Old days of Yahoo chat

Generally pretty peaceful, I linger about and throw spam bots into the furnace where I listen to them scream, but other than that pretty peaceful, hows about yourself ?
Was just randomly thinking about the old days of Ayenee and decided to poke around to see if anything still existed other than my old archived geocities pages. Pleasantly surprised to find you all! I was in the A & E chat rooms from 1997ish-2001ish and vaguely remember when the term Ayenee was first coined in the late 90s. I generally went by Silvia_Rose or Silvia_Rose_Tristan, or sometimes Silvia_Rose_of_Atlantica. Ran the Kingdom of Tristan after Juno_Tristan decided he didn't want to.

Here's a thing I was working on for a while and was super proud of: http://www.reocities.com/SoHo/Workshop/5190/map.html. I can't believe it still exists.

I don't have a lot of strong memories of much other than lots of Atlantica drama (I wonder whatever happened to Nick/King Falcon) and other drama. So much teenage drama. And lots of MIDI files. Somewhere I have a half IC/half OOC journal where I was writing about all the things happening in my life in Ayenee. I think I was a little bit confused about the difference between reality and fiction sometimes.

So glad I'm not a teenager anymore. So, so glad.
I recall seeing the Silvia_Rose_Tristan screename a few times.
Would love for us to get some things started like the old ways of Yahoo. It was alot of fun.
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Was wondering who on here was around in the late nineties, early 00's?

I played around Ayenee, mostly Eden though... From Freedom Force to everyday inn rp.

Darkmoon_Shadowrose was probably my most notable name at the time..?

Well, hello to you all anyway :p
I played in Ayenee back in the early 90's...your name Darkmoon Shadowrose sounds very familiar. I played as Demona_Matrix and Veta_Norr. Veta owned The Blackbird Tavern.
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Good evening all.

I, like many others, came across this old forum during a night of nostalgia and was pleasantly surprised to see threads like this alive with recent posts.

I went by the moniker 'EJ' or English John for many years and (despite the timezone difference) mingled with some of you as Suh_Zzir (I think Cat/Sinful drew character art for that one), Besctra, Twisted_Malice_Darkbane, IXI_Hate_IXI, and various other incarnations.

I shall have to check out the discord mentioned above and see who else yet lurks in this corner of memory.
Good frickin lord sooooo many names I remember. Brings back alot of good memories and, of course, some bad as well. Over the years I always wondered what happened to many of ya. Hell I started in a chat room called the Hot Tub. Wasn't rp then one night I found the Vampires tavern. Was only a couple weeks old by then. My first character was Ldy_Wolfe then morphed in to WolfeBaby (BigBadWolfieButt), Loves_Disciple, Crysta_Fireheart and Deshi Kurajin. A few others too but eh don't recall them anymore. I found a few websites still up but none of them active anymore. Happened upon this one when looking up the name Itsildo or Itsy to me back then. Dunno if anyone will remember me but I surew remember alot of you. I hope life has been treatin ya'll well for sure.
A couple names I'm seeing look familiar. I usually went by variations of Sarah Jennings and Isis Fleetwood (those were my mains). I had an undead catboy named Chris but he came out so rarely I doubt anyone would remember her.
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Woah old school. I played mostly in tenaria. Kouran_the_black, liber_myst, slaal_manslayer, among many many others...
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It’s amazing to see familiar faces on here! I have a difficult time remembering my username but I’m pretty sure it was Jesco or something like that. I hung out mainly in the Vampire room or the taverns. I was probably far too young to be on there but parental supervision wasn’t really a thing *laughs*
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I like to think that most of us were pretty savvy teens. We were surrounded by bots and creepers but we used the ignore button faster than old West gunslingers could draw guns lol.
It really was the wild west of the early internet where technology had finally caught up with creativity. I miss it a lot compared to the net today even if it was a little sketchy~
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Wow, this is insane. I thought for the longest time I'd never run into anyone else who played in Ayenee (And believe me... I asked) and I distinctly remember some of the names mentioned here, particularly Silvia_Rose_Tristan and Darkmoon_Shadowrose
Edit: In my excitement I forgot to include that I too, was going over some nostalgic memories and decided to look up "Ayenee" to see if there was anything still lingering on the internet. Cannot believe I came across this.

Used to play in many of the aforementioned taverns. The characters I played and can remember are

Sebastian_Bloodtide (Bloodtides were a huge group/family at the time)
Pavel Ventreno

And a bunch more that I can't remember.
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I started in Yahoo in 98 in the teen taverns then around 00 I moved over to the arts and entertainment mostly rping at Ayenee Blacktear's tavern. My old sn was celtic_shaman and celtic_druid then I made Reese Blackthorne and a few others. I rped in yahoo chat up till 2004 and on the ayenee.com forums.
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