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The Forgotten Eclipse Tavern & Inn

The Forgotten Eclipse Tavern & Inn is a tavern in Ayenee operated by Mithrandirxx.

Smoking is allowed in the tavern1).

The original Forgotten Eclipse had the assistance of Veta Norr Olorii2), who owned and operated the The Blackbird Tavern & Inn.


The Forgotten Eclipse Tavern happens to be a few separate taverns all owned and operated by Mithrandir Olorii Stormcrow. The original Forgotten Eclipse Tavern was established nearly four hundred and nineteen leagues South by South East of Tesla City within the bounds of the New Fangorn Forest. The Second Tavern was Established nearer the heart of Ayenee about 43 leagues north west of Ayenee Capitol City. The third Forgotten Eclipse Tavern was established in in a settlement in the wilds of Ayenee named “The Town”.

Welcome To The Forgotten Eclipse Tavern and Inn, I am Mithrandirxx the owner of this establishment. Our establishment should have whatever your heart desires but if it doesn't, please inform me of your idea and I shall see if I can add it to make it an even better place . Please no fighting inside the tavern, kill each other outside it's so hard to get blood out of the carpet.


<center>Above is the Presently most accurate map of the Tavern Inn and surrounding lands</center>

The Taverns floors are hard wood floors of cherry, the walls are equally made of cherry wood. The tables and chairs and chairs are made of polished walnut. To the immediate left of the entrance the stairs leading up to the inn are ensconced by booths. Looking more into the tavern upon the left hand side the common rooms fireplace remains lite. The large common's fireplace made of grey polished stone topped with a polished cherry wood mantle. As far back as ones eyes can travel within the common room upon the right side sets a booth behind which sits an old jukebox, and a pair of double doors. Beyond doors of ruby lacquered Rowan, craved with vines in a central relief with handles of black iron, lays Mithrandir's office. To the right of the entrance rests the grand piano. Upon the wall beyond the piano and more into the commons are the doors to the lavatories. If one has to answer the call of nature, the lavatories are spacious and darkly tiled the ladies with a hint of purple, the gents in a darker charcoal. Just before reaching the bar stools upon the right side sits the door of the managers office. The barstools setting before the counter, sit mounted upon the iron poles bolted to the floor. The cushions upon the stools are made of a blueish-green dyed leather. The bar counter itself is made of a deep blue marble polished to a mirror shine. Behind the bar sets a large mirror reflecting the whole of the common room only obscured multiple alcohol bottles. To either side of the large mirror are two etched glass doors that lead into a walk-in freezer. Upon the floor behind the bar are two holes in the floor boards rimmed with metal leading to the till.

Above is the Presently most accurate map of the interior of the Tavern

Above is the Presently most accurate map of the interior of the Inn

~If its not listed we may have it please ask the tender. ~

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