90s. I generally went by Silvia_Rose or Silvia_Rose_Tristan, or sometimes Silvia_Rose_of_Atlantica. Ran the Kingdom of Tristan after Juno_Tristan decided he didn't want to.

Here's a thing I was working on for a while and was super proud of: http://www.reocities.com/SoHo/Workshop/5190/map.html. I can't believe it still exists.

I don't have a lot of strong memories of much other than lots of Atlantica drama (I wonder whatever happened to Nick/King Falcon) and other drama. So much teenage drama. And lots of MIDI files. Somewhere I have a half IC/half OOC journal where I was writing about all the things happening in my life in Ayenee. I think I was a little bit confused about the difference between reality and fiction sometimes.

So glad I'm not a teenager anymore. So, so glad.
I recall seeing the Silvia_Rose_Tristan screename a few times.
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