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War's break out, and war's end. Empires rise and fall. The Craethel Wars did not differ from the ones before them, save because the axis wanted to exterminate every life form in the Chrystalis Unvorsum. It all made sense. That was, until the end. There was no epic final battle, no defeat, no surrender, and no actual victory. Morggho and the Craethel, along with the other axis powers, just simply disappeared from the universe. The Norian nation fell, and a new one rose in their place under Aerum, a daughter of Tetsuya who had valiantly led them through the wars with the Umarians and Morggho to follow. The mysteries that ended the war laid obscure years past, and they had sighted no Craethel save for a few straggling convoys that played repeated messages of neutrality. It was obvious they were just as confused as everyone else, well almost everyone.

The L'Cham Cluster was out of the way. Thousands, in fact, hundreds of thousands of light-years from even the furthest reaches of what they had considered the worst war in the history of Chrystalis. As usual, no one had noticed as the Kiri slipped into the night. The war had destroyed their corporate headquarters when Noria was. Surely their people were among the refugees and the survivors who eventually made new Noria. It was from the case, though, Marathos was a well-kept secret. At one time, it had been a far-flung temple and refuge to Uathotho, Koshiro's father and the Prime of the Kiri Ysi.

The knife cut through the succulent, bloody morsel of meat as I clutched it between the prongs of the fork. Utensils brought eating to such a civilized place, it brought an almost peaceful and sophistication to it especially when surrounded by such extravagant decor as the palace dining room, high and perched with a perfect panoramic view of Marathos's gleaming skyscrapers beneath the cracked fire skies of a world forgotten by most, and treasured by those given its location. Koshiro had always been known in Chrystalis for his wealth, well, at least since he stopped playing nice for Imperials. It had become a developed process. Wars raged, and they bought his ships and paid for any help he would give them. Now, this was a far cry from the betrayed, naïve soldier that he had once been. He dragged the severed piece of flesh through its drippings and took it into his mouth and chewed slowly.

"Captain Kaesarth says that she's located another of the relics, but it is in the Noria System," Minjun said as he sat down at the table with his father, grabbed for the unopened can of Nyath Cola, and opened it with a hiss of released carbonation. He took a sip and leaned back in his chair, uniform jacket unbuttoned halfway down, with the orchid sigil that replaced the rank bar glowing in its persistent deep violet color. Minjun was the hardest working man in the company. There was no secret to it. The Prince was leading the effort to recover the artifacts and relics that they required. It was a mess, sifting through the graveyards of the Craethel War the destroyed remains of homeworlds; some things should be just left alone but other ambitious parties could end up with power they didn't deserve. "You shouldn't be dining alone," he said after a refreshing sip from his beverage.

Koshiro nodded as his son relayed the message from their captain, "And Tetsuya? What about him, did they find him?" Koshiro didn't respond to the comment of dining alone, he had dined alone more in his life than was probably normal. It didn't bother him. He was not exactly dining alone either, at the other side of the table two orbs sat. A large black orb swirling with ominous ghostly white clouds like a condemned planet, and the other gleaming a perfect white like a sun. They bound each of the orbs in chains like you'd expect a prisoner to be held if they were people; the answer to the end of the war was right there, ensnared in eternal imprisonment.

The scent of the meat on Koshiro's plate caught Minjun's nostrils. He couldn't help but give a slight smirk as to the delight his father had taken up in such things. "They found him. I'm sure he will find his way here with a little persuasion. I trust the Captain is more than capable of extending your gracious invitation." He took a deep breath and looked out the window over the city. He kept himself busy for a reason; he wanted to cure the problems that plagued his father and satisfy his own curiosity about the past. Then again, he knew his father would not be up for another round of discussion on the matter; it was up to him to continue his research and pursuit. His fingers traced along with the gleaming sigil on his collar as his mind wandered.


The Ancient One
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Koshiro didn't require any kind of special power or enhanced perception to know the laments of his son; he had spent now the entire life avoiding the answers his son sought. His inner thoughts had come to a point of impasse; they wanted the same things, perhaps with different mechanics. Koshiro had stepped away from his pursuits of personal matters in the name of ending the conflict that Unya and Morggho had almost exterminated their own children with. It felt like multiple lifetimes had passed since Lao'Taun had put things into motion. It was like they had put together a puzzle to a point and then stopped. The remaining pieces laid scattered across a universe like seeds dispersed into the wind and the most important of which was one he didn't even have to search for. He knew exactly where it was; it was part of him; and even though regret spanned both sides of that connection, they had done nothing to resolve it.

"Since you're holding your tongue, should I just answer?" Koshiro said prophetically as he pushed the unfinished portion away from him upon the plate. He looked towards his son and took a deep breath as he tried to clear the tension he felt. "The U'rsthollosha Spiral... The fourth planet in the Uachauguthlo System. You will find her there or well, I'm almost sure she will find you the second you arrive. You're not exactly able to hide your origins," he explained. "I don't know what you will find there, what name she uses now it has changed over time along with her whims or needs. She may kill you just for existing, I doubt, but anything is possible. I can't hold you back anymore, nor can I hide the fact that I have more than proven that we could have made some decisions better," he said as his eyes searched the skyline out the window, just as Minjun was.

Minjun was in disbelief at his father's words. He had asked since he was a boy for more, to reach out across the expanses and find out the truths of his origins, even if this time bore a cruel hand to both of his parents. "If she sees me as an abomination, then this will be done. I will accept that judgment because I believe that the man I have become is enough. If you taught me anything, it is our accomplishments and the deeds that define us, that our pursuit of success is our own. I have bowed to no self-declared deity the only fortune I need is my own. I've scavenged the universe, reading the breadcrumbs of time left behind from ages when even you were short-sighted to your own admission," he replied thoughtfully. His entire life had led up to these coming moments. "Thank you for your answer father, understand I do this for you as well as myself," he got up from the table.

Koshiro nodded slowly in agreement, some points in the presented information that he could have challenged, but in the end, Minjun had long since decided on his destiny and it was futile and reckless to interfere. "Pleasant journey and may it be fruitful. I will see you when you return." he stood up from his unfinished meal as well and retreated towards his office to continue his work on the list of artifacts and relics that should be recovered from the graveyards of the fallen Norian nation.

Minjun stopped and watched as his father disappeared into his office, a sight he had watched and lamented over more times than he could count. Koshiro never celebrated success, even the two entrapped builder orbs that sat on the table no one even knew that it was him that ended the war that almost left several species extinct. His eyes narrowed slightly towards the closed door and then he turned and headed towards the corridor. "Minjun to Yachu, prepare the ship for departure. We're going out again," he issued over communications.
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