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Kaiyō Plot Plan

Below is the tentative plot plan for Hoshi's plot plan for Kaiyo. Will not contain too many spoilers in the beginning but that is subject to change.

Nightwalker Station

Nightwalker Station is the Nepleslian colony and Star Army of Yamatai asset that orbits Ayenee. Most likely punching vampires on Ayenee. There is a Transuniversal Teleportation Drive installed and guarded by the Star Army of Yamatai.

Fort Miller

Fort Miller is on the outskirts of tech city Capital Memorial City. kusarigama are given to those there for protection while on liberty every weekend.

Transuniversal Explorer Kaiyo

YSS Kaiyō II “actual” would go out to the outer edges of the system Ayenee finds itself in to explore the reaches of the worlds' impact and if there is anything out there that can impact Ayenee.

Tree City of Introspection

At Tree City Of Introspection the crew can go to alleviate themselves of the pressures of speech in this magical place where the power to vocalize one's thoughts is stripped of them.

Mountains Above Tree City

In these mountains reside the Jade Dragon. Nothing much more is known beyond that…

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Hoshi on Sat 13-01-18.

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