Old days of Yahoo chat


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Yeah, Twink was me. That was before I learned 'twink' was a reference for young thin gay males 0_0 I think Dean's flash profile is still kicking around somewhere.

MADICAT!!!!! XD!!!! Its been years darling. How have you been?!

And do you remember what toons you rp'd at the time Silverlord? Need moar nostalgia!!

Mike was one of my best friends back in the day, even tho we never met. Anyone still in contact with that brainiac rave-kid?
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I've been here lol and ok, rough in r/l but still kicking.
How about you?
Haven't heard from Mike in ages, I think he popped up on my messanger a year or so ago.

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I see faces when I check my email :)
(This thread should probsbly be broken down snd hauled to the Peanut Gallery soon lol)
People still use messenger??? j/k

Didn’t mean to drag that nick’ back into your life, Rye. ;) Dean’s profile is still alive, who’d have thought it? I’ve kept a website ticking over on role-playing all these years so I’ve never really been away from any of it. I’ve tended to save some things for posterity.

With regard to RP, toons was probably the right word. My first ever character was a whip-wielding Simon Belmont-inspired vampire-killer named Kristen. He got a bit of stick because he sounded like he had a woman’s name (it’s the common European form of Christian, duh!).

During the period you mention I can remember acquaintances, some passing: Lady Thorn, Charm Nightwalker, Mystic Heather, Zenon Mythril, Asheryl Xen (Evan had lots of characters), Dark Elven Necromancer, Mythril Grey, Elysia_Cormaeril, Vicomte de Valmont . . . do also remember Selena_Bloodtide being quite deceitful, the alluring Ehlstryke Chamberlain, and Nesentra at play (entertaining).

Being in the UK timezone I missed a lot though.

Haven’t seen Mike for at least 7+ years.

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Damn, I can't believe that this place even exists after all these years. I haven't RPed anything in about four or five years - pretty much after the user rooms were yanked out from under us I stopped - but I've been thinking a lot about how much fun I used to have with all of this stuff in the ye olden days.

If anyone knows me here it'd be under this name, Xanthos_Mureydo. I started out just fooling around in '98, and after about a year or so I got involved with the ACC crowd. I used to even be the admin of the tech board after Devon moved on. I've definitely seen a few names I recall in this thread, so hopefully anyone who wants to catch up on things will do so. I'd love to reminisce about old RP plots. :D

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oh, sweet memories.

I was Shlug. I'm happy to hear at least one person is remembering that name, something like nine years later.

So many familiar names, though I mostly just pop in here for nostalgia once in a while.


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Searching for Amy

I was in A&E in 1999 as Simon Hood. I lived in North Carolina and fell in love with Amy from Colorado (Valkyrie). Our characters met at the Jaded Tavern and after playing together, she and I became close friends via email, chat and phone. Before graduating High School, we each of us decided to meet the other. We were to meet in Sullivan, Missouri and stay in a hotel for a week.

I told her to stay home until I got there so that we could have a phone checkpoint (this was before we all had cell phones).

I arrived after a horrible drive at the hotel 900 miles from home and she was late with her call. Turns out she had broken down at a Flying J Truck Stop in Kansas.

I got right back in the car and drove another 10 hours to pick up a girl I'd never met in person.

On the way back to the hotel, I took a highway off the interstate and hit some ice. My car flipped.

"Are you okay, babe?"

I gave my car to the tow truck driver and various county cops drove us to county line after county line until she and I made it from Herman Missouri to Sullivan.

It was one of the greatest weeks of my life.

Another gamer from Texas, Tori, heard about our plight and wired enough money to get us both to our respective homes at the end of the week.

I never spoke to Tori again.. and I need to.. to repay, to thank... to.. adore?

After graduation I moved to Colorado... twice... and fell in love with Amy.

We lived with her mom and I worked at Bennett's BBQ.

Amy went camping to Wyoming with her mom one week and I had to go back to North Carolina for a time... she never understood or gave me the chance to tell her...

I am looking for Amy.. and Tori, to say thanks. They both helped to change my life.

I am now happily married with beautiful children and live in Florida.

If any of you remember us or can get my email out to them.. please.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Jeremiah Daniel Hodge
Simon Hood
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I don't have any info on them, and barely remember rp'ing a few times with Tori...But I do remember you!
~Da Cat of Ayenee~


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Gosh! I haven't seen the name Dean Wolfe in years. Hello! I played under the SN's tormooch, moonseeka, vamp_elf_chel, lady_natasha, darkmoon_shadowrose.

I was wondering if by any chance anyone remembers a really good roleplayer who played a black haired Moon Elf called Cyril. I cannot recall the surname. He was a wonderful writer. Also, I recall a musician by the name Phelan/Phelen who was fantastic too, anyone remember him? He usually hung around the RPG Games roleplay rooms, while Cyril was in the E and A section.


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*Raises her hand* Yeah I was in the chat forums during that time. My most common ID was Timberwolf_ofthe_Chetanneau also Timberwolf_Darksbane (Same char), eitherway, I was known for being Timber and hung out with Darkhearts mostly.

Ah - the good ol days.


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Ah, reminiscing. I love doing that, though, I was never a part of the Ayenee's "in" crowed. I did make a few forays over there, as any self-respecting Tenarian of the time did... and for the same reason; to cause trouble and spout nonsense about my ego. Those days are long since gone, though, so let's see. Who did I play in those days?

Raoul Tencendor, Alvah Divabien, Senhor Gelidus/Henoxus, Areath Pendoric, and a few others that escape me.

You might have also met up with fellows like MaeVar Mirbolt (Jase) who was a renamed Sorenus Tencendor; Raoul's twin brother. For some reason Jase preferred Ayenee over his character's birthplace... Probably because we were, as previously mentioned, arrogant idiots who treated newcomers fairly badly. A trait we're currently trying to shake for the new Tenaria.

So, though you may not have seen me too much in Ayenee rooms, anyone who'd frequented Teen's Vampire Tavern might have run across some of those names.

Fun times, fun times.


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Holy crap..

The player of Dean Wolfe . . . we'll I'll be. How've you been?

You nick was Twink, right? I remember you. Don't think I had the opportunity of playing in-character with you though. Also vividly remember Matrix Shocke, had some good dealings with Mike, again mostly outside of the chatrooms.

I can't believe at all that some of you are still around. Talk about the old days.. Not sure if you remember me Twink but I bet Mike might. I remember Matrix and Neo very well to this day. Unbelievable.

How are you? How's life treating you?

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I started in 2000 through Yahoo! and CheetaChat. I played as HEX_Domination, and played with other RPer's like XEA_Encrypt, PK (PeeKay), Sophitia, Varsinax, and many, many others. I actually vaguely remember some of the names mentioned above.

I'm sad to see all the forums are on the brink of inactivity, but I may find the motivation to post something soon.


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Sorry for imposing, but upon seeing this chat thread in a google search related to the vampire tavern. I had to join and comment on it.

I played Vampiress_Mileena and then Alexis_Nightbreed, those were the days for sure.

I would love to find Marcus_Darknight_Lightning_Mage I only know his first name was Donnie and that he was out of Cali, but that's been years ago.

Anyway, nice to see I'm not the only one who misses the good times had in user rooms.

Later =}

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Your not imposing at all, your more then welcome here. I was a nightbreed, actually, I was 3 of them lol and I remember your name :)
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