Old days of Yahoo chat

Ah the nostalgia is real. Not sure what year I started in Yahoo/CheetaChat when I found the Romance Vampire Tavern. Started off with T2 which I think was 442 if someone can confirm? Then moved onto Ayenee and T1 and eventually onto Private Boards and forum based rp. Only remember a few of my characters:


Main memories are of RPing with RuKain clan and De La Lune Wamphyri as well as The Eternal Shadowlands for the forum based stuff.
Queen Trinity Chytovil looking for Joseph Blackstone/Lux, Sean Chytovil, possibly King Marcus, Dolramon, any of The Forsaken players and any that remember me. Also, Michael, if you are out there, I hope life is soooooo good for you.
Who could forget YOU old friend Phase? We ALWAYS got along on AOYN!!! Josh, I KNOW who you are bro!!! =)

I had been online way back with MSN Chat and Prodigy. I was already cool with Corban Saezer and Mithrandirxx way back in 98 or something like that. I had my group, DCN on yahoo Chat. We were bouncing from room to room to a point where I had CLOSE to 416 members. We used to fight with The K.I.L.L.S, Socorro, Nautilus, Vampyro, Valick Frost, and a BUNCH of other RP'ers way back then!! But the ONE person i dearly miss SO much was my GOOD friend Winged_Dragon_knight. Then there was ONE young lady that was actually in LOVE with me for treating her SO nice for RP'ing; tigra_Zen. I haven't talked to her since 2007. man, those were the DAYS.

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There are a few faces I recognize in here, and a lot that I don't. Then again, I suppose I was never particularly involved with the high fantasy side of Ayenee.

Maybe I can rectify that going forward.
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Well let's see. I started in 96, got serious in 97. I've played a HUGE array of characters, some of the more common ones were:

Fang_CryClad (Also Fang_CladDragon and Fang_RoyalGuard_CryClad)

And like I said, there were a LOT more but those were more consistent
I think I may have ran across your oah before. Was sm averial, Oona or Una.
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I had been in Yahoo for a few years before I found my way to Eden. I believe I found my way there in the end of 96' ish. I ended up staying until around 2008 - 2009? It's hard to remember, I left due to a motorcycle accident. My first character I used was Layla Princess of Elves. After some dealing with a few vampires I left her for a new and still on going character, Herra Draven.

I was just as involved in the ooc chat rooms of yahoo going by my middle name Celeste. This is where my nick name of 'Celly' came about. I do remember joining a few forums though all of that was lost when my old desk top went up.

Hello to those of you that I don't know and to those of you I have lost touch with.
For me Yahoo/ The Forums after it, were the high era of online roleplaying. The main thing that created such a vortex of creativity was the influx of people pouring into the platforms. The newness of them both were a big draw, and with so many people on the playing field it was like being present to the early days of modern society. Storm clouds and gods were born before our eyes, and we all dreamed of something greater. Divine inspiration has a shelf life though and lightning cannot be bottled. When the chat rooms died, we adapted, when the forums died, we seemed to scatter and spread more and more thin until today where we sit around waxing poetic over olden days. Its hard to keep so many creative spirits in the same room and not have then at each other's throats, at times. Maybe that was youth and in old age the rebellious nature is quelled. I have to wonder though what would have happened had we all stayed together over the years instead of dispersing into our own little rp bubbles and real lives? I often ponder this because even now the creativity I had was much grander then than it is now. I was always more creative when there was someone on the other side creating back at me.
Not the forums died! My RP forum from 2002 (Star Army) is still active.

One thing I was thinking about lately is how completely unfiltered the whole experience was. Not a moderator in sight in the chatrooms. Some of the things players did are too explicit and brutal to even describe on this forum. It was pure madness. It also seems crazy how as teenagers we just adapted and just considered sharing chatrooms with people who were possible creepers or nuts IRL as an unavoidable part of the internet experience.
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