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Well Wes as the owner and proprietor of the Forgotten Eclipse Tavern and Inn I have a hell of a lot of info on that plus that I still have a viable archive of the webpage for that one. I might have a preliminary map of the blackbird and some graphics I made back then for Veta Norr the owner of it, and can probably give a cursory memory of the bar but I might be able to get ahold of Veta or Alliana and see if they would like to add anything in. The Starless Night Tavern was owned by Blackblade171 if I remember the screen-name correctly but I haven't seen or heard from him since 1999-2000ish. The Vampire tavern honestly I don't have a clue who owned it it was always a bit chaotic when it was active or it was deader than a vampire falling into a star.
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Speaking old days lmao

Questions For The Bright


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Feb 1 03 4:48 AM

Samurai Jack's magic sword. What is it? How can it just tear through anything it strikes, even certain weak weapons?

The Ruby Rod of Asmodeus. Anyone know anything about it? Has anyone ever seen a character in Ayenee wielding a similar item?

Also, in the Samurai Jack show, in like the first couple episodes, Aku has people enslaved, mining for some magenta-colored minerals, that supposedly give Aku power. Does anybody know anything about these minerals and how Aku can use them to gain power? What kind of minerals are they? Rubies? Hmm.

Thank You

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I remember the good old days of killing people in the Ayenee Walmart. I couldn't understand why it was there, so I had to go. They were cutting back prices, just slashing them. The clearance on heads was a major roll back.
Well howdy everyone.

I started back then in 'Teen' or 'Tenaria' as Tygon_Magelok, but quickly left that behind in favor of more robust RP experience in Ayenee under a variety of names.

I was a Darglore, a Cinderbane, a Bloodtide and I founded the Deathbringers as well as played Gregor_Unitarius where I was one of the founding fathers of Star Wars offshoot of Ayenee (Expansion of the Force). I had a handful of other aliases as well, but they were typically guises for the others: Cyaxe_Orchidrot and I cant remember the rest.

Its funny, a guy name Cory used to RP has Gargauth the Hidden Lord and, back 20 years ago I thought he had just made him up with his story hook trying to steal the material plane and create a tenth level of Baator. Several years later I learned that Gargauth was actually an almost forgotten demigod in Forgotten Realms with very sparse references through the novels and D&D source books, and indeed have that story arc.

That story arc has stuck with me (along with that of the Darglores) for about 20 years and now that life has slowed down a bit (work, a side career as a DJ playing 12 cities across the country, throwing events in Seattle and more than a few relationships kept me pretty busy) I was looking to DM a campaign for friends and wanted to use this story arc. Well I started digging in more to ol' Gargy and as it turns out is one of the most mysterious but persistent characters in the Forgotten Realms universe. In the past month ive put bits and pieces together about more of his history than is documented in any single place and discovered some old messages boards that have existed nearly since the time of Ayenee in Yahoo Chat where the creators and many authors of Forgotten Realms have actually slyly confirmed when fans have uncovered a new tid bit of information about him

So I just wanted to stop in and say hi to anyone who may be still around and say; thanks for the good memories that have influenced more to come.

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I've had many names. Worn different masks, whether a hero, the villain, or inbetween.. A few names that I used frequently..


And many more that have been forgotten over time..

Silvia Rose Tristan

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Was just randomly thinking about the old days of Ayenee and decided to poke around to see if anything still existed other than my old archived geocities pages. Pleasantly surprised to find you all! I was in the A & E chat rooms from 1997ish-2001ish and vaguely remember when the term Ayenee was first coined in the late 90s. I generally went by Silvia_Rose or Silvia_Rose_Tristan, or sometimes Silvia_Rose_of_Atlantica. Ran the Kingdom of Tristan after Juno_Tristan decided he didn't want to.

Here's a thing I was working on for a while and was super proud of: http://www.reocities.com/SoHo/Workshop/5190/map.html. I can't believe it still exists.

I don't have a lot of strong memories of much other than lots of Atlantica drama (I wonder whatever happened to Nick/King Falcon) and other drama. So much teenage drama. And lots of MIDI files. Somewhere I have a half IC/half OOC journal where I was writing about all the things happening in my life in Ayenee. I think I was a little bit confused about the difference between reality and fiction sometimes.

So glad I'm not a teenager anymore. So, so glad.
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I had a million different names for rp. But I mainly just hung out in the RPG rooms under Wtf_its_racer_b. Then when I finally got my hands on EverQuest, I saw less and less of chat. Miss those days and CheetaChat,
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That link only sends me to Discord, not really familiar with discord. I shunned it after ventrillo was no longer the norm for guild communication. Every guild I was in after that had some other app, eventually Discord became the norm, but I had already made it into my own kryptonite by then.


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Started in Ayenee in Feb. Of 97. Played kelhan_dark_elf and have been doing ever since. Was mostly a t1 combatant. Could usually find me is any available tavern, forest (clearing or not) or raiding some keep.


Well this is a surprise.. So many in one place again. Familiar faces and names.
Some I am exuberated to see, and some not so *snickers*
shall be grand to finally cast off some long begone yonder-years
and dust from these long retired hands.
Weave some words, cast some verbal stones
~ see what creation speaks via the storytellers of olde.
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