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Ayenee Capital City

Ayenee Capital City is the capital of the realm of Ayenee.


The city is largely divided into a historic magical district, filled with ancient stone buildings and wooden taverns, and the more modern Southern district where modern buildings and even a few skyscrapers are found.

A center square of Ayenee Capital City is the site of the Ayenee Slave Auction.

About 20 miles to the South of Ayenee Capital City is the newer and smaller Capital Memorial City.


Ayenee Capital City was the main place where Ayenee Assassins Board RP took place and home of the Mercenary Guild.

It was also the site of the The Assassins War and subsequent Corporate War,

ACC was once invaded by hostile alien creatures in an event known as the Chaos Hive War.


Ayenee Capital City is located on the coast and has a river along its North side.

Ayenee map drawn by Magus

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