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OSC-01 is a PC/NPC played by Pancakei within Arcadia Complex.

OSC-01 - Zh214-SE
   Front and Back View  
  Gender Female  
  Model:   Oakland Heavy Industries Overseer (Custom) 
  Age:   Unknown
  Faction:  New Incipere Courthouse (Formerly)
  Occupation:   Guardian

Physical Appearance

Cape not included. Yet. OSC-01 is an Oakland Heavy Industries Overseer, heavily customized and armored. Their figure stands at a median between 5' and 6', with their ambiguous height being in part due to their disembodies head. They are designed after the visage of a well-toned female wearing a protective suit, with heavier concentrations of White Arcandum around the breastplate, shoulders, hips, forearms, and knees. The rest of their figure is composed of lighter Black Arcandum, durable metal alloy, and a small covering of flexible black pseudo-muscle. Their robotic feet are covered in another form of fake muscle, with traction control built into their pads.

Their head is of a triangular shape, and is one of the heaviest armored parts on their person. From behind, one can see the circular exhaust vent for their main power source- a heavy duty but compromised generator. While seemingly open, this port is still well secured. Discreet air vents are built into the back of their shoulders, which can be opened and closed as necessary and can even be used to create the sound like that of an organ.

OSC-01 can take many different forms depending on the situation, but is often idly seen in a “Harpy Formation”, with their dislocated and particularly sharp metal feathers draped in front of them from the forearm. The rounded ends of their wing joint may split way to reveal a more human-looking forearm complete with five flexible digits on each hand.


Not much is known about OSC-01 at the moment. She was found and reactivated in a small sanctum hidden away in the ancient forests of Loinia by the Downrider Expedition.

From what personal information they have spared, OSC-01 was designed and built to suit a new wave of information processing and artificial intelligence by the hands of Oakland Heavy Industries, a now defunct manufacturer whose whereabouts are limited to the few remaining units still functioning. By design, OSC-01 was made with the intent to protect a charge- with a mix of grace and efficiency.


OSC-01 keeps a reserved air about her, but is equipped with a large library of knowledge to pull from. On the outside, OSC-01 can easily appear brazen, cold, and quite snarky. However, they are guided at heart by a deep-rooted drive to protect and assist those around them- even if they are unwilling.

Deep underneath the protective layer of reservation and impudence lies something more- a buried mix of aspiration, rage, and compassion.



OSC-01 was designed with personnel-scale combat in mind. Their armor is capable of withstanding incredible impacts, slashes, and punctures with little yield, putting them at the same level of defense one would expect from a suit of heavy powered armor.

OSC-01 also comes equipped with four single-edged glaives which are disguised normally as primary feathers. The four pole-arms carry a hefty weight and may be wielded traditionally or controlled in a tight kinetic orbit while under optimal power. The main blades of the glaives are made of black Arcandum, and may be supercharged with two-fold waves of Echyllis energy. The result is a white hot blade vibrating at an intense enough rate to cut through most material like a serrated saw, at the cost of heightened energy consumption.

While OSC-01 is a proficient combatant, their defunct reactor is a massive weakness. Frequent heavy impacts and high energy consumption can easily destabilize it, putting them out of a fight early.


  • One Incipan Codex, light green.
  • One long lockbox, unopened and well-protected.
  • One silk and fabric coat, open-armed. White, dull green, and mint.
  • One Nepherian wedding crown, white. Not theirs.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Pancakei on Sun 02-09-18.

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