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Ayenee Tavern

Ayenee Tavern in Ayenee Capital City. Once it was brought to dust and rubble until a chronomancer brought it back to its former glory. In place of hiring people, spectres work the tavern. It is a hub of activity for many in Ayenee.

Quote from An Old Conjurer's Tale
The bar was perfect, polished oak, and well stocked with a variety of all the old favorites Daelan could recall from his youth. The barstools stood empty, but they were made whole again. The walls were tight and strong, and the hearth burned with a welcoming fire. Torches lit the Common Room, darted occasionally with a lamp here, a candelabra there. The place had always been a bit eclectic, and the mage liked it that way. Stairs led up through the shadowy rafters and off to sleeping rooms, doorways opened onto the kitchens and any number of accommodations. The stable, the well house, the workshops and outbuildings were all restored, and the Common –the heart of the place—was back and whole, for another hundred years at least. Not one to reinvent the wheel, Daelan had taken the place –the entire lot—from his vision of the past and simply replaced the ruin it had later become with its previous version. As though rewriting reality with an older save file from a better time was a simple thing. It wasn’t so tricky, after all, if you knew the way.

On the bar he placed a single Coin, a Dagger, a Chalice, and a scroll, sealed in wax with the emblem of a burning dragon’s claw. He clutched his old Staff and rapped it once on the floor, sparking a handful of spectral attendants to life, at least until more people arrived. “I’ll have an ale, please,” he asked a spectral wench, politely. “There by the fire in that old chair,” he said, and walked over to a familiar reclining seat. “Maybe they’ll come and maybe they won’t. We’ll just have to wait and see.”

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