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Was wondering who on here was around in the late nineties, early 00's?

I played around Ayenee, mostly Eden though... From Freedom Force to everyday inn rp.

Darkmoon_Shadowrose was probably my most notable name at the time..?

Well, hello to you all anyway :p
I used to kick around in chat a bit. I tended to end up in the Jaded Tavern alot. Got caught up with the SeeD Shinra war, and spent a fair bit of time trying to bring down the Ravensblood clan.


they're the ones I played the most. I actually recognise your SN too, but can't think where from.
I was around that time, and just starting out as well. I'm so glad I matured along the way from those days.

Katrina_Vladden from 99 till now. And I would not worry much on the old days of yahoo.
The chat it self was not made for role play.
Trillix_Nova, Colvin_Arenios, and Cryptic_Malefice_Darkbane were names I used then. Obviously I still use Colvin now, the others are in happy resting spots in my archives heh.
Is close to the oldest Ayenee'er here lol...I've seen your sn before :) I've got a ton of sn's from back then but ooc'ly I'm Madi aka Da Cat of Ayenee
You should post a new post in the Lobby so everyone can meet/re-meet ya hun
I started in 98, and got serious into Rp around the start of 99, my most noted characters were Mithrandirxx, Nick DragonsBlood, and Ancolagonthegreat. I mainly hung around the Vampire tavern, The Blackbird Tavern & Inn, The Starless Night tavern, and The Forgotten Eclipse Tavern & Inn.
99% of all RP used to take place in many cornered taverns, where it was always night so the vamps could hang out too.
I've been around since 98 or 99. I've only really had two characters that were in yahoo chat: Alanis_Nightshade (98) and Emerald_Firegold (99 on). Emerald owned a tavern, Emmy's Tavern and Inn. It was destroyed by a angry dragon. Eme was always upsetting a vampire or a dragon for one reason or another. I still use the sn but I rarely play her anymore.
hahaha oh wow!

I am recognising some of these names, and I did visit the Jaded Tavern a bit too =)

Well we should all perhaps try to work on getting this place up again, what do you say? Get a good chat happening. Yahoo, in the early days (late nineties really and like Katrina said forget the late 00's, really maybe until 2000) had some really fun things going on.

I know a girl who played with the Bloodstones and I think still does, too.

I'm going to add some of you to my yahoo.. is that okay? I'd love to catch up and get some more rp happening.

for the last two years I've been roleplaying at rdi.dragonsmark.com however I want a new atmosphere, and as Yahoo was where my rp fun took off.. I'd like to get back there.

Also remembering some of these names and taverns. I caught the mid-to-end tail of chat A&E/E&A in 1999, but there seemed to be a real sense of spontaneity and impulsiveness back then. Imaginations ran riot. That vitality seemed to drain out as the years went by and the rooms went to hell.

Or maybe that was because I was a wild, mischievous newbie, and later lost that early freedom.

SN’s around that time: valxavier_truegaard, stezen_dpolarno, vilhane_carth. Was also one time co-admin’or of a small site called Ayenee Profiles which had linked association with AyeneeIs. We did some flash profiles of old Ayenee characters, which have actually fairly recently been dug out and are available here.

Cripes, they’re old now. I think some of the players are still around (ha, somewhere). DSX, Nathan Balcard, Shlug, Liamme Thewes, Dean Wolfe, some old aliases feature.
I think some of the players are still around (ha, somewhere). DSX ...
Yeah, I'm still around. Been really inactive on that front, though. Was out of it too long, so when I did come back, everything had changed (and Yahoo was more of a wasteland than anything).

Guess I'm still around for the nostalgia, and due to some key people. And who knows, I may get the kick to jump into something someday.

And jeez, that flash profile is embarrassing. It's one of those things where I would want to say "who the hell wrote this", but I know it was me.

Definitely believe that with age comes wisdom. In my case, it's the wisdom to go "wow, that's really stupid."
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I've played for a while. WaaDor is my most current SN that I've had for a few years.

I can still remember a few of the names I used when I first started Y! Chat. A few of them are majin_synra, impetuous_demi, euro_of_sakin_rave, sakin_of_euro_rave (yeah, I was horrible at names when I was younger). I can't remember any more at the moment but those are from years ago.
Well let's see. I started in 96, got serious in 97. I've played a HUGE array of characters, some of the more common ones were:

Fang_CryClad (Also Fang_CladDragon and Fang_RoyalGuard_CryClad)

And like I said, there were a LOT more but those were more consistent
Old school Ayenee reporting in!!

Hey all, I was a pretty regular player back in the 97-2000 days of Yahoo!
Spent a lot of time organizing Rifts players with Mike.
Maybe some of you remember us as Dean Wolfe and Matrix Shocke respectively? If you do I'd love to chat. Pop an email off to reminisce with me!


You aren't THE Sin, are you!? You must be from the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia coursing through me.
How've you been?!
I'm the only sinful feline I know lol , aka Da Cat of Ayenee or Da MadiCat...If that it the Sin your thinking of ...But there was another rp'er that went by the single name Sin, but it was a guy..So if I'm the one your thinking of...
I've been fine, and I'm still around :)
The player of Dean Wolfe . . . we'll I'll be. How've you been?

You nick was Twink, right? I remember you. Don't think I had the opportunity of playing in-character with you though. Also vividly remember Matrix Shocke, had some good dealings with Mike, again mostly outside of the chatrooms.
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