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Well I started in Ayenee in April of 98 I believe. My first character creation was Mithrandirxx, yet there were quite a few characters I created over the years. At the time I was a Freshmen in high school, and preferred to build my character through each interaction I had in the wild chatrooms of Yahoo. I continued to roleplay actively in chatrooms nightly and on the weekends. Most of my characters were hardly ever seen consistently because they all had their draws and I prefered to play each different character depending upon my mood and the story line I was involved with at the time. A quick run down of my Characters were Mithrandirxx, Nick Dragonsblood, NightmareSoul, Narcromancer28, Tecna_True, Leif_Mimar_Stormcrow, Nicotine_The_Good_Black_MnM, Mormegil_The_BlackSwordIC, Ancolagan_The_great Niverm_Lashaw, Dakkon_Sammael_Olorii, Shen_Ithri,. until the destruction of the User Rooms of Yahoo in 2001 thanks to Pepsi Cola, who threw a fit because their adverts were being displayed on “Older men for little girl” rooms. In an attempt to retain some of the joy I had I joined the AMBC (Ayenee Message Board Community) and became a highly active member. I started as a general moderator for the Assassins board, and then the Techboard. From there I worked with Muutwon and SinDefiesar as a mod under their administration until the Forums located at died. I moved to rectify the problem as best I could by gathering people at's rival site and preparing a temporary board community. From there there were movements to rebuild however the domain had been picked up by someone else and Ceros picked up the Domain I was happy to sit back and have no responsibility, but I was not given that option, and was placed in charge. So from the members of the Temp Boards we compiled a list of site rules and Moderator conduct rules as the AMBC and was often refereed to as Rule and Grammar Nazis and I wished to end that view of moderators for AMBC/.Org/TempOrg/NewAyenee. I think thats enough about the journey that brought me here at the moment.

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