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Andrew started roleplaying in the Arts & Entertainment section of Yahoo! Chat in October of 1997. He roleplayed on various Ayenee forums and websites, held multiple staff positions and roles in Ayenee over time including Sub-Administrator and Mausoleum Justicar (T-1 Judge). Andrew is also a former administrator of Star Army and is good friends with Ayenee's new webmaster Wes.

Andrew is currently on medical leave but tries to visit the sites he enjoys.

Other Alias

Keeper Andrew

Real Life

Andrew is 37 years old and currently lives in British Columbia, Canada. Andrew is a university graduate with a bachelor's degree in Marine Biology. He was born in Canada and moved to the United States in 2002, then returned back to Canada in 2013. Andrew is on medical leave from his career currently, he is a Senior Manager for Discount Car & Truck Rentals.

He currently is an office survivor volunteer for the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society of Canada.

Contact Information

Discord: Andrew#5640
Email: [email protected]
Ayenee: Inbox
StarArmy: Inbox

Game Master

Andrew is currently the primary Game Master and the author for the Chrystalis Unvorsum: Legacy roleplay.

Stuff Happening in Chrystalis Unvorsum: Legacy:


  • Adrin Eitan
  • Tetsuya Eitan
  • Nira Eitan
  • Virulent Void
  • Lao'Taun

Retired/Former Characters

  • Caecyan Falcon Eitan

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Andrew on Wed 10-04-19.

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