RP The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Book 1)

Erixa gritted her teeth, muttering something about having everything under control as Ben dragged her over to the creature.

"Rabid genetic experiment that just attacked us because you were on board? Hell yes you'd better explain," she muttered. She let out a soft groan and pinched the bridge of her nose. Dark magic always gave her headaches.

Behind them, Asher stumbled out of the van, visibly shaking. He crept around the gathering crowd and scooped up his sister's crossbow. Last time she left it behind, she'd had a full blown temper tantrum.

Quietly, he joined the rest of them, mumbling introductions to faces he didn't recognize.

"I was once a subject for the House of Magnus a long time ago. It's one of the legendary Three Science Houses owned by an evil and sadistic corporation named ASCAB Laboratories. I was there for quite some time, until something happened in one of the research rooms. A tank had started leaking and someone put it upon themselves to set me free by raising the locking mechanism in MY tank. When I awoke, I was under water and my rectum was on aching like hell. The tank drained, and I eventually escaped. My mother had told me a story about a terrible and demonic person that was with one of my race. She wanted to kill my family; something about having the ability to rule better than my parents or something like that. (Ben is lying obviously; he doesn't want anyone to know that he IS a Prince-to-be of the DAICHON race, and bring his problems upon yet MORE people)

Anyways, I forget her name, but I'm sure I'll remember it sooner or later....geez....what IS that crazy woman's name anyways? Xethrian!!! Winnetka Ardress Xenthrian!! THAT IS HER NAME!!!! Let's get the Van repaired and head over to the main Office!! We've got some investigating to do!!!"

Erixa gaped at Ben. She'd never expected him to be tied in with such things, but to each their own.

She closed her mouth with an audible clop before turning to look at the van. It seemed to have suffered little damage, but she didn't know the first thing about cars.

"You know...I'd rather walk," she muttered, pinching her nose again. "I need to wind down."

She shuffled down the sidewalk.

"W-wait...I can explain...Erixa...wait up!!!" ben belted out to her, as he began walking with her. Graymite looked over to Vantrix to smile some; this was going to be quite an interesting day. Vantrix then patted Abraxis on her butt in a flirtatious way, only smirking. "You two go on ahead with benaires and Erixa; I will catch up with you all after I fix my ride okay?" Abraxis blushed, feeling a bit puzzled at such gesture. She didn't have time to write anything down to protest the flirting, but she would deal with Vantrix at a later time.

Ben cleared his throat to try to break the ice for more conversation. He knew that this was going to take a thorough explanation in order to get everyone to better understand what the situation was about to turn into.

Erixa sighed, turning to look at Ben. "I don't need an explanation." She paused. "Okay, maybe I do. We all do. Because this seems so much bigger than it's been made out to be."

She hated to admit it, but she was scared. For herself or the others, it wasn't clear. She'd been trained for the unexpected, she'd been trained for death, but nothing could prepare her for something like this. There was something bigger going on here, something that was being hidden. She couldn't quite place her finger on it.

But damn, she knew she'd do anything to keep the others safe.

She threw a glance over Ben's shoulder at the rest of the crew. "How much danger are we actually in, Benaires?"

"Uhm, well, since you are concerned, then I will elaborate for you a bit more. You and your brother have been tracked since you were babies. There is an EVIL Corporation that has been going about in multi-planar dimensions kid-napping some of most powerful ESPER's around. I was chosen to try to find a way to stop ALL of this, but not without risking things. Abraxis and HER problems with Graymite are also something to take into consideration. That girl can manipulate ANTI-MATTER!!!! By now I should probably have shat myself in fear of all of this happening at ONCE, but it seems to be congruent to eating unsweetened Molasses right now, which doesn't tickle my fancy. My crazed Aunt is probably looking for me right now, but there isn't much that we can do until we get all of these issues resolved. And i don't care HOW much this stupid Company is paying us overall; I'm supposed to be somewhere in the Cold South, planning construction of a rather large-scaled building, but I have to tie up loose ends HERE first. If i DO decide to leave, i expect for YOU to stay here and WAIT for me to return. I have TONS of further explaining to do...just don't punch my lights out in the process...alright partner? Ah here we are.......South District Number 12-S, Nominal Division. Follow me dear...."

The entire crew were following behind ben and Erixa, only to stop at the plain-looking building. It had an address, a set of double doors that were Tinted, and three Security Guards with WEAPONS standing by the main set of doors. Ben waved at the Guards, who smiled and waved back at the rest of the team, now opening the doors for everyone, allowing for them to all enter eventually. Abraxis nodded at the second Guard, who smiled in glee: he KNEW who the duo were, allowing himself to speak with Graymite from time to time.

Graymite did NOT say much; Ben was in charge and he had to follow orders to the letter. Abraxis was still blushing a bit; she had never had anyone make her SIT in their lap before. It felt very strange to her; as if some kind of demonic spell had been cast upon her. His very scent was still dancing around in her nostrils; why didn't Graymite smell that delicious to her?

Erixa had gone silent. Out of habit, she tugged a strand of hair into her mouth, thoughts running haywire. Tracked since birth? Abraxis and her problems with Greymite? Crazed aunt? Erixa thought her life crazy, but she never realized the extent of it. Her gaze moved to the floor, mulling over the new information she'd been given as she entered the building.

Asher followed behind the rest of the group like a lost puppy, clutching his sister's collapsed crossbow and a briefcase to his chest. He smiled nervously at the guards, taking note of the weapons. For such an...unimpressive...building, it seemed almost ridiculous to have them. He shuffled inside, making sure to give Vantrix and Ben a wide berth. Without his Ambrosia, Asher was feeling very...timid. Luckily he'd taken a small flask with him. 'Can't go cold turkey.' He reasoned with himself, surreptitiously sliding a shaking hand into his pocket.

Ben would notice all of this happening at one time, as a rather SHORT and old man stood by another entrance, trying to smile, but was seemingly irritated. Ben bolted over to Asher, taking a slight second finger, kindly bopping Asher on the head, giggling some, now whispering into his ear.

"Take a hit of that while you're working and I'll personally change into my other form and MAUL you to death kid...Well, well, well...A-hem, if it ISN'T the man who signs our checks, The Chief??? How goes it old man!!!"

This rather short old man began to walk over to Asher and Erixa first, noticing the twins right off!!

"Well, well, well......we have Asher......and we have the BEAUTIFUL and yet rambunctious Erixa.....two of the most powerful Espers in Ashville. Well, besides little benaires, of course. And then we have Lady Abraxis Invectium, age 24 years old; a walking mass of depression, complexes and Anti-matter to boot. Welcome, welcome young pups; you can call me Chief...everyone else does around her. I am the co-founder of "The Company." you are probably asking just why Benaires brought you all here....and I guarantee you that I will thoroughly explain everything once we head over to the meeting room. If you are wondering about the mangled Wings on my shoulder blades, I was kicked out of the Celestial Planes a very long time ago. I ended up somewhere in this PHYSICAL plane and now i'm stuck here...end of story. Come Erixa.......I want to personally know more about such a wonderful young woman...heheheheheh...." Said this creepy old man in a business suit. But before the Chief could even pay a HAND on Erixa, Benaires would interject, pulling Erixa over to HIS side, squeezing her hand a bit tightly.

"Uhm, SIR, Miss Erixa is MY partner in training as a Gatherer, and I do NOT think that this has anything to do with her training...respectfully speaking."

Abraxis was to write something down on her Tablet and then show it to the Chief,

"I'm terribly sorry Elder Chief, but Erixa is sort of SPOKEN for already. I've read of your tales of being a grumpy and yet perverted old man, even though that is quite entertaining. You are not to cause any trouble for this team sire. Master benaires and miss Erixa hardly get to spend any time together, and the bond that they both have with one another should not be questioned, tainted, placated or contaminated, even if you ARE the Superior Officer over this particular case in question. You already KNOW whom that it is I am Chief...as I do not have much tolerance for anything that will obstruct this mission. We have much to do and you are not helping in this particular situation with a terrible introduction. Let us go and sit down to speak a bit further on WORK-related matters...."

The Chief stood there with his left hand on his hip in awe.....

"You know Abraxis, you really have a gift for ruining an old man's fun......" Said the Chief, who lowered his head in disbelief!! Vantrix shook his head, now walking over to Graymite to try to figure out just what hell happened.

"Oh...nevermind about this. He 's always flirting with the women... Let's get to the meeting room please people...we have alot to cover in such a short time...." Replied Rebecca.

Asher couldn't help himself. A slight snort of laughter escaped at the old man's comments, but it died away quickly when he received a venomous look from his sister. He wasn't sure what was worse: being mauled by Ben or having his throat cut by Erixa. But he knew for sure he wasn't going to cross them. Slowly, he released the flask, head bowed respectfully.

Trying to keep back that odd mixture of embarrassment and fury, Erixa crossed her arms over her chest, pulling herself up to her full height. "So this is the man in charge, eh? Honey, the only way you're gonna get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's ass and wait." She didn't wait for anyone's reaction before plowing on. "Let's get moving."

Giving Ben's arm a gentle squeeze, she pulled out from his grasp and sauntered down the hallway, swaying her hips ever-so seductively, just to get under the old man's skin.

Graymite giggled at this entire thing, now turning his head to Asher. "Quitting Cold Turkey is NOT easy Lord Asher; I understand the logistics of it as well." The Chief then laughed out in a boisterous manner, now patting Rebeccan on her lower thigh in glee as everyone began walking towards the meeting room. Rebecca smiled and shook her head at the same time: The Chief was relentless, but it was basic to her most of the time she was there. For someone to not have any kind of powers, she seemed content in her job with keep notes of the cases that they closed.

"Alright....here we are. Everyone take a seat. There are complimentary Donuts, Coffee, Tea, Eggs and Beef bacon for everyone to eat while I show some various footage of what we are working with thus far. And Young Asher can have his drink; I've had MY hay-days of wanting to get some sauce in the early morning as well. Just don't over DO it you see young Asher. Now if you all will excuse me, I shall return in a few moments. Please enjoy your meal for the time being."

Vantrix reached over to get himself some Eggs to put into his plate, only to be popped on the hand by Benaires in anger.

"Put that SHIT back Vantrix!!! The first thing that you THINK about is FOOD....and that never fucking stops!!! We are here to get information, not become gluttons!!"

Vantrix put his plate back down and placed his hands into his lap, now blushing and staring down at his hand in embarrassment. Abraxis, however, saw things different. She was to rise up from her chair, and simply head outside to the Courtyard to be alone. She liked having time to think for herself at times since being around too many a people often confused her or made her nervous.

"Hey Asher....can you read the thoughts of the Security Guards that escorted us in really quick? This will be one of you FOUR tests for today. Go on and DO it, but don't VERBALLY TELL me what they are thinking about. I want you to project it into MY mind slowly over the course of 15 minutes. The object of this is to try to steer you AWAY from reading multiple thoughts on groups of people, and to concentrate on only a FEW people at a time. It's similar to filtering out too many bad vibes."

Rebecca got up out of HER chair and walked outside to the Courtyard as well.

"I'm going to have a SMOKE. Ben's being an ASSHOLE, ONCE again!!!" But ben then suddenly disappeared and reappeared in FRONT of Rebecca, taking the cigarettes out of her hand!!!

"Sit the FUCK DOWN RIGHT NOW!!! This is NOT a FUCKING VACATION!!" He yelled out, as Graymite giggled a bit. This happened a lot when Ben was around the Chief; as if he had something to prove to the perverted little man with mangled wings. Rebecca's face gave off a look of utter horror: she had never heard Ben raise his voice at her before!!!

"O-O-o-O-k-kay Benaires...Geez, you don't have to shout at me you know......"

The Chief suddenly returned with two slim females who were tending to his mangled wings. They were wrapping them with some kind of a Sanitized Gauze while the Chief himself sipped on some Ambrosia as well. "Ah, it's good to see everyone getting along so well....heheheheheheh. Well, eat up and I will be explaining this as we go along then. A-hem....

5 murdered in the past few months is much for even the Rich and wealthy of Ashville. I was hoping that the murders were not tied together, buuuttt...they are. You were all recently attacked by these ragged, Werewolf-like creatures whilst you were driving to start on the assignment in question correct? Well, those things are called Broken Broods, and they have been spotted over many parts of the city. We do not know what their intentions are, but they seem to have something bad for little benaires here. And to make matters worse, I still do not know what that girl in the Blue Dress wants with the lot of YOU...so that in itself is also a mystery. Lady Abraxis says that this lady was a childhood friend of hers and that they both were residing in the Asylum many years ago, but that still does NOT explain why the murders are happening. She SAYS that she wants to get revenge on the ones that did bad things to her...but I am beginning to wonder just WHO though? Something isn't right and it's up to YOU ALL to get this mess sorted out, all while trying to get Erixa and Asher here conditioned to handling these type of situations.

Benaires, you and Erixa head out to the Morgue to get some answers; maybe someone saw how these victims were connected in any way to demerit such brutal deaths. Graymite, you and Lady Abraxis are to head over to the forbidden District of Ashville; start poking around for answers with the few neighbors that still reside there. Vantrix, you and Rebecca go over to the Records building. Maybe some old reports of strange activity could give us some kind of a clue as to what the hell is really going ON in this crazy city."

Erixa had thrown herself down into a chair, her face a bright pink. She herself had swiped a doughnut, cramming it into her mouth before Ben could catch her. Meanwhile, her brother was preforming his first task. His lips pressed tightly together and eyes closed, he sought through the flurry of minds around him. Alcohol still had his abilities in its grip, though it was already becoming feeble and easy to break. Now the only thing holding him back was his confidence, of which he had very little.

He tapped through those in the room first. It wasn't enough to invade privacy; only a mere warm up. Using his powers was once second nature, but of course he'd drowned them. Shakily, he branched out, feeling the thoughts of others in the building. It didn't take long for him to latch onto the guards. Being careful not to make his presence known - in his victims? - he began probing. There was an instance where he was jarred out of one of the men's thoughts when Ben shouted, but he regained control before any harm could occur. Sudden removal from one's mind could cause irrevocable damage.

As he sifted through the guards' minds, he started to create a link between himself and Ben. A sudden, sharp pain coursed through Asher, but he ground his teeth and pushed forward. It was probably just a side-effect from breaking out his abilities. Once certain the link would hold, he began feeding the information through as the Chief began his speech.

Erixa sat quietly in her seat, only half listening. Her mind was on the earlier incident with the dead body. Did it have anything to do with this? It didn't seem like a Broken Brood. Not after what she'd seen in the street. But it could explain the spirit's fear...

"...Benaires, you and Erixa head out to the Morgue to get some answers; maybe someone saw how these victims were connected in any way to demerit such brutal deaths..."

She snapped out of her thoughts, flashing Ben a bright smile. If there was anything good to come out of this, at least she'd have some time with him.

Ben felt the link being established. He could tell that Asher was nervous as a cat in a room full of Rocking Chairs!!! He had received information about the guards; One had a sick Grandmother and was working double shifts just to pay off the bills in the house they were staying in. The larger Guard had thoughts of Rebecca and how sweet she was and how he was quite afraid to ask her out to dinner sometime. They had attended Security Academy together for years, but they only spoke of school-related matters.

Then there was the Captain; a very focused man. He had never been to work late more than once, and kept the rest of the Guards in check to keep things secure all through out the entire building. He also knew of Xylex and Lord Bacterion, which was very strange since Bacterion had only recently gotten TO Ashville himself. This Captain had serious longings for Lady Abraxis; he wanted to do very, very odd things TO and with her sexually, but kept his job in focus first. Ben did not smile about this; it seemed pretty disturbing.

He then closed the link with Asher, placing his powerful Mental Barriers back up so that no one could ever get into his thoughts. He had isolated his barriers so that only information would come into his mind, and the user would not be able to go poking around in his mind where he/she did not belong. Those spots were of terror and nightmares that could petrify a person's imagination overall. Some called it the Dark Terror Entity's Realm of thought as well. He really wanted to know more about Erixa, but how could he carry on basic conversation with her without trying to find out what was in her pants. He shook his head violently, trying to get his thoughts together.

He was to immediately clasp his hand into Erixa's, now anxious to leave out. Erixa would feel the sheer strength of this DAICHON taking her out of the meeting room with swift grace and yet some kind of comedy to it!!! They would continue down the main foyer of the building, only to make a sharp turn to a short hallways that seemingly led to absolutely nowhere. Erixa would not have time to react, as ben was to push her up against a wall, with her facing the wall itself. He was such a CAD!! he quickly came up to her behind, nudging close to her as he stopped for s brief moment. What the hell was Ben trying to do? Get them BOTH fired!!! He finally gathered up enough courage to speak to her. Erixa was strong, but Ben was quite the power house!!! He wanted to ask her a few questions first, but then nudged his head onto the back of hers, taking in deep breaths of sorts.

"Sorry dear, but my longings are about to drive me crazy!! Your SCENT is driving me to levels of impatience that I cannot turn away anymore!! So answer me this question and this ONE question only Erixa; WOULD you ever consider bearing children in the near future? Because at this rate, things are going to get VERY, VERY messy if you keep this persona up. Why can't you just be yourself sometimes? The person that I slept overnight with was warm, gentle and smells fantastic. YOU want to finish this training that I have set up for you and your brother? Let us BOTH find out what my crazy Aunt wants, and WHY Amada's targeting only Espers."

ben then let Erixa go, backing off.......but this was not all...not by a long shot. By the time Erixa would be able to turn around and reply or shout anything to him, she would be alone. Ben was gone in an instant; it was if he was never there in the first place.

Frustrated, Erixa sank to the floor. She wasn't sure what to feel. Taking a few shallow breaths, she tried to calm herself, repeating the mantra her instructors had drilled into her since day one.

"Work comes first," she muttered. "Work...comes first...GODDAMMIT BENAIRES!"

She wanted a family, but it had been forced out of her mind early on. Anyone that had close ties with a Custodire was asking for trouble. After becoming a Gatherer, a spot had opened, but she never considered looking for a relationship. Pretty as she was, she didn't think anyone would take her on as herself.

Erixa stared down the hallway, Ben's name hanging on her lips.

Stop gaping and get up. She told herself. Slowly she rose to her feet and trudged down the hallway.

"Ben? Benaires! Let's get going, we've got a job to do!" she hollered, flouncing to the front door.

But just as quick as all of this seemed to have happened, Erixa would see Abraxis, Graymite, Vantrix, the FOUR Security Guards, and a few other ill-named Employees, all BREEZE past her!!! Sirens were sounding, along with News Reporters, Police Officers and Police cars strewn about in the streets. there were crowds of people talking, with some crying. Something had happened!!! Erixa had walked into a nightmare!! Abraxis pushed through the crowds of people who were talking, only to discover the absolute horror before her: Benaires was unconscious on the very ground, bloodied. His clothes were ripped to almost complete shreds!!! Cameras were flashing, as Ambulatory Technicians were trying to get a hold of the situation at hand. Abraxis' mouth was agape: What in the hell had happened to him? Rebecca let out a blood-curdling scream, as Vantrix pulled her away from the site. The Chief was trying to get his employees under control and to have everyone remain calm.

A dark-skinned woman, possibly in her early thirties, was to step out from the Ambulatory vehicle, along with two other assistants, who looked pretty focused. They bolted over to the fallen DAICHON/Human, only to stop to examine him for a few minutes. Amanda, who was some 67 feet away, smirked as she took a bite out of an Apple, now turning to walk off. She then stopped in mid-turn, only to WINK at Abraxis.

hanging back amongst the crowd, a very upset Abraxis began pointing into the direction of Amada to Graymite, now tugging on his cloak with such a demeanor of anger. Graymite was trying to figure out what she was saying, but Abraxis was a bit too hysterical.

"What? What is it LAdy Abra-------- What are you trying to say? I can't understand you without you writing on your pad dear...you KNOW that!!" Graymite said, as he could feel her tapping on his chest, crying, trying to get her Conduit's attention.

"Let's get him to the Hospital Sheryl........looks like whatever IT was tried to MAUL him to death. He's breathing....get this mess cleaned up and get those reporters out of here Chief." Said the dark-skinned woman, who was now injecting benaires with some kind of Blue-looking fluid, shaking her head in disbelief.

"He didn't even have any time to defend himself; it happened so fucking fast Stephanie. I took in the assessment again; it was the girl in the Blue Dress again. Where was his team during all of this?" Sheryl asked, as the Chief walked over quietly to the Doctor, looking on with integrity.

"I will get someone ON that immediately Dr. Fowler; you have my word, alright dear?" said the Chief to the dark-skinned woman.

"You'd BETTER old man. It's going to take weeks to get this shock out of his system...Where was his partner? Geez......I told him to stop flirting with people and to stay with his team, and now look what he's gotten himself into!!! At this rate he is NEVER going to marry me....hehehe...Come on you big trouble-making dork...let's get you patched up.....Close it UP!!" exclaimed the woman again. Things were definitely not making any sense THIS time, as events were beginning to take a turn for the worst, and the work day hadn't even gotten into full swing. Sheryl was to move amongst the crowds, looking for Erixa though. She would see a blue-hair female, probably in confusion right now.

"You're the Esper Master Benaires told us to look for should anything happen to him. Your name is Erixa the Gatherer....My name is Sheryl M. Tepes Gothra. I'll explain on our way to the Hospital Lady Erixa....come with me please...."

Erixa stood, frozen, in the middle of the hubbub, eyes wide. A scream was desperately trying to break free, but it ended up painfully shattering in her chest. She sank to her knees.

"Ben..." she croaked, staring at his bloodied body.

She could barely hear. A roaring sound filled her ears, deafening everything around her. Everything except: '...the girl in the Blue Dress again...'

That bitch!

She scrambled to her feet, fury ripping through her. The Girl in the Blue Dress - Amanda, whatever the hell she went by - had messed with the wrong person. She'd pay for it. Dearly. Erixa would see to that. She located her brother almost instantly.

"Crossbow. Now."

"It's inside," Asher muttered, still in shock.

"Then get it," Erixa snapped.

He glanced over at her. "I know what you're thinking, Eerie. Don't do it. It wouldn't end well for any of us."

Fuck that. "NOW!" Erixa's voice broke. "And stay out of my head!"

Asher gave her a sad, defiant look, but ran back inside as he was asked. Just then, Sheryl approached Erixa.

"You're the Esper Master Benaires told us to look for should anything happen to him. Your name is Erixa the Gatherer....My name is Sheryl M. Tepes Gothra. I'll explain on our way to the Hospital Lady Erixa....come with me please...."

"Hold on," Erixa said roughly. "My brother..."

"We must go now. Your brother can wait," Sheryl replied.

Erixa glared at the woman for a moment. Then she deflated. Tears once again sprang to her eyes.

"Okay. Fine." she whispered, following Sheryl to a waiting car.

Just you wait, Amanda.

The car that Erixa and Sheryl had quickly gotten into was now speedily following the Ambulatory Vehicle that housed a hurt Benaires and this Dark-skinned woman of sorts. Sheryl poured herself a nice glass of Chardonnay, all while staring at Erixa.

"The Master has told us MUCH about you lady Erixa. He says that you are a very close friend of his; almost a mate of sorts. Up until recently, I never even thought that he had many friends, judging from his horrible past at least. I do thank the Universe for you to be around him though; he's become such the flirt, but it's quite funny how he acts, really. I'm sure that you should know him better than most people though. He has his own Primary Physician, as SHE is one of his own kind, a DAICHON. I'm sure that he has probably told you many times that he's is of Nobility and that he is destined to take a seat in the Royal kingdom next to his mother and father someday. he chose to leave that kind of life in the past though, as he is just continuing his training in the discipline of Dark Terror, for which he doesn't show many people in person. Well, how long have you known the Master, If I may be so inquisitive?"

Another lady sat next to Sheryl. She was not making a sound though. She only stared at Erixa and was writing down notes or something to that degree. She bore a striking resemblance to Abraxis in that she also could not speak much. Her flaxen-Silver hair was tied neatly into a two pony tails, which were adorned with very large black bows on the ends of them.

"Do tell us Erixa.....I am here to monitor your progress...nothing more...go on ahead." Said Avixis.

Erixa sat with held her head high, lips pressed tightly together. This lady - Sheryl - seemed like she meant well, but Erixa didn't like her that much. Then again, she didn't like anyone that much. Not immediately. Taking note of the Abraxis-resembling woman, she spoke.

"Yes, Ben and I are close," she said crisply. She refrained from telling the woman that she wasn't fully aware of the situation with Ben's family. "We've...known each other a very long time. Ever since I was a little kid..." She trailed off uncertainly. "Why?"

"My Name is Avixis............................ Unknown............Just UKNOWN from the House of Magnus...." She shifted her left leg over her right......only to ask Erixa, "If you do NOT explain you and master's Benaires' History, then we will not know how to CURE him from his illness..." "Now let me see if I have this right: you ARE his BETROTHED....is that right Lady Erixa?" said the Abraxis-looking female to her. Sheryl only laughed out LOUD...
"yes, she IS The master's FUTURE WIFE and also lead Princess of the many........................"

"Lady Erixa, do you have ANY plans to MARRY the Master benaires?" We know that this is WORK, but, I cannot indulge on this conversation without asking something in your LOINS...what are your EMOTIONAL ranks looking like? Should we SEE a Wedding in one YEAR?"
Erixa went bright red. "I...uh..."

Her thoughts raced. She loved Ben. Deep down, she knew she did. No amount of 'work comes first' could stop that. She wanted him to be her own, to hold her close. She wanted to feel his warmth beside her as she slept. Even when he'd pushed her against the wall...there was an ache that she hadn't felt in a long time.

Erixa glared at Sheryl before replying coolly, "For your information, Ben DID ask for my hand before he was rudely torn to shreds, and...and...I love him...and..." Gods, if her face grew any hotter, she'd probably spontaneously combust. "Iaccepteventhoughheisnothere," she ended in a rush. "So...yes. I am the future wife and princess of whatever."

She sank back in her seat, as though saying such things sapped her energy.

"Abraxi- sorry, Avixis, I wouldn't know about a wedding," Erixa said quietly, her eyes closed. "Seeing as Ben is...indisposed, we cannot really lay out plans."

A loud speaker would suddenly make a very timid static-like noise from the left side of from where Erixa was sitting, as Sheryl and Avixis were to BOTH inhale in excitement!!!!

"All of this talk about ME marrying YOU, when all that YOU do is worry about work huh Partner? Ehehehhehe....did you actually THINK that Amanda could get rid of ME that easily? Once the Doctor patches me up and I get released, WE are going HUNTING for the Blue-dressed BITCH, with or WITHOUT Abraxis help...you GOT that Partner? And Wedding plans already? I have been trying to tell you how I felt for YEARS, yet you really push me away all of the time. Let a furball get injured, and you're all mushy and weepy Erixa......You're just like your mother from long ago. Should I tell them how you used to cry like a brat every time I had to go out for my training for months at a time? Or should I tell them of how you used get jealous of other children YOUR age around me cause you wanted me for your own play time with Tea cups? Or how you hated for Asher to accidentally probe people's minds while you were at school? I might not talk to you all of the time when I visit, but I promised you that I wasn't going to lose contact with you THIS time, even if I have to MARRY you friend....Erixa, If I do NOT DO this, I might not EVER see you again. And Lady Avixis?"

Ben pondered to her.

"Uhm, yes Sire? What can I DO for you My Master?" She replied, now fidgeting her left leg. She HATED not having answers for Benaires, being recently awakened from her slumber.

"Do not bombard my Finacee with questions.......this is a very difficult time for her and such delicate things have to be taken into consideration. Do you understand me servant?"

Avixis blushed from head to toe in utter and complete embarrassment! "O_O Why...yes...my Lord...I shall do as I am told sir...I was only asking a few questions and to monitor her progress, as I was hired by the Chief to do my job. Helping with her progress is also part of the training program sir...I'm sorry if I came off a bit too brash mighty Benaires sir...please forgive me..."

"Uhm...Ahem...this is his DOCTOR speaking....Ben has to HEAL his injuries first....so do not get any ideas of CLINGING to him like you are some long lost PUPPY Ms Erixa.......As for some wedding plans, I PLAN to MARRY HIM, so get those stupid ideas out of your head lady!!!"

"Give me that intercom please Doc......Erixa....she is DELUSIONAL...Im NOT into OLD BAGS.........We will talk later...Stop by the Gift Shop in the Entrance Wing and get a guy some fresh Strawberries will ya partner? There's a BIG, juicy KISS in it for you!!! hahahahahahaahh!!!!! I'll see you all in a few minutes...."

Abraxis and Graymite were sitting in the Lobby of the main Office, along with Rebecca, Vantrix, Asher and even the Housekeeper Lockheed. They were all talking about Ben and Erika's newly-found "friendship."

"I was hoping that they would get along this time, knowing how much she likes the guy. I hope they are doing alright at the Hospital. I don't think Master benaires can die THAT easily though." Said Graymite, who was brushing Abraxis' long hair for maintaining it as usual.

"Well, if you ask me, I think that crazy bitch in the Blue Dress is behind all of this. And why won't she just face us head on? It's almost as if she WANTS us confused so that SHE can continue out with whatever her evil plans are. I just have this feeling that someone else is IN on this entire thing as well. Know what I mean Graymite?" Said Vantrix, who NOW had Rebecca sitting in his lap. She was almost heart-broken, and decided to take a nap in her partner's lap. Though she did not know him that well, Rebecca really did not have anyone else to depend on emotionally, since Graymite and Abraxis were always together most of the time at the mini-mansion when she came over to hang out from work.

"Well, my dad definitely heard about the attack and about the 5 deaths. He's doing some investigating of his OWN for us as well. My mother also received word from the Police Department of her Criminal Investigation Division, so SHE is also pissed off about this. Mr. Benaires is a very AVID Supporter of the Annual Police and Civilian Gala every year since his father is a BIG donor for most of the wardrobe for the staff. She said she would let me know if she found anything suspicious."

"I see ALSO that I will have to get you all more help in this case obviously...Very Well, LET me go to my Office and make some calls. You all just STAY here; I've got Security beefed up for now to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. Lockheed, you come with me please..." Said the Chief.


She should've felt relieved. She knew she should've but all she could feel was a white-hot fury at that DIACHON. How dare he almost die and think it okay to joke around and make fun of her! She'd just admitted that she loved him and that's what the bastard does? It certainly didn't deserve strawberries.

The moment they pulling up the hospital, Erixa kicked open the car door and stormed inside, muttering something about skinning Ben alive and using his fur to line a jacket.

Asher sat quietly in the corner of the room. He'd come out of the building two seconds too late with his sister's crossbow. Boy, would she be pissed once she came back. If she came back. He'd read her mind. He knew what she had planned. And once she was set, there was no stopping her.

He just hoped that it wouldn't cost her her life.

"Never Laugh At Live Dragons."

As Ben was beginning to walk a bit with assistance from Doctor Fowler, he would push her to the side and run over to grass IMMEDIATELY...throwing up a black, liquid-like substance. He wretched something absolutely TERRIBLE, as if he did not have a stomach with LIMITS. Stephanie did not struggle to reach out for him; she already KNEW what was happening; as did ASHER. He stopped finally, spitting out blood this time, only to weakfully stumble over to the sidewalk, then completely go unconscious!!

"Oh SHIT!!! Ben!! Get me a crew out here...he passed out!!! Let's go...STAT!!!" yelled out the Dark-skinned woman. Two Nurses, as well as Sheryl, were to quickly run over to poor ben's aid.

"He's BURNING up!! WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HIM????" yelled out Sheryl, who was quite upset this time. Dr. Fowler gave him two more injections of the blue-looking fluid into his right arm, as the other Nurses helped to get him onto a temporary bed to take him in.

"Hey.....ERIXA? your boyfriend is losing it again!!! We GOTTA get him stable!! Come on you big dummy....stay WITH us Lord Benaires......Geez..why did he throw up all of that BLACK SHIT FOR???" Exclaimed Avixis. She had JUST MET HIM today!!!

Conflicting emotions surged through Erixa. Again. The anger towards Ben slowly dissipated, giving way to concern. She quickly made her way over to the bed, grabbing Ben's wrist and feeling for a pulse.

"Ben. Ben, can you hear me?" Erixa asked. "Benaires, you idiot, don't die before I have the chance to kill you."

Her gaze shifted from the DIACHON's face to Avixis. "Do you know what's going on? Is there anything I can do?"

"Let's get him into ICU quickly ladies!!! Lady Erixa, don't you DARE leave my side!!!! Ben's in BIG trouble!! Let's MOVE, MOVE MOVE!!!" Yelled out the Dark-skinned woman, who had tears in her eyes. She was his PERSONAL Physician and was dealing with A LOT of things; the namely thing was that Ben had taunted a spell on her, thereby changing her into one of Ben's own kind; A DAICHON. She was clueless on how to use any of her newly-found powers, but still had to be a Doctor. Now which side was she studying from? Was she studying from a Veteranarian's side? Or was she studying from the other side of just studying the Physiology of DAICHONS? Well, good ol' Dr. Fowler was faced with a crash course of studying from multiple sides. She had to study Human Anatomy in just 5 weeks, the Physiology of DAICHONS in just TWO weeks, and the Anatomy of Animals overall, especially CANINES, in just 4 weeks itself. She was over-worked, overwhelmed and completely stressed out. Her flaxen black hair had all but given out signs of life now, as it was mostly WHITE. Every time Ben got sick, she'd either lecture him or run off crying. It was quite an emotional rollercoaster with these two. Since ben did not know how to reverse the Spell, Stephanie just decided to stick with it!!!

"I'm going to SKIN him ALIVE for this bullshit. COME ON YOU BIG LAP DOG!!! HANG IN TEHRE.....!!!" Yelled out Stephanie......she teared up even more as the other Doctors and Nurses took over FOR her, as SHE herself just stopped and planted her face in her hands, sobbing yet again.

"We got this Doc...just take it easy...Come on Benaires...just hold on...Come with us Lady Erixa!! This is what we do for him ALL of the time!!!" yelled out Sheryl and three other Physicians, who were hooking Ben up to two IV's as they moved down the hallways. Phylla, another Blood Farmer on ben's side of the Family, was also running with them to take Ben over to ICU. She giggled a little bit, as she spoke out to Erixa, "If you haven't guessed already, Dr. Fowler is ALSO in love with Benaires. They have been arguing for almost 6 years. Well, ever since Ben casted that spell on her to change her into a DAICHON. It was on a very, VERY foolish dare, and now they fuss and fight all of the time. But the good Doctor has developed a sincere deep love for the young Master, and though he never meant to drag her into all of this mess, she considers him one of her best patients. I know that sounds kind of odd, but that's just how it is M'lady."

"Alright.....get me some Astenite Solution and about 100 CC's of Vitamin B12 for this big dolt. I will need someone to monitor his Hearts please.....Come on Benny boy, just hang in there until we can get you stable you moron!!" yelled out Phelgariah, who was yet ANOTHER relative of Ben's.

Dr. Fowler was outside of the ICU, on the phone with Ben's mother and father, explaining the situation. Dr. Fowler then hung up the phone, letting forth a sigh. This was beginning to get her at wit's end. She had washed her face already, so she was ready to just sit and talk to Erixa for the moment. After what seemed and eternity, they were finally ABLE to get benaires stable, so that he could rest peacefully. Sheryl then turned to Erixa to tell her, "You should go out there and talk to Dr. Fowler. We will monitor his progress. He'll come out of it, trust us...happens ALL of the time Lady Erixa."
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