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META_mahn (Meta) is a player who joined January 2018. He is 18 years old, an electrical engineering student, a gamer, a dungeon master, and a hobbyist writer.

His biggest writing project to-date is his D&D campaign he runs, heavily inspired by steampunk, high fantasy, some elements of theoretical postmodern society, and science fiction. His next biggest is a fanfiction which, while he barely maintains now, has helped him understand writing characters much better.

As a writer in a book-based medium, his main inspiration has been numerous young adult authors. As a writer in a roleplay-based medium, his main inspirations are Mark “Sherlock” Hulmes, dungeon master for High Rollers, and Demonac, dungeon master of the series Tales from my D&D Campaign. In both, a main inspiration has been the anime Symphogear.

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