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Ancient City Of Flux

The Ancient City of Flux, a part of Ayenee, is still inhabited, as it has been for a few millennia. The difference between this city and others is that it goees backwards and forwards in time in half-hour intervals.

This city is in a chrono-flux in which time exists not as a constant but as a variable in the equation of reality. It can be controlled by chronomancers and some time sensitive and altering equipment and magical items and spells. There is a limit, though, to how flexible the city is and can only be altered by technology or magic once a day.

The people are a mix of different races and species found all over Ayenee. The architecture is laid out with bulbous domes and onion layered buildings that extend up many, many stories from their base in order to have places for manufacturing and laborious tasks in the depths of the city. The tops of the buildings are used for housing and farming is done in the mountains above the city. It is a temperate place.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Hoshi on Thu 18-01-18.

Art by joakimolofsson.

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