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Ayenee Slave Auction

The Slave Auction was one of the most popular chat rooms in Ayenee.

The Slave Economy

Since Ayenee has no enforceable law and order, slavery is more-or-less legal and tolerated in Ayenee. The only prerequisite to becoming a slave was being captured, so random people would sometimes end up being auctioned as slave. Unsurprisingly, Ayenee slaves were notorious for running away, and were often re-sold to new owners for additional profit if caught again.

Selling Slaves

Slaves were typically presented on stage. If physically attractive, slaves were generally presented with little or no clothing. The function of the slave was often explicitly stated, as there were different “classes” of slaves, such as:

  • Maids
  • Sex slaves (e.g. players looking for erotic roleplay)
  • Workers

Buying Slaves

Slaves were generally purchased with gold coins.

It was fairly common for good Samaritans to buy slaves just to free them.


The slave auction had a large stage where the slaves were auctioned to a crowd in the pit below. Behind the stage was a large array of cells. Slaves were typically moved with manacles and shackles or in large metal cages. There were guards all over the place, who were considered faceless and expendable NPCs who were sometimes murdered by their captives or even the customers.

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