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Arete Surinus

Arete Surinus is a PC played by Arbitrated

Arete Surinus
  Gender Female  
  Race:   Angel-Sage 
  Faction:   Yamatai
  Occupation:   General-purpose Soldier
  Rank:   Santo Hei

Physical Appearance

Arete Surinus is a short, winged woman with long blonde hair and emerald-green eyes. She has quite womanly proportions for a person of her size, as well. Though she looks to have a small amount more body fat than a normal person - especially considering she is herself a sage - Arete seems to weigh significantly less than looks would make her appear. Her wings are primarily a mottled brown coloration, and her maximum wingspan is about twice her height.

Typically, Arete presents herself rather cleanly and neatly, using minor amounts of commodities such as make-up to give herself a consistent but far from over the top look each day. Her clothing almost never has wrinkles, and she battles her hair daily to stop it from getting tangled - a war of attrition she is currently winning.


(OOC:I'll be making this right and proper eventually, but I want to get more comfortable before setting this up in a larger scale. The current biography will be effectively a temporary one, though it won't be thrown away entirely either.)

Arete was raised in the capital city of Ayenee, by her normal human mother and her Sage father. She lived a mediocre life for many years, being a fairly normal girl in public. On many occasions, Arete would train and meditate on her unique Sagely ability with her father, enhancing its strength and flexibility over time. As she grew up, and the presence of Yamatai slowly grew - even though they did of course, keep a low profile, Arete became more interested in them - and if her skills could be useful to them.

Saying that, Arete was raised somewhat traditionally aside from her being a sage, and her skills in the household and on the street weren't cut out for being useful to the military forces of Yamatai. Going through her basic training, however, Arete was able to pick up the necessary skills fairly quickly, and was soon on her way to become a technician.


Arete loves to talk with people, but she's still quite shy if she hasn't become part of the conversation yet - she gets nervous when she even thinks about trying to start a conversation. She's actually pretty optimistic in general, though, and actually enjoys being able to experience new things a lot of the time. Arete isn't afraid to talk about herself, but she only does so when the subject is brought to her or if she thinks she would be relevant to the conversation or topic at hand.


  • Magic/Gravikinesis: Arete can project, manipulate, and synthesize gravitational fields at will. These fields will effect all people and objects inside of them equally, save for Arete herself at her own discretion. The fields are spherical and can have an effective radius of 1-50 meters. The maximum strength of any field Arete can summon is 5g, and the pull of the gravity can be in any direction, including towards the center of itself or away from its center. The gravitational strength is equal through the entire field, but other existing gravitational forces (such as those caused by planets) still effect anything within the field1). The gravitational fields do require Arete's concentration, making this ability somewhat difficult to use on the fly.
  • Gravikinesis(Passive): Arete emits a constant gravitational field about 1m away from her body with a force of .05g2). This field will always be aligned to pull opposite of the most significant gravitational force affecting Arete3), typically referred to as “up”. In the event of microgravity, this passive field radiates outwards from Arete herself.
  • Domestic: Miss Surinus can clean, press, and fold laundry efficiently and thoroughly. She also prefers to “keep a clean house” and in fact sometimes will spend her free time doing so. She isn't a very good cook, however.
  • Combat: Like every soldier, Arete has been trained in hand-to-hand combat, as well as how to use firearms such as pistols and rifles. Her preferred method of engagement is via a heavy pistol, but she is surprisingly dangerous in close quarters despite how tiny she is. Her gravitational fields are also capable of disorienting enemies if she uses them correctly.


  • Arete has normal Star Army items, though she has also requested an extra uniform.
  • Additionally, she has a small necklace with an emerald set into it; she claims it helps her in a spiritual way, though it does little in actuality.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Arbitrated on Tue 23-01-18.

Arete's color code is 339933.

On an earth-like world, this would mean that Arete can only “lift” with 4g of gravitational force, rather than the full 5.
5% of normal Earth gravity
Such as a planet or the artificial gravity systems of a starship
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