Old days of Yahoo chat

The Grey One

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Ah the nostalgia is real. Not sure what year I started in Yahoo/CheetaChat when I found the Romance Vampire Tavern. Started off with T2 which I think was 442 if someone can confirm? Then moved onto Ayenee and T1 and eventually onto Private Boards and forum based rp. Only remember a few of my characters:


Main memories are of RPing with RuKain clan and De La Lune Wamphyri as well as The Eternal Shadowlands for the forum based stuff.

Queen Trinity Chytovil

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Queen Trinity Chytovil looking for Joseph Blackstone/Lux, Sean Chytovil, possibly King Marcus, Dolramon, any of The Forsaken players and any that remember me. Also, Michael, if you are out there, I hope life is soooooo good for you.
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