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Arcadia Complex Glossary

The plot of Arcadia Complex houses many different locales, items, and races with different languages, terms, and sayings. This is a rough list of common terms and phrases that can be encountered playing in and reading through past adventures the Downrider Expedition.

Common Terms and Phrases

Term Meaning
Bivona A far-flung mining colony ruled over by the Vigali Syndicate. Serves as a frequent traveling stop and supply point.
'The Captain' Dahlia Morgan
Downrider Refers to the ISS Downrider, the main plotship. Also may refer to the inhabitants of said ship, the Downrider Expedition.
Echyllis An ever-present abstract material found in varying amounts everywhere in the known universe. Echyllis makes up the building blocks of reality, and may often be manipulated, weaponized, and exploited as an energy source.
The Great Nothing The paradoxal space between dimensions, where reality becomes a blurred line. Here, unprotected vessels will be torn to nothing but Echyllis particles.
Oakland The industrial giant that rose along with New Incipere. Creators of the Overseer android line, among many others.
The Schism A cataclysmic event that was unleashed by the downfall of Arcadia. An unrelenting force tore strips of land from planets, permanently scarring both Arcadia and Nepheros while leaving a trail of mysterious influence across the universe in its wake.
'The Overseer' OSC-01
Union Refers to the Arcandum Union, an independent “restoration committee” seen meddling around public and historical places.
The Vigali The Vigali Syndicate, a space-faring crime syndicate and information network that serves as the logistical backbone for transport of the ISS Downrider's finds.

Arcadian Language

The Arcadian language is composed of syllables, each of which has been assigned a written symbol. These syllables are strung together to create written words, which are read fluently. Below are translations.

Term Meaning
Aperthus The ancient society built along the river Aper, which became the seeds of Arcadia over millennium.
Arcandum The strongest alloy armor known to the Arcadians. Forged from a mix of metals and woven with hardened Echyllis to create a metal strong enough to mitigate even the harshest blows.
ATES Arcadia's paramilitary force, founded by Derelict Athes II and once overseen by the Defense Council.
Aves An advanced division of ATES. Reserved for individuals of high strength, morale, leadership, and obedience.
Avisten The capital city of Arcadia. A multilayered melting pot of concrete and steel, along the river Aper.
Council Refers to the Republic that ruled over the Grand Republic of Avisten. The government was split up into councils that oversaw different aspects of life, including Defense, Diplomacy, Law, and Research.
Homelander An Arcadian family or individual living within the direct nation of Arcadia, usually in a capital city.
Inget ATES' lower ranking ground force. Enlistees are referred to as Ingetin.
Kerolyne A dusty blue rock that serves as the basis for Arcadian ballistic munitions. Kerolyne-fueled bullets can punch holes in even the toughest armor.
Marked Someone who is being targeted either for additional surveillance or death penalty. Usually used as slang by defectors and outlying Arcadians.
Neiph A racial slur against Nepherians and denizens of Nepheros.
Outlier An Arcadian family or individual that is either a citizen living under jurisdiction seeded within another races society, or a defector that has rejected the Arcadian nation in exchange for another. The latter may be punishable by Marking.
Syllic An individual of great disposition and expertise in the natural manipulation of Echyllis. Namesake of the Syllic Division in Arcadia's paramilitary forces.
Expression Meaning
“Ai ca compantes ava'ten?” “Are you accompanying them?”
“Stalat!” An exclamation of authority, ordering a cease of action.

Nepherian Language

Unlike the Arcadian Language, the Nepherian Language is composed of written letters instead of syllables. Due to their slightly more welcoming demeanor, the Nepherian Language has adopted some traditional expressions from other races.

Term Meaning
Aperthus The ancient society built along the river Aper, from which the ancestors of Nepheros were exiled.
Ahgniz The name of the long-deceased king of Nepheros. Often used as an expression of pity, remorse, or anger.
Briar Occupation, lifestyle. Briars are individuals who cultivate harsh landscapes, run deliveries, and hunt large game in exchange for goods and pay.
Bloodless Insult against someone showing cowardice or poor conduct.
Monoeyes Slang for an armored ATES soldier. ATES helmets were mostly featureless, save for a single burning 'eye' which split the face in two.
Nanxer An individual of great disposition and expertise in the natural manipulation of Echyllis. Comparable to a Syllic, but usually stronger.
Slinger Slang for an addict.
Thin-blooded An individual of mixed and diluted heritage, usually part Arcadian or part Nepherian mixed with another race.
Vofel Refers to the Vofel Province of Nepheros, a lush mountainous region that became home to the New Order of Nepheros. Evolved from a small village to a renaissance of engineering and civility.
Expression Meaning
“Asta kosa ktun.” “As the stars set.” A traditional idiom of relief.
“By Ahgniz.” An vain expression of pity, remorse, or anger. Compare “Oh my God.”
“The blazing depths.” An article used in an expression of surprise or anger. Refers to the broiling hot Province of Esthyx. Compare “What the hell.”

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Term Meaning
Term Meaning

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