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Marie Conroe

Marie Conroe is a PC played by META_mahn.

Marie Conroe
 Gender Female  
  Race:   Human-Sage 
  Faction:   Independent
  Occupation:   ???
  Rank:   N/A

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'7“

Weight: 127lb

BWH: 33C-27-37

Marie is a well-maintained 5'7” and 127 pounds, kept very clean with her preference for white clothing accented with light blue. Her natural silvery white hair is kept straight, with light blue hairclips shaped like lightning bolts keeping her hair off her ears. Her naturally blue eyes and pale skin only keep her white-and-blue color scheme going.

When it's time to get dirty in the engineering bay, she tends to wear a lab coat to keep the potential dirt off of her. Otherwise she prefers to wear things like tracksuits casually. On exploration, however, she tends to wear a white jacket accented with blue with a black undershirt, and quite durable white pants.


As a child, Marie could never sit still. She always needed something to do, something to keep her attention. She was the oddball, always, and her silvery white hair never really helped her with that. As such, she was always a bit of a loner and person to sit to the side, although whoever struck up a conversation with her found her friendly enough. That was the whole cover story, at least. Behind that, Marie exhibited the peculiar phenomenon of being a Sage, people born with supernatural abilities, not unlike superpowers. This little-understood phenomenon earned her the literal watchful eye of research institutes, seeking to understand it, magic, and the difference between both.

Despite her ability and how it should negatively affect electronics, in the institutions she developed an interest in electrical machinery, learning a little from the researchers that were willing to teach a young girl. She found herself intuitively understanding these machines, perhaps due to the fact she could almost feel the electricity flow through the wires and how the logic gates switched on and off. This delving into engineering and science caused her to become a bit of a bookworm, reading textbook after textbook on the properties of electricity and magnetism, if only to see what the limit of her power was.

On the track of learning more, Marie stumbled upon Dahlia Morgan's recruitment posters. Seeing the promise of lost technologies, her drive that she developed to learn more drove her hand to apply before she could even convince herself it would be a bad idea.


Marie is an eccentric with an insatiable wanderlust to discover. She has a sort of energy about her, and is always ready to do something. She can listen quite well, as long as what a person says is interesting to her. When she finds herself among a group of oddballs, she fits herself right in and starts talking. She has a vain streak that she keeps trying to deny, but despite her best efforts to make it seem like she doesn't have it, it still shines through in her constant attempts to stay in shape and how meticulously she maintains her hair when she isn't expecting to get it dirty.

Getting Marie angry may have quite shocking consequences, and if one smells ozone and feels static in the air nearby, it's a very good possibility Marie has been angered - and it is advised to stand back unless if that said person wants to feel a good few sparks of electricity strike his or her skin.

Her favorite food is fried chicken.


  • Electricity and Ion Manipulation (Electrokinesis): Marie has the ability to generate and direct the flow of electrons, which allows her to adjust resistivity, current, and voltage through a given conductor as well as control magnetic fields. Manipulating ions allows her to use air as a conductor, and make various ranged attacks. This ability consumes a lot of energy, requiring Marie to eat almost twice that much a normal person needs. This ability also tends to respond more to stress and anger, which causes electrical sparks to jump from her body at times. Her maximum output at the beginning is 0.02 amps and 5,000 volts, or 100 Watts, the base metabolic rate of the human body.
    • Electromagnetic Sensitivity: As a side to her power, Marie has developed an acute sensitivity to electromagnetic waves. While this means she can almost see the flow of current in a wire, she also is quite vulnerable to EMP bursts. Due to the principle of how Faraday cages work and insulators, Marie can only see current flow if the electronic component is directly visible.
    • Voltage Source: As another side to her power, Marie passively electrifies water one foot around her due to electricity dispersing into the water around her. While it may not be lethal, it may cause minor discomfort.
  • Engineering: To take better advantage of her ability, Marie has studied extensively on the properties of electricity and electromagnetic fields. This has had the side effect of her learning principles of engineering and as a result she can perform repair on most technical things given time.
  • Physical: In the institution, some experiments revolved around testing her physical ability as well. Later on when those experiments phased out, she still exercised for vanity purposes…although she'd never admit that.
  • Art (Oriental Oil Brush): To keep herself busy, Marie picked up a fun little skill or two. Oil brush paintings have never ceased to amaze her, so she picked up the brush herself and over time learned how to create art in that manner.


  • Many sets of clothes packed into a large duffel bag. Most of them are clean jogging pants and shirts, but there are a few lab coats in the mix.
  • Shock protection gloves.
  • A small coilgun for defensive purposes. Marie modified it so it accepts her electricity.
  • Food and a lot of money for food.
  • A computer with many books and things to keep her busy with.
  • Her oil brush kit.



OOC Notes

This page was originally created by META_mahn on 1/22/2018.

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