RP The Adventures Of Abraxis And Graymite (Book 1)


Pure Abyssal Misfortune
Abraxis Invectium is a hunter with very strange abilities; her vocal chords were stitched shut when she was just 6 years old, due to her speaking sounded like reverberating yelling at 260 decibels or more. She writes with a special tool to express her thoughts.

Graymite Anthine Jones IV, age 17 or so, is Abraxis' handler, named a Conduit. His job is to help with her diet, bathing, training and life teachings. He is paid per hunt, depending on the Efficiency Level of the task at hand. His teachings come from a lost discipline, The Circle Of Wandering.

The quests will vary, according to who is hiring for the jobs, as the two are basically Free-lancers. Feel free to join on in as posts will be updated constantly.


Character Information:

Job Ranking: Level 4-R Gold

Pay: Unknown Amount

Calling: Conduit, Ranked Level 4-R Gold

Name: Graymite Anthine Jones IV

Nick Name: Gray, Mite, Jones

Affiliation: The Circle Of Wandering Discipline 4

Teachers: Benaires Alex Silver DAICHON, Lord D’Thur

Skin Complexion: Alabaster

Eye Color: Onyx Black, completely solid as to not having whites

Hair Color: Salt and Pepper

Weight: 127 Lbs, 4 oz

Height: Five Feet, ten inches/Variable

Abilities: Event, Haste, Ice Magic in some cases, strong Molecular Air Motion Manipulation, Healing, Prohibit, Prevent

Hand to Hand Combat Abilities: “Gorre`: The Art of Secret Dismemberment.” It is unknown who taught him!!!

Armor: None. Wears a Cloak that is hooded most of the time. Carries a Satchel with him and a Jug of Wine

History: Graymite is a very upbeat and loving person who has been training ever since he was 8 years old. He is trained to do only ONE thing: be the Conduit to Lady Abraxis Invectium. He has to handle all of her cooking, cleaning, clothing, teachings and Hunting Schedules. He is well-adept in counter0-measures if being attacked or when performing work with his trainee or trainees.

Not many have seen him fight. Those who have either still have nightmares or throw up at the mere thought of recalling what Graymite has done to his opponents.

Quote: “Can’t we talk about this first M’lady? Are you CRAZY?”

Likes: Pale Ale, Star Gazing, trying to map out the stars with his friends as he travels from place to place with his Charge, Lady Abraxis.

Chaotic Alignment: Unlawfully good

Affiliates: Lady Abraxis, Benaires, Lord D’Thur, Lady Vermillion, Cyrix Tepes Gothra, Avus Insectium, Ptera Invectium, Project Number 418 (Quizikota)
Job Rank: Unknown

Affilation: Circle Of Wandering Discipline

Teachers: benaires, Graymite Anthine jones IV, Lord D’Thur

Name: Abraxis Jenee` Invectium

Nick Name: Abraxis

Weight: Unknown

Height: 6 Feet 2 in

Hair Color: Black:

Eye Color: Seeweed Green

Complexion: Caramel

Sex: Female (Rare)

Abilities: Vocal Distortion (Vocal Chords were stitched SHUT at 6 years old), Anti-matter Manipulation, Dead End Energy Evolutionary Bacteria Summoning, Water Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, time Distortion, Space Distortion, “Event” Summoning, Fire Manipulation, healing, Ice Manipulation, Zero-Point Energy Manipulation, Dark Terror Manipulation, Plasma Energy Manipulation, Air Pressure Manipulation, Space Folding ability, Psycho-Kinetics, EMP Field Distortion, Matter Transmutation, Seismic Flutter Ability, Mamga manipulation. Can mentally communicate with many types of Animals, Reptiles and even plants. Has been known to speak to even single-celled organisms without effort.

History: Unknown. Her past is a blur to her, and her teachings are all that she knows. She doesn’t speak and will NOT speak due to the danger of her trying to speak, even with her vocal chords stitched SHUT, that they might open and cause people’s ears to BLEED.

Likes: Ambrosia, Apples, Lilacs in the Spring, DEAD bodies, nibbling on freshly-killed Corpses every now and then, sipping on warm blood drained from a Corpse, Bathing in Fresh Milk, Eating Lemons with the skin in all, Freshly-picked Watermelons, Crushing Animals using Gravity, Stepping on freshly-watered grass, the smell of freshly-cut wood, BBQ Chicken, Eating Pumpkins, Swallowing Octopii tentacles raw, Trying to control Dead Pulsars in Space, Supernovas, The Sound of bones cracking, a person’s heart beat, Vomiting on people, Playing with kittens, then breaking their necks, only to resurrect them minutes later from guilt, sleeping with her Conduit due to night terrors, sleep Paralysis, Soup and Crackers, freshly-brewed beer, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lithium Pills, Wood Glue, drinking her OWN blood……the rest is unknown

Language: Unpronounceable to the Human Tongue!

This was her song that she listened to for hours upon end while simply showering!!! She loved the water and would simply sit on the floor in the shower, letting the water run on her body while in deep thought. The plumber had installed 1, 000-gallon tanks under the house in a sub-basement to accommodate her demanding sessions!!! She did this often, as if to try to scrub, or simply wash away the sins from being some kind of a picture show in public. Many people yelled, spat, cursed and even threw things at her while she walked the streets during the day. They were quite atrocious, yelling obscene words and phrases, hoping to break her down. She did cry a lot, but resorted to other ways to release her anger plus her frustration.

She would kill animals, distort time around other people to make them confused or even set fire to public buildings. Her Conduit, named Graymite Anthine Jones IV, often scolded her about doing such stupid things, but that did not work all of the time. It usually ended up with her crying, marching off to go into her own room and locking the door. She would not come out for days on end sometimes, and would finally do as such when she got tired of throwing up blood from her frustration. Graymite did not mind cleaning up after his charge though; she was going through a lot of changes. Fortunately only a few people who actually KNEW her very well understood completely for that reason.

After a total of two hours, she would finally take to her pretty feet, looking at the mirror that was across from the shower. She could see her breasts, her long, shiny hair that ran down her back, plus her one tattoo that she adored with such love. It was a tattoo of Graymite's name!! She dared not to tell him how she felt about him in her heart since she was not working her job to simply fall in love.

Graymite was to knock on the bathroom door first before entering with her change of clothes. He often would see her naked, so this did not bother him much.

"You should hurry yourself Abraxis; we have a meeting after breakfast over at the main building. I think our cases are finally starting to catch up with us."

"They are probably going to yell at me for killing that Police Officer last week as they still have to find out what actually happened that made me kill him in the first place. I have my reasons Gray....."

"Well I am sure that they are going to reward us for doing such excellent work. We just have to get the people to accept you a bit more, regardless if we leave out at night you know. I'm going to go and make you some tea while you get dressed and freshen up okay? Your friend Rebecca is coming over to bake cookies with you later. I'm quite sure she will cheer you up Abraxis. I'll be in the living room waiting for you. Please bring your study books, alright?"
Benaires had just gotten out of the shower at his Sky-lab, which was on the other side of the City; far from prying eyes. Grass had grown out of control and there were hardly ANY neighbors around. Boarded-up Houses decorated this tiny spot of the city, but most people did not seem to care about this.

"You are going to have to do something about your grades sooner or later Master Benaires. Your father is going to have a Hissy-fit about this." Said one female who was still watching two more Staff members pack up Ben's clothes and gear.

"Yeah, I know.. I'll get around TO it when I feel LIKE it. Tell them to hurry UP, as I have MUCH to do. Let's hurry people!!!"
Syrinthe, who was a much small DAICHON, was to flounce out from the rather large Kitchen of Ben's, mumbling and carrying on while on some type of Radio Device. She rarely showed her face these days, always wanting to remain on the underground scene. She did however, stop in front of the fireplace, only to plop onto the floor with a huge sigh of sorts.

"YOU are being stretched in too many directions M'Lord. Why do YOU of all people have to travel to that place when it is very serene and quiet where we currently ARE? I do not understand why the Elder Council is always picking with YOU to clean up the mess of the Humans sire. Seriously, someone needs to have a long chat with those Elders. You are not some kind of a Mule Master." She contested, now taking off her shoes to relax while things were still being packed up for his trip.

"Because, the Elders know that if they want someone to rile some things UP that I am the perfect candidate to call upon Syrinthe my dear. Once all of this is over I shall return back to Sky lab and finish the research. Do you understand dear?" he retorted, while checking on his weapons.

"Besides, not just ANYONE can do what I can do you know. I'm sure that Lady Abraxis will be elated to see me for the first time again, as her memory of me is still quite foggy. She only chooses to remember what her mind will allow, as the rest is either blocked out on purpose or stored away to the point that even she cannot access her own memories of being in the horrid place. I am quite sure that she will require so me treatment, so I need to prepare myself."

"I suppose that your skills ARE needed in many a place then. Who else will be joining you in your task then?"


Ben just shrugged his shoulders, giggling to himself a bit.

"We will see what FATE sends MY way now will we not?"

Character Quote or saying: “The Police don’t have any fucking power over me! Quit worrying!”

Character Full Name: Erixa Dimont

Nickname: Eerie

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Role: Gatherer, Level R-2

Pay: 99k

Affiliation: The Agency

Teachers: Rangi Eketone, Lucarion Maltigar

Character Traits

Hair Color/Style: Dark blue, long, often done up in a high ponytail. Hair was originally a pretty auburn before she dyed it.

Eye color: Dark brown

Skin Color: Arabesque

Body Type: Athletic, with just the right amount of curve; mesomorph

Personality: Erixa is known for her ‘mess with me and you’ll get it four times as hard’ personality. She’s tough, she’s angry, and her patience is easily worn thin. She’s reckless, not caring about any consequences that could evolve from her actions. Strangely enough, though, she’s wonderful with children.

Likes: Running, messing with authority, children

Dislikes: Rules, taking things one step at a time


Abilities: Umbrakinesis, Agility, clairsentience, endurance, darkforce manipulation, rapid cell regeneration, sharpshooting (see ranged combat), mediumship

Ranged Combat: uses an enhanced crossbow she calls Percussor. She’s not into hand-to-hand combat, though she knows a few simple moves.


History: Erixa was trained at an early age with Percussor. Originally, she was meant to be a Custodire, and from how well her training was going, a very good chance of being a level R-4. That all changed when her parents were murdered by an intruder, forcing Erixa and her twin brother Asher to flee. Erixa then began to use her harnessed abilities to become a Gatherer, rising very quickly to the top of the ranks.


Father: Uru Reio Dimont

Mother: Ollera Keajor Dimont

Siblings: Asher Dimont

Relationship: Single

Extra: N/A


Character Quote or saying: “I know you’re busy, but when you’re done, do you mind picking up some Ambrosia on your way home?”

Character Full Name: Asher Dimont

Nickname: Ash

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Role/Job Ranking: N/A, lives off sister’s income (will try for a job later on)

Pay: whatever money his future job will be

Teachers: Alhx'es Zheligotovy, Irokij

Character Traits

Hair Color/Style: High fade haircut, auburn

Eye color: Green-grey

Skin Color: Tanned

Body Type: Sturdy, long arms; ectomorph

Personality: Asher is a quiet person, sticking to the comfort of his home and whatever alcohol he can get his hands on. He prefers to keep to himself, and is frightened of other people. He knows he must take up a job, but he managed to stay at home, living off some of his sister’s income.He’s not known for being particularly violent, but he is fiercely protective of his sister. He doesn’t like using his abilities very much.

Likes: Alcohol (helps drain the pain from the accident), his sister
Dislikes: Large crowds, loud noises, no alcohol left in the house

Combat & Inventory

Abilities: Telepathy, Illusion, Intangibility (aka Phasing), Omnilingual, void manipulation (uses sparingly), lie detection, fire magic

Combat: N/A


History: Asher was overlooked as a child. His sister Erixa was given all the attention, all the chances to get the best possible life. Since he wasn’t a jealous type, he didn’t mind. There was no job that was planned for him - he just took things as it went. His trainers were lower class than his sister’s, but he worked hard, learning to use his abilities quickly. After the murder, he ran away with Erixa, hiding in a two bedroom apartment, living off his sister’s income.


Father: Uru Reio Dimont

Mother: Ollera Keajor Dimont

Siblings: Erixa Dimont

Relationship: Single

Extra: N/A

"Someone's dead."

"Everyone dies at some point. Stop being so grim. Just give me the coordinates, and I'll get there as soon as I can," Erixa snapped into her com. She heard the person on the other end sigh before relaying off the numbers. She jotted them down on a piece of scrap paper. "I'll get whatever I find to you when I can."

She stood up, grumbling. She'd hoped to get at least a few hours before heading off to work, but no, someone just had to discover a dead body. She grabbed a pair of leggings and pulled them on. Too lazy to find a shirt in the mess of her room, she pulled a leather jacket over her bra. Her boots were probably in the foyer.

She stomped out of her room to discover shards of glass lining the hall. Again. She swore under her breath, tiptoeing carefully through it. Just one more thing to take care of after work.

"Where 'oo goin'?"

Erixa shrieked, throwing a punch at the young man standing behind her. He took it, staring at her with bleary eyes. A bottle of Ambrosia was in his hand.

"Don't...do that, Asher!" Erixa snarled. Gesturing to the bottle, she asked, "How many have you had now?"

Asher shrugged, staggering past her into the kitchen, suggesting he'd had enough to get buzzed. Shaking her head, Erixa followed after him. He stood peering into the makeshift wine cooler he'd built. Erixa took her chance to retrieve her boots.

"When you're done wi' whatever you're doin', do oo' min' gettin' me more Ambrosia?" Asher called.

A stream of curses flew past Erixa's lips. "Drink the petty stuff!"

"I don't like the petty stuff!"

"Then why'd you buy the shit?" Erixa bellowed. The apartment suddenly grew dark. Asher's whining suddenly stopped. The darkness faded.

"I'm going out. See you later," Erixa growled, leaving Asher alone with his 'petty stuff'.

Rebecca had finally arrived at the monstrous Mini-Mansion. She placed her bags down by the front door to ring the doorbell so that someone would let her into the humble abode. Bolting down the long flight of stairs in a frenzy, Abraxis, already knew who it was, though she could not talk about it, sort of. She opened the door and literally flung her long arms around Rebecca, who was dragged in by a few feet.

"It's.....real good to see you TOO Abraxis...now could you let me bring my bags in please while you are trying to choke me dear?"

"Oh, it's YOU Rebecca!! Welcome home!!! Sit down and I'll make everyone some nice tea to drink while we discuss the briefing for the next meeting, okay?" He shouted out from the rather spacey Kitchen. Rebecca pulled Abraxis along, as she was to reach for her luggage to bring them into the home. Abraxis always did this, and it would sometimes take over 4 MINUTES before she would let go of her only Childhood friend. Rebecca was used to this, knowing all about Abraxis and her violent past. She dragged Abraxis over to the large couch, only to sit down with Abraxis still hugging her tightly. She pouted, sitting back, just waiting for Abraxis to let her go!!! Graymite was to come from the kitchen with a platter and four cups of tea. Wait, FOUR cups? There were only THREE of them in the house. Was he expecting someone? Surely so.

"Erixa will be along any moment after she gathers some data from the last crime scene. So Rebecca, ......uhm, Lady Abraxis, will you PLEASE let go of my sister? you DO this every time you SEE her. She's NOT going anywhere M'lady...please......let her go..." He asked, as Abraxis dropped her hug and her head, now staring at the wooden floor.

"How many times do I have to FUKCING tell you to stop treating her like she's a TRAINIED ANIMAL?" Scowled Rebecca, who then took her cup and tossed the tea RIGHT onto her OWN brother!!!

"Come on Abraxis, WE are going to the Crime scene WITHOUT him...hmmmph!!! Stupid brother...." Rebecca shouted out, as she was to take Abraxis by her left hand to head for the front door. it was like this all of the time; when Graymite was trying to teach Abraxis something about manners, in came her female heroine to save herself the embarrassment. Graymite stood up as he was to wipe himself off from the still-hot tea. "W-wait a minute now...she knows that she can't go ANYWHERE without her Conduit accompanying her sis. She will be get into a lot of trouble with the Agency!!"

"Oh screw you and this stupid Agency; Abraxis is my friend FIRST; not some stupid weapon you idiot. Stop making it seem like you are doing any better than a bunch of maggots on a rotten corpse. We are GOING to the Crime scene and THEN we are going to have some drinks with Erixa. at least SHE doesn't have anyone to tell HER what to do...Let's go Abraxis..."

Abraxis was to stop right at the threshold of the front door, resisting. She reached out her hand for Graymite, pulling from Rebecca's grip. Graymite let forth a sigh, then smiled some; he knew that she was helpless without his support.

"I cannot leave my Conduit Rebecca. I will get into trouble with the Higher-ups at the main Office; he HAS to go WITH me...those are the rules..." She thought out loud to Rebeca.

"If she doesn't do this, then they will lock her back up in the Asylum sis......I don't want that to happen to my worse enemy...okay? Come on, let's meet up with Erixa before she starts a fight with Forensics like she did last time."
Erixa arrived at the crime scene quickly enough. Forensics were already there, milling about the body. She couldn't help rolling her eyes. Such amateurs. Then again, they didn't exactly have the abilities she did.

She ducked under the tape, waving away one of the policemen. "I'm a Gatherer. Go shoo somebody else away."

"Ma'am, please," he said, stepping forward.

"Sir, please," she replied, sauntering off. "I'm only doing my job." She headed over towards the body, shoving some Forensics out of the way. The body was a young male, probably in his early twenties. Blood covered his chest, and some came from his head as well. Erixa studied the surroundings. Whoever had committed this crime was pretty good. They hadn't left a single thing she could use clairsentience on, meaning she may have to resort to mediumship. She hated using it; it drained her of her energy, and was often sad. Other times the spirits could be a bit hostile. It wasn't anything she couldn't handle, but she'd feel them trailing her for weeks after her encounter.

She touched the body very gingerly. It hadn't been long since this one died. With a sigh, she closed her eyes, searching for the young man's wandering life source.

It wasn't too hard to find, thankfully. Sometimes they liked to wander off. This one had stayed right next to the body.

Hey, there. Erixa said. I'm Erixa. I'm a Gatherer for the Agency, and I'm going to help find who did this to you, but I can only do it if you cooperate.

He didn't answer.

Please? At least start with your name?

He tilted his head. Kiren. His voice was soft, shy.

Last name?

He's still here.

Kiren's voice had lost its softness, thundering inside Erixa's head.

I'm sorry...what?

He's still here.

Your killer?

He's still here...

Erixa felt her connection fading. She cut the link, looking around the scene. Nothing suspicious...
By the time they have arrived there, Rebecca was giggling with her best friend, who could only smile and write on the tool she used to communicate with the outside world. Forensics crew members all had stopped what they were doing; detectives were now backing up and out of HER way; Agents, Officers and investigators, all were to stop talking, but they were to stare her down; who WAS this tall female in this dark Cloak with another girl and a boy?

Graymite sighed; looks like Erixa had pissed people off yet again; she really had to stop doing that!!

Stepping beyond the red tape and even the caution signs, Abraxis held a sign up to Erixa, and it read, "You know what would happen if I talk, so please move back by 25 feet if you know what is best for you. Even YOU know of what I can do, and you should not be too close to me when I am channeling Time Erixa."

Erixa had her attitudes, but people from all around the city, villages and even Kingdoms, had heard of her Channeling of Time Ability. One Officer got caught in a time rift and is still trapped in another Spectrum of time, lost to getting upset and actually trying to TOUCH Abraxis whilst she was in the beginning of a Time Distortion. Erixa may have a bad temper, but having half of your body in the present and the other half stuck in a rift sounded quite evil, disgusting.....perhaps beautiful to Abraxis. The Officer's body was still alive, even IF only HALF of his body was in this PHYSICAL plane though.

"Come ON Erixa, are you fucking crazy? You DO NOT want to be within 25 FEET of her when she starts Channeling Time....get away from her!!!" Yelled out the Chief and the Sargeant, who was now ready to take pictures. Noone dared to miss out on something quite like this. People began gathering by the yellow tape, but not to move ANY closer than 27 feet; for they could get caught in the rift and be lost forever.

OLDER LADY: "That girl is strange. She is the Devil's daughter I tell you."

MAN #1: Shut up you old ghoul...Abraxis is getting ready to start. SHE can find out what happened if the Police CAN'T!!"

OLDER LADY: "Really? I did not know that she was out here trying to solve these vicious and hideous crimes young man. Have you known of them very long?"

MAN #2: "Where have you BEEN at Ma'am? Those two are undefeated in battles. They tally up a total of 459 consecutive wins and only ONE tie. They have solved countless cases, even more than strange case of The Llore with Rin and the infamous Lord Benaires. They really are an unstoppable team!!! Just stand there and get ready for an experience that you will NEVER forget lady!!"

Rebecca was to begin backing off as well; she already KNEW what was about to occur. "Erixa? I know that you don't know me very well, but you really, really SHOULD start heading back to before the Yellow Tape. It's there for a reason when Abraxis comes around to Channel Time. And if you get caught in a Time Rift, it's pretty nasty and irreversible. Come on....She is about to warm up."
Erixa let out an almost inhumane snarl as people pleaded with her to move away. This was her job! She could do it herself. But the fear in everyone's eyes told her to do as she was told. She rose to her feet, glaring up at Abraxis, before stalking off to join Rebecca and Graymite.

"Something weird happened during mediumship," she muttered to Graymite, though her eyes were on Abraxis. She motioned to the body. "His name's Kiren. No last name from what I could get...he kept saying someone's still here. He seemed scared. Not for himself, you see. For everyone here. I think his killer's around this very spot still. Is it safe for Abraxis? You know how people, uh..." she trailed off as Abraxis started to warm up.

Erixa had been to most cases with Graymite and Abraxis, sometimes with them oblivious to her presence. The girl's abilities were intriguing, and a thrill rush always came about when she was doing her thing. But today, Erixa's attention was on anything but Abraxis.

"What's the biggest mistake one can make when on a mission?"

"Never looking up, Lucarion."

"Precisely. And you know what happens when you don't look up?"

"You're taken down and out, Lucarion."

"So never make that mistake. Clear?"

"Yes, Lucarion."

Erixa shook herself out of her memories. The killer hadn't revealed himself dead on. But according to Kiren, he was still here.

She looked up. Perched on top of a building was a man dressed in all black.

He looked like he meant business.

"Excuse me," she said to no one in particular, and ran off.
Abraxis sighed again; She could never try to have a normal conversation with Erixa, and that hurt more than anything. Even though her mind seemed primitive, she was much more intelligent than she could ever communicate to people. She was to begin a glow of purple and black, now closing her eyes slowly. The events that were happening right at that moment began to quickly move backwards at high speed, indicating that she had pierced the time continuum, and in front of everyone! The victim could be seen limping, running, falling; just trying to get away from some person with dark clothing on. Blades of two were to cut the poor man's left arm, then his lower leg, as he struggled to keep moving. He then fell to the ground, whimpering, sobbing. He laid there with tears in his eyes, wondering who this person was for starters!

Time then began to speed forward again, as the sun was to set, and people stopped to check on the lifeless body. Someone yelled out, "CALL THE POLICE!!"

Erixa would now no longer see the suspect: She was to now see herself at her own home, arguing with her brother, who seemed to drink heavily. Time was to speed up yet again, as Erixa now saw herself walking over to the scene of the crime, as Abraxis had not yet arrived at that moment. There was someone else there as well; a rather short female who was dressed in blue. Another voice was to speak out, "We do not know the extent of the Invectium. If that Gatherer continues to interfere, obliterate her, BUT keep her Spine, Heart and her Brain. I have other plans for Erixa."

Time then fizzled out, as the current time and space became clear again. People walked on by, staring oddly; cars cruised past as usual. Abraxis then collapsed to the ground, feeling drained a bit. Graymite, along with 4 other Officers were to rush to her aid, as Rebecca stayed in her place.

Erixa froze as the Time Rift ended. It had clouded her vision; she'd lost sight of the suspect. Gazing upward, she discovered that he or she had disappeared.

"Dammit," she growled. Her immediate thought was to blame Abraxis, but she couldn't quite bring herself to. She was more concerned with what the woman in blue had said. Turning around slowly, she made her way back to the scene, ducking under the tape to check on Abraxis. Erixa could be cruel, but she wasn't heartless.

She knelt beside the girl, gently taking hold of her arm. "You okay? I'm gonna help you up now, hold onto me." She tugged Abraxis to her feet, staggering under the taller girl's weight. She swallowed down her fear. She'd deal with whatever she'd seen later, making a mental note not to tell Asher. She'd get some ambrosia on her way home. Hopefully it would help dull or completely silence his telepathic abilities for a while. But right now, Abraxis's needs came first.

She felt the might of Erixa's pull on her body: Every time she used that ability, it would almost wipe her out physically, and she did not know just why. She couldn't talk already, so she did not have the energy to write on her communication device. She did however, have pre-written things that she could allow for other people to read so that they could understand her a bit better. Graymite nodded to Rebecca, as the other officers were to walk up to the victim's body and begin to snap pictures and the like.

"Let's get her home Erixa; she's wiped out for today. I have been trying to work with her on that ability, but.....she already uses too much power."

"Who was the young girl wearing the Blue that we saw? She was talking to someone that we couldn't see either. We'd better look into that brother...you got it?"

Graymite nodded, as poor Abraxis weakly reached for her pad, only to flip a few pages.

"Her name Euphoria, a very powerful telepath. I used to train with her in the Asylum. We never really got along, but she is quite the manipulative person. I had heard that she had skipped out of town for a few months, but it seems like she has returned. I may have to face her sooner or later before all of this is over."
Erixa absently patted Abraxis's hand, nodding at Graymite. She heaved Abraxis up a little more as the pad was passed around. Erixa skimmed over it.

"Huh. So long lost rival returns at last type of deal," she muttered under her breath. "Oh, this'll be fun." Turning all her attention on Graymite and Rebecca, she asked, "Okay, so, can we chat later? She's getting kinda heavy. Honestly, I don't think I can pick her back up if she collapses again."

She shifted her weight impatiently, ignoring the insistent knocking in her mind. No doubt it was Asher. But she'd deal with her brother's shenanigans later.

Four, rather tall-looking figures were to be waiting by the sidewalk of the crime scene; each one was cloaked in all black with hoods on their heads. Abraxis signaled for Erixa to help her hobble over to the car that was now waiting on the four of them respectfully.

The tallest figure was to raise her head, now showing her pale skin complexion and her Onyx Black eyes.

"Please get into the car. We are taking Lady Abraxis back to her home with her Conduit Erixa. You are to monitor her health according to the orders from The Chief. We will clean up here, so there is no need for theatrics or semantics."

Graymite looked at the lady, who had white, flaxen hair as well, only to nod in agreement.

"Mr. Graymite sir......" She said, bowing to him as she opened the rear passenger door for Abraxis to be helped through so she could get back home.

"Pinnacle...good to see you as well. Send The Chief my kind regards, will you please?" He asked, as Abraxis was to start making her way tot he back seat, clutching on Erixa's hand like she was the last person in the world. Rebecca turned her nose up, huffing and puffing over this; she did not like when Abraxis placed all of her attention on Erixa. She really liked her abrasive and yet loving attitude at times, seeing as to how she was almost like that as well. As they were to finally arrive at the home of the duo, Abraxis was fast asleep on Erixa's shoulder, huffing and puffing from exhaustion it seemed.

"Wow, that girl really does know how to waste a lot of power from simply checking into something that involves going back in time you know Gray." Said the voice of the driver, who tipped his ball Cap to everyone as he continued to drive.

"Sand Drow, it's not important right now. Just drive us home alright please? If you want details of what just happened, just go to the Main Office for a report."

Erixa leaned sideways, just slightly, as Abraxis slept on her shoulder. The taller girl's hand was still clamped onto hers. Erixa didn't have the heart to pull away. Abraxis sometimes reminded her of a child, one that you couldn't help loving.

An incessant nagging pounded in her mind.

Okay, okay, what the hell do you want?

Sorry. It's just...are you getting me the Ambrosia?

Later. Just leave me alone. I'm kinda busy.

She felt his presence slip away. Sighing, she leaned back in the seat, looking out the window. It frustrated her, how dependent her brother was on her. Sure, she made a lot of money, but after the taxes and bills that had to be paid, it didn't really leave much. It was fine before Asher took to drinking. But after he got hooked - well, everything went downhill from there. He didn't have any sense of responsibility. Honestly, he didn't have any sense at all anymore. Only enough to think to get another Ambrosia.

She punched her thigh with her free hand. Asher promised he wouldn't be like their father. He promised he'd get a job, work hard, make ends meet. But he was back in the tiny apartment they shared, unwashed and reeking of alcohol. She wasn't free to do anything, now. She couldn't live in the way she wanted. Not with her brother hanging over her shoulder.

She was yanked out of her thoughts as they pulled into the driveway of the manor. Slowly, she sat up, shaking Abraxis as gently as she could.

Abraxis finally began to stir upon the light shaking. She felt completely drained and could hardly move. Rebecca was to walk on ahead to open the front door so that they could try to get Abraxis into the house and into her bed to rest up. Graymite snickered to himself; he already knew what was about to happen!! Rebecca blushed in resentment, but she could not leave her friend feeling like this. She started her way into the kitchen to go and wash her hands at first. After doing such, she looked into the cupboards to find something to bake; the Chocolate Chip Cookies for Abraxis.

"I'll show that hussie that I am the ONLY best friend for Abraxis!!! My cookies are irresistible, even to my enemies!!! heheheh"

Graymite was to assist Erixa into helping the tired, exhausted and scared Abraxis into the house. They continued to guide her until they entered the East Hallway, where her favorite bedroom was. Helping to remove her shoes, her cloak, he placed her writing tablet on the night stand, where she always kept it. They were to carefully sit Abraxis onto her bed, as she herself would now communicate mentally, now being inside the confines of the spell that had been set by Graymite.

"Erixa, please do NOT leave me; you should sleep here for a few days until I recover. My Conduit knows exactly what to do and how to bathe me when I awake. Please stay with me..."

"Abraxis, I don't know if that's a good idea. Erixa still has to watch over her brother you know." Graymite responded. She was to wearily stand up, her walk resembling that of a drunken woman this time. She looked as if she was going to pass out, but Abraxis powers were something to behold; she functioned in opposite ways of even the strongest Magic users.

"Then I shall call him forth to stay HERE Gray....I do not want Erixa to leave. We never spend anytime together and all we do is argue. I want to talk with her and get a few things straightened out. Oh please Gray? You have spells and notes to go over to turn into the Main Office. I can rest up and spend some time with Erixa."

"But Lady Abraxis........Oh...very well my Charge, as you Wish. He can stay here for a few days until we sort things out. I will make sure that he has food and drink M'lady. Erixa can stay here if that is what you wish M'Lady. Erixa, you are welcome to stay here for as long as you like. I will provide you and your brother with anything that you may need; this is my job as a Conduit you know. Don't worry about Rebecca, I have someone coming by that will keep her occupied as well."

A loud gong would boom out from the front room, indicating that someone else had arrived!!

"Hello? Graymite? Is anyone here? I'm really tired of carrying all of these bags for training. I cannot seem to change into my Brooden form right now!!! Hello? Abraxis? Rebecca? ANYONE??"

"And that would be our new trainer.......okay, so....Abraxis, you summon her brother, and I will get the front door...."

Abraxis smirked at this opportunity. She was to begin to disrobe from her clothes!!! A quick snap of her neck would make the bedroom door slam shut and then lock itself as well!! She was to wearily stand up, removing her dress, only to keep her shirt on for now. She tossed the dress into her bedroom closet, turning her attention back to Erixa. This was very strange indeed!! She was to put both of her arms out in front of her, now closing her eyes. White light began pouring out of the bedroom closet, as Abraxis stumbled over to it. She was to reach her right arm into the white light, feeling around a bit. A few tugs, then a very strong pull would result in Erixa's brother being brought forth into the bedroom without much effort!!!

"I do apologize Erixa; I simply hate wearing clothes sometimes; they irritate my skin so much that I have to walk around almost stark naked in order for the itching to stop on its own. Your brother drinks a lot doesn't he?"
Rebecca turned around to see this male in the kitchen, looking through the refrigerator; he looked like he had been drinking a lot!!!

"Asher? What the hell are you doing here? And what did I TELL you about your drinking problem? You are going to PICKLE your liver!!! Aww man.....I wonder if your sister knows that you're here.....Come on......I'll get you something to drink......close the door please.............what have I gotten myself INTO these days?"

Asher did not know who Rebecca was right off-hand; his drinking really messed up his memories at times, but he was quite the telepath when he wanted to be.

Graymite finally opened the front door to see a rather tall teen, about 16 or 17, standing in the doorway with bags and a Red Cloak on his left shoulder.

"Master Benaires? The Agency sent YOU for the training? How is this even possible?" He asked, as ben was to stroll through the doorway, placing his bags onto the floor, smiling some.

"You requested one of the best, so they sent ME to train you all. Besides, if that young girl in the Blue comes here, you all will have the extra help that you need to catch the culprit. I wanted to go elsewhere, but since I am split up already, it's really difficult for me to change. I have been having that problem a LOT lately. Damn you Lady AIR!!"

"Well, it is an honor and a privilege to meet you. I had absolutely no idea that YOU were the source of Lady Abraxis ability to manipulate Dark Terror in some instances from what I have seen. Uhm, I'll introduce you to her if you like Master."

Ben shook his head, responding to the Conduit,

"No that is alright for now Graymite. I just want to have something to drink and look over those reports before you and Abraxis get into trouble with the Agency again. OH, sorry about that....they told me to bring your pay today...I know that it's kind of early, but something about a Police Officer being killed has everyone talking about you two, or four as it were, including Rebecca and Erixa. Is she still fighting with her alcoholic brother by the way?"

Graymite would point over to the kitchen door, revealing Rebecca walking out with Asher, holding his hand. "Did you HAVE to ask Master Benaires?"

"Oh!! We have another guest brother? He's cute!!!" Rebecca blerted out, while trying to help Asher to the couch to sit down.

"Uhm, sister, this is Benaires......he's uhm, sort of your boss too...."

Benaires was to immediately walk over to Asher and Rebecca, sniffing at the both of them, still being a DAICHON in all. Asher would not be able to read ben's mind; in his Split form, his anti-psychokinetic shields were up in full, since his form was split and it was quite draining on his stability. However, Benaires could very well read the minds of anyone of his choosing.

"Hmm.....Rebecca is it? You're baking cookies...Chocolate chip in fact; you don't know who I am and you do not understand what is going on. Asher, you are trying to read my mind but you can't. You are always drinking and it is costing your sister her livelihood. She has to work overtime just to support YOUR terrible habits. You should be in school somewhere, but no one will accept you because of your stupor when intoxicated. Your telepathic abilities are top-notch, well, they USED to be. I'm going to get you some Ambrosia so that you can get some sleep. I'm not going to let you corrupt such a talented Gatherer either. You are going to sober up or I might have to punish you. Unfortunately I have to give you a job with the Agency as my assistant. You stay right there young man.......Graymite...find him some more suitable clothes to wear, and fetch him a warm bath. That IS your job as a Conduit you know...."

Graymite smiled and giggled to himself. He knew of his duties though; that was one thing for certain.

Abraxis sat wearily on her bed, simply staring at Erixa. This was the first time in years that they had actually been alone together. Abraxis looked defeated, tired and very hungry. She did not want to eat right now; she wanted to cuddle with Erixa for some unknown reason, as she wanted to explain so badly.

"I am not actually sure of how you may take of this, but I will do my best in trying to explain. There is something about you that I cannot figure out. It's how you act so compromised at times that you become so angry at and with people. I try not to say anything about it, but you are such an alluring person to me, and I do not know why that is so. I know that we argue a lot, and I do not mean to be so brash about things. My emotional state is a wreck, and without Gray being by my side, I'd probably summon an Anti-matter bomb and blow this entire city into ashes. I've got abilities that I do not even know how to use correctly and that is what I was locked up for. The children at my old school used to always make fun of me. There was this one little boy named Graymite, who always looked at me like I was another person. He treated me with kindness, respect and love in a lot of instances that I couldn't fathom or even begin to understand. I was not too fond of being around people, or going out to far from home. My parents thought that I was simply lashing out from lack of attention. Then one day, some bullies were picking at Gray. He was crying and they had actually broken his nose.

When I saw this, I lost it. I kindly walked up to those bullies and made all of them implode. People were screaming and children were terrified. I started crying bloody tears, turning around to Gray. He only wiped my face and told me to take him home to his Grandmother. I was not done yet. I took it upon my other abilities to make gas lines under the school erupt, causing a leak that killed almost everyone in the school. Bodies were everywhere....I was so angry that they had done that to the ONE person that I loved with all of my heart. Of course I haven't told HIM that; I would be devastated if he did not return the same feelings. When we got about two blocks away, I made that entire city block go up in flames, killing everyone that lived over there. It was as if a Demon was yelling into my ear to kill them; to kill all of those that hurt my Gray. People still do not understand why it is that I age so fast. We were the same age when that happened. I was about 10 and he about 9 or so. After that, my parents were infuriated.

I was taken to an Asylum for Psychiatric Evaluation and treatment. I was in that hole for eight fucking years. I cried.....and I cried for Gray, but they would not let me contact him. I was heart-broken. I did not eat....I dared not to use my powers and make everyone hate me. ALL that I wanted was for Gray to console me while I was in there. Moving forward to two years ago; I finally get a chance to go outside of the Asylum for some fresh air. I didn't bother using my writing skills since I could not talk anyways.

My father had come to see me; my mother was very, very sick. She was stricken with grief over this entire thing and was wasting away. I told my father to find Graymite and to bring him to come and see me. I had heard rumors of an Agency that would hire anyone with abilities to begin Hunting down criminals. My dad thought that I was just crazy, but he brought Gray up there to finally see me. I cried some more, and we started to visit every single day. He then asked me why I could not talk, so I explained it to him in its entirety;

When I was 5 years old, I had my first period. My mom thought that I was possessed by the Devil himself. I did not talk much, even as a child. I knew even at that early age that I could DO things; incredible things that defied human imagination. I could broadcast my voice, and when I say BROADCAST, I MEAN IT. I could talk so loud, that it sounded like a force from the very sky all around you. I was in first grade, and...I liked this girl named Clairmont. She treated me nice and didn't bother asking me about anything. One day, wouldn't you know it, some boys were throwing Saliva balls at her. I got angry and screamed. I blew out every single teacher's eardrums and all of the students in the entire SCHOOL. I shattered windows, cracked concrete floors and even burst water lines in the sub-basements, causing massive flooding and tons of damage. I walked Clairmont out of the school and waited for the Police to arrive. Child protective Services came...it was a big mess. My mother decided that it was best to have my Vocal chords stitched shut so that I would not speak any more evil.

I couldn't even tell my mother that my own uncle had been drinking with me for two years either. I wanted to get away from everything. That's why I like Ambrosia so much. My Uncle told me something interesting as well; He said that Human beings are the worst life forms on this very planet. I used to spend the weekend with him, drinking and talking about school. He bought me clothes and actually spent time with me. He never took advantage of me or anything like that. He even knew what other kinds of powers that I had as well. We went to the mountains one time. I conjured up an anti-matter bomb to prove that I wasn't just imagining that I had such a power. He had a heart attack that day. I panicked and called the Police. He almost died because of me. We still talk to this day, but he said that we won't be going to the mountains anymore. He's no fun!!! Moving along, after Graymite found out about the Agency, they took it upon themselves to get my case completely erased, as if I had been living a nightmare. I cannot tell him how I feel though.

And that's when he introduced me to YOU. I was enthralled to have another friend too. I mean Rebecca is my heart, but I have always WANTED to be friends with you or something more. I call myself to be eccentric and quite the oddball."

Asher looked quizzically at the DAICHON. It was true, he couldn't read his mind. But that wasn't what bothered him. It was the fact he seemed to know so much. It made Asher uncomfortable. Usually HE was the one to know secrets. Well, most of the time. If he wasn't so thrown into a stupor, which was a rare case, he'd know more about someone than they knew themselves.

He tilted his head, gazing bleary-eyed at Benaires. "Haven't been to school in years. And whaddya mean, costing my sister her livelihood? She hasn't complained...much..." He wracked his brains for times she'd yelled at him about his drinking, but he was in such a muddled state that couldn't recall more than a few memories. The sensible part of him whispered, Only goes to prove the DAICHON's point, don't you think? Asher groaned, burying his face in his hands. He adored his sister. The last thing he wanted to do was discourage her, yet here he was.

Erixa blinked rapidly as Abraxis finished her story. Or rather, confession. Not once in her life had she heard something quite like that.

"We-e-ell," Erixa said slowly. "I, uh...wow. Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what to say..." she ran her fingers through her blue hair. "You know, you're honestly one of the closest friends I've got. And I know, it doesn't seem like it, with the way I act, but it's true. You've got a special place in my heart. And know....please know that I'm always here for you, if you ever need anything."

Smiling, she rose to her feet. "I'd like to work on the relationship between us, Abraxis. I'm sorry if I've made things difficult on you. Believe me, it was never my intent." She took hold of one of Abraxis' hands. "I like you. Very much."

"I am tried, and very sleepy. Using a certain amount of my abilities puts a significant drain upon my body for some unknown reason. You are welcome to sleep with if you like. Graymite is busily attending to your brother perhaps. I hope he doesn't drink too much...the last time he got severely intoxicated we had to get him out of a tree!! I mean how does he consume that much liquor into his body? It may be just as well then..."

Abraxis then crawled up to her side of the huge bed, plopping onto her left side, right arm now behind, patting the empty side of the bed in order to signal for Erixa to come to her side if she wanted to.

Decisions, decisions Erixa!!!

"I'm going to pour you some Ambrosia while we talk this out Asher. If you're going to be my new assistant, then you are going to have to start facing reality son. Rebecca, could you whip me up some ice please? I hate drinking Ambrosia when it is warm."

Rebecca nodded, letting forth a slight hint of a smile. She knew that Asher would have to talk this over with Benaires sooner or later, versus trying to explain things to his sister.

Ben then continued on, setting up a table for the two to have a drink and to talk things over for a little while. Graymite was in the second floor bathroom, running some hot bath water for Asher. He figured that maybe this bath would sober him up a bit and to help for him to relax.

"You are one distinguished telepath young Asher, but you lack vision, depth and discipline. You tend to run away from a lot of things that you should've faced a very long time ago, so hiding behind the bottle is kind of stupid. You are going to have to gather your senses and begin to recover what was lost oh so long ago. Don't you WANT to do things at your own leisure and live a normal life? I mean, even as a telepath, you used to have credentials and were recognized in many places; now you're a hermit; a shadow; a wandering spirit who fell off the wagon quite some time ago. That deeply concerns me you know."

Erixa hesitated, but only for a moment. She crawled up next to Abraxis, laying on her side to face her. An unexpected shyness crossed Erixa's face before breaking into a smile.

"If Asher does end up drinking too much, you have permission to take whatever means necessary in order to get him in...order. But he's Graymite's problem at the moment."

She shifted, tucking one arm underneath her head, her other free arm brushing hair away from Abraxis's face.

Asher's face lit up at the mention of Ambrosia. Drinking the petty stuff all day was getting boring.


He waved off the sensible voice. This would be the last one. No more.

You say that everytime... the voice warned before falling silent.

"I do not run from things!" He protested at Ben's 'accusation'. "I just...sit around...and...that's not important, though! And living with Erixa is normal. At least, for me. I'd rather live in the shadows. I don't like...people. Well, their thoughts. They scare me. And...and..." A wave of emotions rendered him incoherent for the next few minutes. Only when he was handed the Ambrosia, he settled down. "Why do you want me as your assistant, anyway?"

Ben BELLOWED OUTLOUD FOR EVERYONE TO HEAR!! His booming voice was hilarious!!!

"Look young man.......I want you as my assistant because I see potential in you. And....for your information...you have a past that you don't like......and THAT is why you are RUNNING....You can't bullshit someone who is 45, 690+ years old........I've seen it all.....I've known it all and I'm still learning...so you can save that childish shit for someone else. You WANT this drink...you WORK for me....PERIOD!! I do not want to hear your childish ways of dealing with people. That is just stupid and CHILDISH....you WANT Ambrosia...? I can give it TO you...but you have to WORK...and clean yourself up...you look like a FUCKING HERMIT!!!" Ben said, as his pounding of the left fist onto the right arm of the couch would cause a dimensional RIFT in time. It ebbed out from the epicenter of his landing from his fist. Time would distort quickly, showing the previous past of Asher's most PERSONAL moments; from being born and even his sister arguing with him time and time again from his drinking. Time would then reverse back to the current state, as Ben looked at Asher, now GROWLING, actually; ben WAS a CREATURE: a DAICHON...this demonic, Wolf-like creature that was able to crush all of his enemies under his paws.

"Shut up and drink. You will answer to me and ONLY ME young man; I'm going to get you together if it KILLS me...and they have TRIED.....for over 11 MILLION years...........Graymite is running a HOT bath for you.....I am going to BATHE you.....I am going to take care of you until you SOBER up......You are MY EMPLOYEE.......I've already gotten permission from your sister to DO as such.....I can WIPE your telepathy and make YOU a fucking VEGETABLE......Unable to speak, unable to talk......You have absolutely NO idea of the depths of my abilities young man, so SHAPE UP OR SHIP out...and IF you try to walk through that door....I WILL TOSS you into Phlegathon...you will not be able to get out and you will not be able to move...you will not be able to think, breathe or anything else...NOW...drink this drink...and sit in the FUCKING TUB...let me BATHE you, put you to bed and you WILL get some rest....your first assignment starts tomorrow morning...you will be doing PAPER WORK and studying TELEPATHY ALL OVER AGAIN......since you think that you fucking KNOW everything....Your ID will be made tomorrow and you will have your fingerprints done at the Main Office. You WILL EAT, sleep, and SHIT my commands.....UNTIL you can SOBER up some Asher.....you are WASTING YOUR LIFE....and I do NOT want that from one of the greatest Telepathic people in this city!! Now DRINK...and I will give you all of the details tomorrow...okay? You cannot keep GOING like this......It's not fair to your parents...whom I KNEW and......your sister............"

Abraxis was fast asleep!!! She only took her left hand and placed it within Erixa's.....now actually snoring a LITTLE; she was exhausted and often talked in her sleep too.

"Please do NOT leave me.....I do not know what I'm doing.......my emotions are a mess.....Please do not get upset with me....I have wanted to tell you this since we met, but I cry a lot...I cannot do this anymore without you.....Please,....just.........hmm..........."

And there she went: into her deep sleep to recharge her abilities.

Graymite had finished running Ashers' bath water, knowing just what master Benaires was about to try to DO to him; try to talk some sense into Asher to get him to sober up; this case was about to get very, VERY interesting.

Asher shrank back, frightened by Ben's outburst. Meekly, he chugged his Ambrosia as his past swirled around him. As soon as the time rift was done, he rose to his feet, dazed, and walked to the bathroom.

"What the fuck have I gotten into?" He mumbled.

He stripped himself of his clothes upon reaching the bathroom, tossing them to Graymite. He then settled into the tub, slightly rattled, and waited for Ben, unaware of what his new boss had in store.

Erixa watched Abraxis for what felt like hours before kissing her cheek.

"I won't leave you, Abraxis. I promise."

She wrapped her arms around her, pulling the taller girl close. Erixa rested her chin on Abraxis's head. Before she knew it, she'd fallen fast asleep as well.

Graymite watched Asher walk past him: he looked like he had seen a GHOST!!

"Oh boy....I'd better get him some notes ready and get those reports ready before Corporate calls us and we ALL get into trouble. Oh the burdens of being a Conduit, hehehe." Why was he so impartial about how everything was going thus far? He knew that the trick was to KEEP breathing!!!

Ben shook his head, then walked up the stairs to the bathroom, nodding at Graymite. He then spoke out quietly, "Do you think he is going to listen to me Graymite my boy? That kid in there has the potential to be so much more. We need him on this case to catch the girl in the blue. I don't know if even Abraxis' power will able to defeat her if they both trained at the Asylum together you know. Something is rotten and it isn't those mushrooms down on third street either. We are going to get to the bottom of this. Oh pray, let me check on the other two trainees then. Go and get those reports ready and help Rebecca with the cookies. Abraxis is going to be famished once she wakes up. As a matter of fact, just how Old IS that girl anyways? You should know; you ARE her Conduit. Not a very GOOD one, but you will have to do though."

"Master!!! I will have you know that I have been training for this job since I was eight years of age sir. I am very proud to be her handler. I know that she is a bit morbid and odd, but she does mean well. How would YOU act after being locked up in a mental ward for almost nine years Master? Cut her a break sometimes. She is still getting used to being outside in PUBLIC."

"I'm just kidding Graymite. I know what is going on with her. I've never even met her in person. I've only read her evaluation forms over the past three years and she seems to be doing very well. Erixa is one fire cracker that just can't be extinguished; I'll tell you THAT one fore sure. Anyways, just help out until these two wake up and we will get back to business. Consider this our "Down Time" for now."

He replied, now walking back downstairs and towards Abraxis' main bedroom. He slowly opened the door, only to witness two young girls fast asleep. He walked closer to see Erixa; her blue hair shined against the sunlight that was creeping trough the window by the bed itself. And there was this six foot two, beautiful creature who was out cold; Lady Abraxis Invectium, age of assumed 22 or 24 years old. Ben smiled as he looked her over.

"So she is the mighty Abraxis huh? Wow....this case is going to get VERY interesting. Two hot girls with almost nothing on asleep in the same bed. Ah to be young these days...it must be nice I guess. Get some rest you two. Lady Abraxis is it? I will speak with you soon."

Before ben could turn around to leave, he would hear a voice echo out without too much noise.... :3

"You dare to come into my room whist I sleep Benaires? You ARE very bold.....Master...I am hardly dressed and you are being very lewd."

"Abraxis I presume? It is a pleasure to make of your acquaintance dear. I can see that you waste no time in hitting on women either. You look well for someone just out of an Asylum you know. I've read your evaluations and you are handling yourself very well. People still mistreat you, but I am sure that they just do not understand your past. Killing a few people tends to stir up controversy. And that must be Erixa the Gatherer. She has a very nice pair of legs to boot. Such a sweet creature. I'll be sure to flirt with her when she wakes up as well."

"Oh do not embarrass me Master. It's not like that. Oh you would not understand how I feel sometimes. You can't go around flirting with your employees Master. They are going to look at you differently you know. Oh never mind that!! What are you doing in here anyways? I probably will not wake up or stir until morning. These powers of mines are.....I don't know....strange."

"Oh don't worry about it. You just need more training and I was sent here to help you all out on this case. I know Erixa has a lot of strength as well, so we should be quite formidable for our enemies on THIS one. And you don not have to scowl at me; I was just checking on everyone. I will talk with you in the morning. Get plenty of rest. I do not know why Channeling time drains you SO much dear, but I am going to help your Conduit get better control of your abilities somehow. I just have to figure out how to DO that first off. Alright, I'm off then. See you later dear. Abraxis......"

"Wait a minute......YOU are training me? Why I never even got a letter from the Agency. I am NOT worthy of the ALMIGHTY beniares Alex Silver DAICHON's presence!!! Forgive my rudeness My master!! yes...yes.....I will see you in person in the morning sir!!! DEFINITELY!!! Uhm, Master? Could you NOT flirt with Erixa please? I am trying to establish a good relationship with her and you will only make things even more difficult."

"Yeah...yeah.....yeah Abraxis...get some rest now. You deserve it." He thought to himself, as he turned around, waving his hand in arrogance, only to close the door tightly. He placed his hands in his pockets and headed back upstairs to the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

"These kids are just something else. Benaires my boy, what did you get yourself into THIS time? And with your form already split into five, how much longer are you going to keep this charade up?" He then ran over to the toilet, throwing up blood and vomit violently. Asher was to see this first-hand!! Ben's tears welled up in his eyes; why was he suffering like this now? he flushed the toilet after the dry heaving stopped, taking a towel from the towel rack above the toilet to wipe his mouth thoroughly.

"Oh I hate that.......Even with MY power Asher, when you are split into five separate entities for THIS long, things tend to take a strain on your body. I'm healing slower than I am burning energy, so things tend to get confusing for this body at times. I'm going to be okay once I re-fuse back to my MAIN body, but until my training is over, I have to deal with this for a little longer. Anyways, let's get you freshened up and ready for beddie-bye time Asher...."

Graymite was back in the living room, doing some light dusting. He hummed a little song every now and then, just smiling away. Why didn't anything bother him up until now? He carried on such a care-free demeanor that you would not know if he was sad, save for that smile and his upbeat attitude. Rebecca sat there, just staring at her own brother; he just did not let things bother him at all. Why?

"Why doesn't he let any of this simply get on his last nerves? This is much to handle, but it doesn't phase him at all."

The House phone then rang out loudly, as Rebecca stretched out her left arm to pick up the receiver, "Hello Invectium Residence?"

"Very well Rebecca. How are things going with you?" Said a voice on the other end.

"DAD!! It's great to hear your voice!!! How are you doing old man?" She said, wiping a tear from her left eye. They had not spoken in over four months since the last incident.

"How is my little girl handling being a big and bad Secret Agent? How is your brother doing? Is Lady Abraxis still hitting on Erixa?"

"Dad......it's not like that. Abraxis' feelings are very delicate and we are ALL trying to tend to her emotional state. She is a walking time bomb that's ready to go off at any second you know. You and mom still traveling the world huh? Did you both get the shot glasses that I sent you?" She asked, waving at her brother to come closer to be curious.

"Yes, YES!!! We got them...who made them? They look expensive dear!!" Said the man on the phone.

"There is a Blood Farmer named Xeno Tepes Gothra who is over in the next village that has a most quaint and cute Jewelry Shop that he makes things at. I helped to solve a string of thieves in that village a few years back and I asked him for a favor. It's nothing for him. Benaires is here as well. He's upstairs helping Asher to bathe or something like that." She replied with glee.

"Oh? Benaires!! Now I haven't heard THAT name in some years. I'm sure that he is doing well. He is probably still training and looking for his mother in all dear. Well, I was just calling to check in on everyone. I'll tell your mother you all said hello dear. Keep in touch will you please? And don't give your brother too much grief. I mean that..."

Rebeccas blushed, pulling on her brother's left ear...."Oh HE is fine....I won't beat him up TOO badly dad.... bye now!!"

Graymite then sat down at the dining room table to fill out the reports and to do some light studying.

"So what are you working on bro?" She asked politely, as she checked her timer for the Cookies. He lightly responded as he was to remove his hooded clock, for which he wore almost all of the time, "Reports still have to be filed for the Main Office of what happened today sis. We still do not have much information on the person that was killed. We DO know that someone was after that man, but we still do not know why. Abraxis performed that Channeling of Time, only to reveal more questions than real answers. That girl in the blue dress is what's bugging me. We hadn't seen her before but Abraxis says that she knows just who she is. Master Benaires seems to know more than what he is letting on, so I'm kind of intrigued as to how all of this actually connects. Erixa is going to be busy with a love life, so I don't know how she is going to be much help after this."

"L-L-Love life? What are you talking about brother? Abraxis is just lonely. She wouldn't dare DREAM of hitting on poor Erixa, would she?"

"I don't know...Abraxis is YOUR best friend. I'm just her handler and Conduit."

Rebecca then pouted turning her nose up a bit, "Well don't you make it TOO obvious now bro..."

Deep in her thoughts, Abraxis cringed at the fact that she had so much power sleeping inside of her. The night terrors hadn't started as of yet, and she tried her best to make sure that she did not harm anyone. The last Night Terror that she had ended up in her breaking her own arms; she thought that someone was actually trying to EAT her alive so she fought off whatever that it was with all of her might, which resulted in her breaking both of her arms simultaneously!!

She began whimpering a little as she tried to remain calm. She could feel the darkness of the room began to get morbid since the sun had finally set. Almost an entire day had gone by and the time was about 8 pm. They had spent the entire day trying to gather things together. Well, mostly Graymite as he was still writing the report based on the information that he had gathered all throughout the week. He could feel the energies in the home begin to stir; change somewhat. He cleared his throat, looking back and forth up those stairs. Benaires had finished bathing Asher and had finally put him to bed. The little tyke was a drunk, but Ben knew exactly what he was doing by treating him like a child. It was a part of his therapy and Asher would probably rack his own brain in trying to figure him out eventually.

"Alright Asher....get some rest tonight please. I have a lot of paperwork to do for you in the morning and you have to take your fingerprint tests back to the main office tomorrow afternoon. We are going to introduce you to a few people and get your training started so that you can focus a bit more. you are going to have a good breakfast and then we will see how you react in being sober for a few hours at time to hone in on your telepathy again. Good night kid."

Abraxis settled down when she heard Erixa's voice. Perhaps this thing with Night Terrors was going to begin to stop if Erixa was around. Abraxis slept like a rock at times, but with the Night Terrors, she could wake up and start causing harm to people without even knowing it. Her Consciousness would scream out at anything at times, hence the large scars where her arms were fused back together.

Asher's door would unlock and fling open, as ben was aglow of purple, black, and violet, almost completely illuminating the large bedroom. He then stopped, reaching out his right arm to flick on the light switch. He wanted to see Asher's reaction to the bogeyman legends!!! (XD)

"haah!!!! I KNEW that you couldnt' fall asleep THAT easily kid!!! Oh it's just my normal routine of haunting people for fun. Come on now, sit up and have your evening dose....here......I got it nice and cold for you!!! Abraxis sent me the entire story through her Night Terrors, so I've known about you for months kid. drink up...let's talk a bit, shall we?"

Ben then tossed a leather pouch, about equal to a Fifth in modern times of Ambrosia to Asher to consume. Ben wasn't enabling him; he knew about the drinking problems and still wanted to try to get Asher together before work. Ben pulled up a chair and sat next to Asher, staring into his face, almost trying to explore his emotions if one could.

"You're invigorating, yet very odd. It's as if someone's closed a very large window inside your mind, and you will not let anyone open it. Care to explain to me what that is LIKE kid? What's going on inside that has you so fucking afraid of even YOURSELF Asher? You can tell the furball. Oh......I forgot to tell you; I'm only in this human form for a little longer. If anything happens to me, please protect your SISTER for me. I've got a feeling that I won't be around to see you all through to the end on this case anyways. Well, that's what I think anyways. Go on....I'm all ears..."

"What the hell's it matter to you?" He snapped. "It's my mind. Thoughts belong to their owners. They're not meant to be seen by anyone else!"

He took another long pull at the flask.

"As for the other matter...what makes you think you won't make it very far? You're a fucking DAICHON. Oh, well. We've all got our weaknesses."

His face flushed as he realized how much he sounded like his sister. She must've rubbed off on him when he contacted her in the car. Boy, was he rusty.

Rusty for a reason.

Asher flinched suddenly, and set down the flask.

"You know what? I'll tell you," he said, resigned. "I was probably about, oh, eleven or so. This was after Mom and Da were murdered. Eerie and I had been living on the run, knowing that if authority found us, we'd be separated and placed into different orphanages. We were fine for the most part. Eerie continued her training - her teachers didn't know what had happened. I stayed in the shelter we'd found under a bridge. We'd come close to being discovered a few times, but one quick telepathic link, and they'd be heading in the opposite direction.

"A month into winter, Eerie didn't come home. I didn't think anything of it at first; it was typical for her to be late. If she was seen by authority, she'd be taken in, so she learned to take detours. Only when it fell dark did I realize something was wrong.

"I used my telepathic abilities to contact her, but all I got was a muffled, fuzzy answer. Just one word. RUN."

Asher shuddered, closing his eyes.

"She was all I had left of my family. Honestly, I didn't care too much for Da - he was an alcoholic. Worse than me. Mom, however...she knew how to help me handle my powers. But after the murder, I was left with Erixa, my best friend and sister. Whatever was going on with her, I couldn't let her face it. So, being the foolish, reckless kid I was, I chased after her.

"It was frighteningly hard to do so. I had a permanent link set up with her, but it had almost been muted. I'd find out later she'd been drugged. Anyway, after a few hours of searching, I found her in an alley. Two guys were pummeling her, asking for information on one of her teachers, Ragni, I think. She was practically unconscious, babbling out things I'd never heard her say about Ragni before. There was blood everywhere.

"I...I honestly don't know how to explain what happened next. I just kinda...lost it. I took over one of the guy's minds, forced him to take out his companion. After he'd snapped his neck, I...I tortured him. Mentally. By the time I realized what I'd been doing, he was...basically trapped inside himself. He couldn't move. He just sat there, slumped over and drooling, his eyes out of focus.

"I grabbed Erixa and left immediately. We found a new hiding spot. There would be news all over town about two known gang members that had been - to put it lightly - apprehended. No one ever knew that it was an eleven year old boy that put a grown man out of sorts. I still think about him to this day. He's still alive, but unable to function at all. And to think I caused that...I could do it again! So I drink! To mute my abilities. I don't...I'm scared...I'm scared that I'll hurt someone again."

Asher had dropped the flask by now. His body shook with silent sobs. "I'm so goddamned scared...."
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The walls had finally come down; the resistance that the mighty Benaires had felt from months ago was now starting to wither away with each time he had opened up to the young upstart. Ben giggled a bit, but pulled the young man over to him for a big embrace and hug.

"Come on Asher....don't cry too much. This Tapestry Cloak is still being paid for actually. Hey....I got your back rookie; it's okay. You have to do what you have to do to survive sometimes. You should not be guilty for trying to protect your sister kid. Trust me...of all of the things that I've done, regret does not even register anymore. You have to choose carefully and never look back once you step forward Asher my boy. I only want what's best for this entire team. You all have the potential for something even greater. Something that is bigger than all of us; know what is Asher? The People that you love; THEY are the most important ones that you have to protect, help, encourage....you know...all of that jazz. I just want you to trust me kid. you are not alone in any of this. I've got your back if you EVER need a friend, understand? I am here for ALL of you, even Rebecca....who is kinda sweet on me. Your mind is still an infant Asher; 25 years from now, every Telepath in this City will cringe at the very mention of your name....and they all ask who did you receive such training from. You always will answer.....The stupid-head furball."

Ben then took those caramel thumbs to wipe the tears from Asher's eyes, almost like a father so it seemed. He stared at Asher lovingly; as if he had children of his OWN, and he did, perhaps in another life. "Oh, you're going to start saying that after your first assignment. Uhm....I tend to be a bit of an Empathic forecaster when I'm not drinking that is. But ENOUGH of this philibuster...ON to the drinking!!!! Hey......I'll tell ya something kid.......

I can't read worth a SHIT!!!! heheh.....most male DAICHONS can't read even basic letters nor numbers. Everything that we need to know is pre-translated through the Geostratum or the Ancestral Pattern. I tried to go to school in Kindergarten and got laughed at. I cried like a baby. I eventually graduated, but only because the teachers and the students felt terrible for me. I'd struggle with even the Alphabet. I'm serious...I can't read anything on these walls.....I can't even read what's on this bottle of Ambrosia. The letters are pre-translated and then, re-layed back into my mind as words. Imagine how I feel if have to speak in my DAICHON Native language, for which I CAN'T. I heard my mother speak it ONCE. Such a beautiful translation for it. I'll tell ya something else: Rebecca has had a crush on me since I started TRAINING Graymite. He might look 17, but he is much older, though I cannot determine exactly what age he IS. His father is a drug lord named Anthine Jones III, and he is an arrogant ass-hat. I might look young, but I'm very wise, clumsy and sometimes the flirt. My mother was a beautiful woman...often drank a lot, but ran the Kingdom with such fairness and tenacity. My father was an ass-hat. He cheated on my mother and she died of a broken heart. I could never forgive him for that until I get a strange letter in the mail. They had re-united and renewed their vows!! DAICHONS don't really die; they can resurrect in 21 days. My other self is occupying that lifestyle until we all can re-merge again. It's rather complicated. I do this on orders from Lady AIR. She is a DAICHON that is SO old that there is actual ALGAE and MOSS growing naturally on her fur. She needs around the clock care sometimes, but she is very wise and quite the joker."

He then stopped for a minute, only to pat Asher on the shoulder, showing support and trust. Ben had a bad habit of loving total strangers. His mind was molded like that from his Mother and Father.

"You know Asher, when I first became a human, I did not know what to do with so much power inside of such a small body. As I continued to train and get to know many people from all walks of life, I became accustomed to this shell. Soon it became painful to change into my true form; and THAT is the fun of being just WHO I AM; the challenge to overcome!! Asher, you have so much potential inside of you, regardless of what you think personally. You have the ability to help or hinder people, as well as yourself you know kid. I want you to think BEYOND the Invisible. I want you to think this through and let me know in the morning if this is something that your mind can endure. I'm not sure WHO that girl in the blue is, but there has to be some kind of connection to this girl and the string of murders. Someone is pulling the strings, and WE are going to find out WHO is disturbing the people in this city. I refuse to allow all of these enigmatic carpet munchers to just steadily ignore what is right in front of them. Someone is going to face serious consequences for this outrage. The Councilman's daughter was seriously injured by a woman who was wearing all blue. If no one is talking, then Abraxis is going to start broadcasting in a language everyone will be able to understand!! Oh forgive this old furball...I tend to ramble a lot...hehehe..."

Asher leaned into the DAICHON's embrace. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been hugged, listening, feeling the vibrations in someone's chest run through his jaw as they spoke. He clung weakly to Ben, only half listening to his words.

"Th-thanks, B-Ben," he stuttered when he'd trailed off. "I g-guess we're not s-s-so different af-fter all..."

Asher pulled away, giving him the briefest of smiles before diving for the flask. He drained the rest of it quickly, eyes screwed tightly shut, as if all his wrongdoings and pain would drown from the Ambrosia. In a way, it did, but always managed to resurrect itself after the effects wore off. He hated to think of what would happen when he was officially and permanently (could he even keep it that long?) sober.

For Erixa. He told himself. Do it for Erixa. Put the old lifestyle behind; you're not getting an easier offer any time soon, especially after all the shit you've pulled.

Stupid logic.

"You just be sure to get plenty of rest tonight kid. You have a big day in the morning. I have already sent for your briefcase and your information, so just be ready. We are going out into the field to do some research, so keep your mind right and I will have some Ambrosia for you AFTER the job is done for tomorrow. I cannot have you going into Toxic Shock from trying to quit cold turkey you know. Remember kid, I'm counting on you to gather as much information as we can so we can find out who is behind all of this. And if you do not like the sight of blood, then you should really get ready to get used to it. The Higher-ups are already looking down at us quite strangely for all of this to be unsolved after eight months. I will see you in the morning alright kid?"

Ben chirped back at him, tossing him a smaller pouch of Ambrosia to sip on for the morning. Benaires knew how this went; his other form(s) drank a lot just like his mother, who was fully functioning while consuming large quantities of Red Wine. No one quite understood how that was even possible, but the logic still stood the test of time so it seemed.

He turned the knob for the door to open it some to slink on out while Asher would be able to get his thoughts together.

Upon returning back into the Den, Benaires would notice Rebecca sitting on the couch in just a long tee-shirt and nothing else on. She was to stare up at him, blushing a bit, only to look quite vulnerable at that moment. Ben hissed out suddenly, "I would be safe to say that you want me to sit next to you then Rebecca? You are relentless!!"

He then strolled over tot he where she was sitting, taking a comfortable position that was right next to her, but not too close. Graymite was in the living room still working on the reports and Asher's paperwork for the morning; it was his job as a Conduit for some reason.

"I wanted to ask you something Benaires...." Rebecca chirped out, trying to stare at the floor in embarrassment.

"Okay, let me pour us something to drink and you can ask away...." He replied, sitting two glasses onto the table that was in front of the both of them. He poured a hefty serving for himself, with just half a glass for Rebecca, knowing how pissy drunk she could get in front of him at times. They had known each other off and on for about four years in a row, with Rebecca always chasing him around secretly. He sat back, almost in complete wonder as to why she hardly had any clothes on in the first place.

"Look, uhm....oh, thanks.....What are your plans after this case is over benaires? I was thinking we could have lunch or something...You know. We hardly see each other, and you're always chasing your mother around in a sad attempt in finding her."

"A-hem.......well, 'becca, it is rather difficult for a person of my stature to simply drop what he is doing for the sake of having interpersonal relationships and things of that nature. I am supposed to be helping to get all of you trained so that you all can stay on point and be more vigilant over what it is that you do pertaining TO this job itself. You have spent the last four plus years chasing me around; you just will not take no for an answer, will ye? Look it is past my sleep time and we ALL have a big day in the morning. I'm going to finish my drink and this couch gets my claim for territory tonight. You should go to bed and get some rest you know."

Ben chugged his drink down, then kicked off his slippers, only to crawl to the arm of the large couch to lie down. Rebecca smirked, slamming down her drink and placing the empty glasses back onto the table. She then crawled on top of Benaires and laid her head on his chest. Ben sighed in utter disgust; she kept hitting on him like this time and time again and he did not approve!!!

"Rebecca, I am going to SLEEP. Do you not have a bed of your own in this large mini-mansion?" Ben dared to ask her, as he began to blush, staring away from her.

"But I want to sleep here with you; you're very warm and comfortable. Now is that a problem master Benaires?"

Ben then thought about it, and hissed back to her, "This is wrong on SO many levels!!! I'd better dim the lights down and get a blanket or something. And for that matter why do you not have on more clothing for a change? Oh never mind that...I am not about to waste brain cells to question YOUR taste of skimpy attire for bed time."
Rebecca then looked up at him, smirking in a sadistic manner, "I CALL myself dressing sexy for YOU moron. Do you not find me attractive at ALL you big dummy? Geezz.....you men are so complicated at times. Here I am literally tossing myself AT you and you can't even say anything nice to me?"

ben giggled, then kissed her on the forehead, as the blanket made its way from the top shelf of the closet nearby, floating over to them and covering the both of them evenly.

"I will think about your offer and take it into greater consideration then 'becca. For now, let's just get some sleep okay?"

"You smell fantastic...what IS that?" She asked again. Ben did not want to be cynical about his answer; he wanted to be more open to her questions to keep her feeling at ease when she was around him at times.

"Jasmine and Hyacinth....I have to keep telling you that answer every time you forget becca. Now shush and go to sleep; I'm very tired."

"I love you...." She said, closing her eyes.......Ben knew that this girl was a hopeless romantic, but he did not want to make her upset or spurn her feelings either. He nodded and responded to her softly, "I know becca...I know...you really ARE hopeless hehehe..."

Asher shivered in the dark, clutching the Ambrosia close to his chest. The smell of it was so reassuring to him...it kept him normal, safe...but he was a slave to it.

Sitting bolt upright, he hurled it across the room. He heard it hit the ground, but it didn't break. He knew he'd need it in the morning, but right now, all he wanted to do was get away from it. Silent, angry sobs wracking his body, he curled into the fetal position beneath his blankets.

Erixa woke to darkness surrounding her. Unlike her brother, she was completely fine with it; umbrakinesis taught one there was no reason to be scared of the dark. Except maybe getting stuck in the Void Dimension. Ragni had forced her to trap herself in it for five minutes, but Erixa ended up gone for five DAYS. All in all, it nearly caused her to squash the ability entirely, had it not been for her other trainer Lucarion.

She sat up, clawing at an itch on her arm. Careful not to wake Abraxis, she swung her feet over the side of the bed and stood up. She blindly felt her way around the room until her hand hit a doorknob. She twisted it, pulling the door open. The dim reflection of a mirror greeted her. She quickly relieved herself before hurrying out of the bathroom. That was the one place she didn't like the dark in. She didn't know the reason why; she just had always had the fear. Sadly, she was so eager to get back to the safety of Abraxis and the bed, she tripped over her own feet, colliding with the ground with a loud thud.

Abraxis would then stir herself to awake. Her abilities were far beyond the grasp of anyone in the Asylum. She sprung up, holding her left index finger into the direction of Erixa, allowing for the very fingernail to illuminate something beautiful.

"We are ALL born from Darkness dear. you could have just nudged me and I could've lit the way for you. My powers extend beyond the grasp of anyone who was at the Asylum you know. I think that this case is going to bring all of us even closer than ever. Oh, do not worry about me; I am actually still asleep, awaiting for your warmth. I can explain all of that later. Sleep Paralysis is actually very entombing....Come back to bed; we have a much to do come Sunrise dear." After a fresh shower and breakfast, I am going to explain to everyone who that girl in the blue dress is and why it is of such importance that we find her to ask some questions and just why she is helping whoever it is that is causing these vicious murders. If you want speak further on the subject, I can enter your dreams and explain a bit about it. I know that you and Lord Asher's abilities are considered quite the threat, but I do not believe that at all. I have such faith in all of us you know? I think we can stop these crimes and be heavily rewarded for our efforts and the success that it shall bring. Then, once this is done, I say just YOU and I go far away on a nice vacation; You can leave Asher in the care of Master Benaires, seeing as to how he sees him as a son of sorts. Now...off to sleep!!"

Erixa, blushing, climbed to her feet and pulled herself back into the bed.

"Sorry...I didn't mean..." she muttered, curling back up next to Abraxis. "Sleep paralysis, eh? Never experienced that. Lots of lucid dreaming, but that's it."

She yanked the blankets over them. "And yes," she yawned, "a vacation would be quite nice..."

Graymite had turned off most of the lights in the mini-mansion, save for the kitchen lights and the porch light. He himself had an old Lantern that still used fluid; it was sitting on a nice desk as he continued to fill out the paperwork that had to be turned in once he went back to the Main Office. He then put his Quill down; for he wrote using the old method of Quill and Ink. He liked a bit of nostalgia himself. He had wondered what his evil and sadistic father had been up to these days since the two hardly spoke to one another.

Removing his Gray Cloak, he then slipped on a small leather satchel, as he was to rise to his feet, now exiting the living room. He could detect odd energies coming from the Den area. Upon entering the Den, he would see a marvelous thing; It was his master, Benaires and his sister Rebecca, snuggled up on the couch, fast asleep.

"I wish those two would just get it together ehehe...all they ever do is argue and pick at each other every single time Master Benaires comes into town to visit. At least she doesn't have to worry about HER father being a Psychpant, really. Mom might be re-married, but MY dad is such a headache that do not even know how to speak with him anymore. Why can't I have a nice girlfriend someday? Oh that is because you have been training since you were 8 years old to be Lady Abraxis' Conduit you idiot!!! Oh well, I'd better finish those reports and get some sleep myself." He thought out loud. Just then the front doorbell rang out loudly. it was not like he did not know that it was only after 9pm, but still, who would come to the house this late at night? He was Not expecting any company and Abraxis' Therapist would at least call before she came by.

Thinking nothing of it, he lazily treaded over to the front door to unlock it and open up. He would see a rather tall being smirk and then pass him a very large envelope, and then speak out, "I'm looking for Benaires Alex Silver DAICHON. This package is for him to go over and review for the Committee meeting for next month. Could you sign for him please Graymite Sire?"

"Sure. You KNOW of me? That's rather odd. What name do you go by if I might be sold bold as to ask?"

"I'm Paul Lockheed II; I'm just delivering tonight for extra gold and credit for the training. I'm part-Ogre so, don't mind the height sir. well, I have to finish these deliveries by 1 am. Be sure that he gets that Lord Graymite; have a good night sir."

"I will make sure that he gets this. Everyone's asleep save for ME doing the daily reports." He then smiled as the half-ogre was to jog off and cross the street. He closed and locked the front door, turning around. Benaires would be right in his face, holding Rebecca in his arms.

"Whoa......Master!!! What is going on?"

Ben would wink at him first, then reply in a very quiet tone, "She wants to sleep in her room kid. I'm going to take her up and put her to bed. I do not think that she should be trying to snuggle up with me all of the time and each time that I come around, but she really misses me. I've got to start reciprocating her feelings or we are NEVER going to GET anywhere. You be sure to fill those reports out and get your pay off the Office table in the Den. Put that envelope on the same desk. I'll look it over in the morning after I'm done training Asher. Night."

Asher didn't sleep well at all. His muddled mind was slowly clearing out, and faint whispers of thoughts had begun to leak into his mind. He chewed on his lip, pounding the pillow with his fists.

For Erixa. He told himself.

For Mum.

For Father.

For everyone who needs my help.

For my world.

For Erixa...

Memories flooded back to him. Six year old him and Erixa, running through the woods, leaves stuck in his twin's long auburn hair. Nine year old Erixa flouncing out of her training, wielding a crossbow bigger than her body. Ten year old him and Erixa, standing at the top of the stairwell as their mother's screams bounced off the walls. Eleven year old him, destroying a man's mind. Fourteen year old Erixa coming home with blue hair instead of copper-red.

"Ash, it's time we stop running."

"But it's too dangerous! Eerie, after what happened..."

"I just got a job as a Gatherer. We're settling down. At least, I am. Do what you want. I'm gonna work for once."

Rebecca stirred herself to wake up, only to find Ben snuggled behind her rump lovingly. She did not know how to react; this was what she had ALWAYS wanted ever since they started arguing four years ago.

"Master.......it's YOU....oh my goodness......Uhm...I don't know what to say.....Sorry if I am just a bit over-bearing to you....."

Ben then took his index finger and placed it upon her lips....

"Shhh......Asher is going through something right now. I need to go and comfort him a bit so that he can be ready for work in the morning. I shall return to you...I promise. The papers came back about the new Community Center as well. I will look them over in the morning while we are on the field. Asher has to report to The Chief....you know.....the short old man with the bandaged-up and mangled wings.....Just sit tight and I will be back in a little bit. Pour yourself some Ambrosia to relax alright Becca?"


She could NOT believe what she was hearing!!!

"Uhm...yeah...SURE Master......uhm....we have much to talk about........alright?"

ben smiled, nodding to her. He was to slip on his house coat, leaving out of the room to head for Asher's room. Ben already knew what was going on in this young man's head.

"Do you GET it now Ash my boy? I'm NOT going anywhere until you can get a grip of those powers that you have."

he then sat down next to Asher, now tossing back some Ambrosia to himself. The liquid rinsed right down his throat!! He sighed and began to speak, "Hey....calm down.....I'm going to be HERE for you Asher, you have my fucking word!!! I know that you and your sister's past are one of many trials, but you have to come to grips with what is in FRONT of you. I am HERE for you kid!!!! I'm not leaving you behind.......After this is over, we will take a BIG and FUN vacation to do whatever that YOU and your sister want to do!!! Consider me as your GUARDIAN. I cannot protect your feelings, for they are your own. BUT, in return, you can talk to me about ANYTHING that you want. I will listen Kid.....you have my word. You may BE grown....but my age blossoms over ALL of you. Asher, isn't it time that you FACED your OWN demons and CONQUERED ALL of them? I am here to help. My Psycho-kinesis is only RIVALED by my MOTHER, Lady Quela, and she DRINKS more than YOU do!!! Her powers are feared and yet respected. Just trust me kid, please? Look, tell you what.....Rebecca is on the main floor having a drink. We are trying to reconcile almost 5 years of arguing from her attitudes towards MY Arch Enemy. I have to look past that. This girl is hopelessly in love with me and all that I did was just treat her nice....her Step-father used to beat the shit out of her everyday for now bringing him Ale...onto just walking around their own house wrong....said she was making too much noise. Her mother died of a broken heart and stress. After I met her Step-father 3 years ago, I kindly walked up to this arrogant maggot, shook his hand, and I whispered into his ear, and I QUOTE, "If you come hear my dear becca again, they won't be able to even identify you by DENTAL RECORDS." He looked at me and tried to act tough, but then, knowing my powers...I pushed a palm fist of pure air to his chest and made 90 percent of his Oxygen exit from his lungs. His wife told me right before she died to take care of Rebecca...and we have been fussing and fighting ever since. She tells me to stop treating her like she's my little sister and to start treating her a like a woman. I told her, "When I see a REAL WOMAN around here.....I will let you know...." She then proceeded to slice her throat from ear to ear.......

My heart(s) fell............I rushed her to the hospital and waited for her to recover...I cried ALOT......I knew that she LIKED me, but in LOVE with me.......? She keeps telling me that I saved her soul from destruction by shaking her hand some four years ago. Now................with my Split forms......DUE soon.....I don't know how I am going to re-unite with her. I am GOING To have to GO soon and RE-UNITE with myself to become COMPLETE. I have tons of people to see and explain things to as well. That is going to take a few weeks, but I shall return TO you dear Asher. I just have to get MYSELF BACK TOGETHER....and that is LITERALLY!!! Look, I'm going to stay here until you fall asleep. I promise that I will try everything in my power to HELP you and your sister. She has a pretty ass by the way......heheheh...I'd better shut up before Abraxis hears me in her sleep. Did you know that Lady Abraxis is MY student of a lost Discipline and she has NEVER, EVER even MET me in person?

She trembled in her sleep as SOON as she detected of my Energy Signature in her room. I don't want that.....I want to help HER as well."

Ben then poured himself ANOTHER GLASS of Ambrosia. he wasn't even PHASED by this stuff anymore. He smiled at Asher lovingly, now scruffing up his hair playfully.

"COME ON ASHER!!! Loosen UP young man!!! I'm going to watch your back and help to get you out of your darkness!!!"

Asher sighed. "Yeah...I guess...and uh, don't let Eerie hear whatcha said about her. She broke a guy's nose the last time someone gave her a catcall." He chuckled unexpectedly. "Ya sound like ya got worse problems than me."

He began reaching for the Ambrosia, then stopped. But habit won out, and he guzzled a fourth of the bottle. Guilt washed through him afterward. Heck, though. This kind of stuff would be difficult to break. He couldn't go cold turkey right off the bat.

"Your sister would not try to hit me; I always find a way to make her laugh. She knows that I mean well, despite her anger issues. Believe it or not, before I was even assigned to this case, I had a very BAD feeling that Erixa was going to be involved as a Gatherer. She tends to like to want to be alone at most times with fear of the dark. I'm not the one to invade a person's thoughts, but what happened to her while she was in the bathroom with her father? I often wonder about that, don't you? It would be a shame if someone was KEEPING secrets from their boss you know; I mean Employer and Employee relations have to be built on TRUST you know. Ah, but what do I know? I'm just some old man trapped inside of a 16-year old adolescent teenager body, and who does not have the power to even keep himself together, so to speak. I keep telling you that they had to send in the BIG guns to handle this job with you all. Now listen to me; everything is going to be fine. I want you to first stop over-thinking. You drink a lot and that is okay.....I'm going to get you THROUGH this Asher....you just have to TRUST me is all. We have much to do in the morning. It is 11:00 and I WANT you to finish this drink and GO TO BED!!!! you will have a good bath, because I AM BATHING YOU AGAIN!!!"

Ben then pulled out another bottle of purple Ambrosia from his satchel, laughing at Asher; this did not affect him much since his tolerance for alcohol was through the roof to most people that met him.

He then opened this one up and guzzled down half in a few seconds. He then put the cork back on top and sat it on the floor of the room. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, now continuing to speak to Asher, "You are NOT about sit up in this room and drink yourself into a STUPOR...... I WILL wake you up.....you are to disrobe, and sit in that bath tub until I show up, which wont' be long. you WILL be cleansed thoroughly and your clothes will be waiting on this same bed that you are sitting on. You are to style your hair, get dressed and head to the Living room for your job briefing and to fill out a few documents. Your Briefcase WILL be here in the morning, so be prepared to do some light reading. We are also going to work on your powers while out in the field. you are going to learn to focus on ONE person and their thoughts, and not people around them. Delving into TOO many minds can drain your powers and give you HORRIBLE headaches. Now please, PLEASE try to get some rest. We have much to do and people are running scared already."
Asher stared at Ben for a moment before walking meekly to the bathroom. He took off his clothes, settling into the bathtub like a small child. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to do this job. Not after what he'd done to himself. But Ben seemed determined to fix him, so maybe there was hope for him yet.....

Ben came into the bathroom with a fresh Sponge and some cold Ambrosia as usual!!!

"Alright, just hold still Asher and I will be done before you know it. You know, when you fill out all of that paperwork in the morning, please be sure to introduce yourself to the Chief. He WILL be the person paying you out once you finish your training alright? Wow....you've got some very nice hair you know. You should manage it a bit better. Alright.............."

Meanwhile, Rebecca sat up at the night stand, sipping on Ambrosia. She couldn't believe what she had felt just recently!! Even though she did not have any kind of special abilities, she was still a team player at times. She stared at her mirror, only to let forth a sigh of sorts. Was this too good to be true?

"Paul Lockheed II eh? Wow, I didn't even know that we actually needed a House Keeper. Well, I'd better get ready for bed. I'm sure that Benaires can find his way into bed. Ouch...that really sounds strange indeed. Girl, this is what you've always wanted, so don't go chickening out now."


The Girl In the Blue Dress

She stood over another bloodied body, head now titled to the side, as if she was in total wonder about this particular death.

"I do not wish for anyone to make a consideration of this Corpse when the Authorities arrive. I should really find something to eat and drink until I get my next assignment. I do not have the kind of patience for these types of issues at hand. Let us flee from here to plan our next move Roxie, come along." Said the girl in the Blue Dress. Roxie was busily joking around with two other rather large men a bit to the left of the murder scene.

"Yes....sure......this is getting boring anyways. So what are we to do about Gray and Abraxis M'lady? They could become a problem." Roxie said, lighting up a cigarette

""You are concerned over nothing. Abraxis has no real power. Should she choose to try to stops us, then I will personally put an end to her miserable little life."

Asher sat patiently as Ben started on him, sipping at the ambrosia as he stared blankly at the wall. His mind picked out what seemed like the most important instructions: introductions, Chief, paperwork...hair? He had to admit, he'd let it grow a little too long. And when was the last time he'd brushed it? Probably ages - he seemed to remember punching Erixa when she tried to yank a comb through it one time...God, was he in a state.

After the bath, Ben then was to pass Asher a beach towel to cover himself. Ben wasn't blushing; he still believed in the old rules from his mother and father.

"There ya go kid. Now dry off and get some REST Asher. We have a lot to do in the morning for your training. Let me go and check on everyone else and then I'm turning in myself...alright? Nite..."

Ben smiled at Asher, winking at him in the same fashion. He believed that everyone on the team was going to need one another sooner or later. He then strolled out of Asher's room, only head into Abraxis room once again. Closing the door behind him, Ben was to stroll happily over to where Abraxis and Erixa were sleeping. Ben would slip his arm under Erixa's neck and under her mid-thighs, now picking her up gently. His skills were amazing to the point where he would not stir her from her sleep; not just yet. This guy was certainly the winner when it came to feelings for everyone!!!

Ben would then carry Erixa from Abraxis' room without hesitation. Abraxis could sense everything that was going on in her sleep, but she did not say anything; she would not dare question the teacher of many of her own abilities. She still rested, being totally exhausted from using her abilities earlier. There was a nice Guest room (Wouldn't you guess in my RP's LOL) right down the hall, which had a nice bed, couch and a few chairs, along with plenty of drinks. Ben was a bad influence on people when it came to drinking sometimes!!

he was to carefully lay Erixa onto the nice couch, now covering her almost naked body with a thick and warm blanket of sorts. He then picked up two wine glasses, now pouring some Red Wine into one and purple Ambrosia into the other. Sitting them down onto a nice table that was always in front of the couch, Ben then took a sip of his Ambrosia, smiling at Erixa; he knew that he could wake her up at any time; he was a master of mind manipulation and communication. He then sat his glass of liquor down for some reason; he knew that Erixa had ONE weak spot on her lower belly that she was ultra-sensitive to; she was VERY, VERY ticklish. Ben was a flirt at times, but he was quite a sweet guy!!

"Hey knucklehead...wake up and have a drink with me!! We need to talk about a few things while people are not just settling in for the night okay? Come on Erixa, wake up dear!! Come on Erixa, you have to wake up right now; I don't have much time left on my Re-Merging scale. Please, you have to wake UP!!"

Graymite then came into the room, being the vigilant one that he was, only to smile some. "Master, you took her out of Lady Abraxis' room? She is going to KILL you for this you know."

"No she isn't. Erixa knows that I can flirt with her religiously and she will never ever yell, scream or be upset with me. We have a SPECIAL relationship that does the push-pull thing; I try to pull her closer every year and she just pushes me away, ONLY to pull herself closer TO me. I knew her parents a long time ago kid; I'm older than I let on. Once she wakes up, she is going to grab that wine glass, slam the contents in it down her throat, and then shake her head. I love her a lot; so I would not do anything TO her nor WITH her unless she wanted to HERSELF. Now pull up a chair and have some wine."

"uhm...yes Master....of course.......So.............." he began, as he poured himself a HEFTY glass of Red Wine, "What do you intend on TEACHING Asher and Lady Abraxis on such short notice sir?"

he asked, now taking a nice gulp of the cold Wine.

"Well, I was thinking more on the levels of Simple Reset. It's the act of resetting a person's memories so that they CAN remember even MORE. That would solve the problems of being stuck trying TO remember something, and it would give us a better idea of who this girl in the Blue Dress is working for or with. Abraxis seems to know who she is, but WE do NOT, so I am hoping that she will further elaborate on this person and what her plans are overall. Drink a bit more kid, you work very hard to keep Abraxis together."

"Master, these few years have not been easy. She will freeze up in mid-conversation; she will sit in that shower all day and waste large amounts of water. She cries for absolutely reason beyond my understanding; she whines a lot, wants to cuddle a lot almost every SINGLE day and a plethora of other things as well. When she is on her period, I have to bathe her thoroughly and clean up her accidents all of the time. She hates eating, but loves to drink at times. I don't know what else I am supposed to DO about her."

"Kid, you just have to take CARE of her; everything will fall in place and she will learn new things all over again on her own. Do you understand?" Ben replied, now taking a sip of his drink. Erixa would awaken by now, probably having heard the entire conversation thus far. She was to wonder about why she was moved though. Would she be angry? By far...she just wanted to do her job.

Sure enough, Erixa had heard the conversation. She sat up, slightly dazed, hardly caring that the blanket had dropped away from her body. Her eyes drank in her new surroundings, including the red wine waiting for her.

"You know me a little too well, you know that?" she grumbled, reaching for it. She gulped it down, shaking her head, just as Ben had predicted. "Too well," she repeated. She flashed a brief grin towards Greymite, leaning back into the couch cushions, her legs crossed. Her gaze finally slid over to Ben.

"Alright, Ben, I'm up. What'cha need?" Erixa asked. She leaned over, reaching for the wine bottle. The red liquid tipped into her glass, but a moment later, she'd pressed the entire bottle to her lips. Sure, she hated her brother's habits, but she didn't mind a treat every now and then.

"The girl in the blue dress is up to something. I didn't want to upset Abraxis either way. She needs the rest. I don't want anyone going in half-cocked tomorrow should we confront her. I do not know how powerful she really is unless I test her. Lady Abraxis is going to have to fight her sooner or later. This report that I recently got from the main office entails about their staying at the asylum together for almost 9 years. What else is she NOT telling us hmm? I don't like the looks of this at all." Ben said, now staring Erixa up and down like she was his next meal or something.

"And you my dear have grown in many ways that I cannot fathom. Sometimes I wish I was not so spread out so that I could see just where the limits of your joy can take you Erixa."

"Master, I trust Lady Abraxis with all of my being. This is very difficult in dealing with certain things for her and the rest of us, seriously. I do not think that she is hiding the truth on purpose, but she herself is trying to make heads or tails out of all of this slowly. You would be mentally stained too if you spent most of your years in an Asylum sir."

"Hmm, you do have a point kid. Still in all, we have to be ready for anything that comes our way. I want everyone on their best guard tomorrow. Now, Graymite, if you don't mind, I'd like to spend a little time with Erixa in private young kid. I have more information that she might need as our Gatherer. You should really get some sleep if you want to help out in the morning."

"Yes Master benaires....without haste. Good night you two, and please behave yourself Master..." Graymite asked, bowing in respect.

"Uh-huh...close the door behind you young kid okay?" Be retorted, now smirking sheepishly. After Graymite closed the door, ben was to yawn and then stretch out his arms, allowing for bones to crack in places he never thought would crack.

"Oh well, drink up dear. We have a lot to discuss. First off, I wanted to congratulate you on finally getting your rank as a Gatherer. I never really got the chance to tell you, but I am very proud of you for looking after your brother the way that you do. He is going to be fine once I'm done training you two. After all that IS what I came to do beside help you all solve this crazy case."

He then poured Erixa another glass of wine to consume, while he himself sipped on his Ambrosia.

"How are things back at the University these days? Are you still trying to finish up with your Empathy studies or not? I can remember Becca telling me that you were quite serious about finishing the classes, but with your brother's drinking, it was pretty much impossible to finish up. Tell me what is going on with you these days Erixa?"

Ben loved Erixa like she was his last friend in the entire world. They hardly visited one another, since Ben was always traveling abroad, trying to find his mother, for which was going to take a very strange turn of events very soon.

Erixa quirked an eyebrow, taking another sip of her wine. "Well...not much is happening. Besides Ash working himself into a state, and me dealing with Gathering. To answer your question, I had to drop my Empathy classes. And everything else besides work."

She reached up, running her fingers through her hair.

"You're something else, Ben, you know that?" she murmured. "Thanks...thanks for trying to help with my brother. We both need it."

Erixa's eyes dropped to her lap, a faint smile on her lips.

Ben was BOLD!!!

he was to reach his arms AROUND her hips, only to grasp at her and gently PLANT her right into his lap....

He KNEW that she was almost Stark-naked, but Ben was BOLD!! He loved his friend!!!

"Oh shush up and come here you.............heheheh....."

Oh SUCH the flirt was HE!!

"Look Erixa, I TOLD your parents that I would look out for you and Asher a very LONG time ago. I have out-lived even members of my HUMAN family and it hurts a lot. I do NOT want to lose YOU too, do you understand dear? I'm going to help everyone....and then.........."

Ben then sighed................

I'm going to CEASE to exist.......

Well THIS form anyways................

Ben then hugged Erixa from behind TIGHTLY!!! he didn't know his own strength, so Erixa would probably gasp for AIR.

"I just love you so much.....I know that we don't visit often....but I LOVE you VERY much...okay?"

Erixa choked faintly as Ben's strong arms wrapped around her, but she didn't make a move to break the hug. Instead, she leaned back against him, breathing in his scent.

"O-okay," she mumbled, trying to sound indifferent. In truth, she was honestly very pleased, but she wasn't one to show that.

Oh, Ben, she thought, you flirtatious rascal. Why must you make things so difficult for me?
Graymite was filling out some last-minute paperwork for the giant Ogre, as he was to stamp a seal on a document and the seal it into a rather large envelope.

"Okay Lockheed, everything is finalized!! Ill see you at 9 am on the dot. You have your orders from the Chief himself young man."

A voice over the phone would respond, "Very good Lord Graymite. Ill be dressed and ready to work sir!! Thanks again. I have applied for this job 3 times and noone ever calls me back. Alright then...bye for now."

^_^ "Finally, a Housekeeper!!!"


ben smiled at his friend, now sipping on more of the alcohol.

"Abraxis will be fine. You, on the other hand owe me some sleep time!! You should finish your drink and get some rest. I do not snore, understand? I have made other arrangements for her and Graymite. It is YOU that I want to rest with tonight. And no hogging the covers!!"

Ben the unfolded the large couch into a Double King sized bed. Yawning heavily, he slid his sleek body right under a set of genuine bear skin blankets, all while dimming the lights. He patted the side opposite of him, now pointing at Erixa!!

"Abraxis will be fiiinneee!! I promise not to try anything funny alright? Reading your brother's thoughts is very draining, so hop on in. We have much to do tommorrow."

Ben did not sleep much, but he was very tired indeed. He mumbled to Erixa as he was to finally drift off to sleep, "I drink this much to hide the pain of not being able to see you more. This was coincidence and I am not letting you go....."

He was such a sweet guy!!! Erixa may act as if she was tough and cold-hearted, but she just could not help being a fool for her Childhood neighbor. The memories were scattered bewtixt them, but they were there somewhere deep in the recesses of their minds.

Graymite was now in Abraxis' room, staring at the ceiling while she snuggled her head into his chest.

"Why did the master set this up for me?"

Erixa slid in beside Ben, lying on her side, facing him. She studied him with a hint of amusement before snuggling up against him. Abraxis was fine company, but having known Ben longer, it was so much easier to take such a thing in stride. She slipped her arms around Ben's waist and buried her face in the crook of his neck.

"I'm not letting go, either," she mumbled. A second later, she laughed to herself. Oh, Ben. She really did love him, truly. She was just so scared to get too attached. Losing him would be too much to bear. But she couldn't help it. Not one bit.

"Don't leave too soon," she pleaded before falling asleep. "Stay a while."
Morning would beam the light into Abraxis' room with glee. She was happy to have her childhood crush on her side, but she had to remain professional. Headbutting Graymite directly, he was t growl at her in playfulness; he knew how to make her smile sometimes, though her strength was pretty much mind-boggling.

He was to slide away from her and bolt into the bathroom to prep her shower and her towels and the like.

There was a GIANT man in the kitchen; one who was about ten feet and four inches tall; tall, lanky but he looked completely human, save for the canines that stuck out over his bottom lips, for which he could not get fixed; they were natural and he did not care one bit. He wore a very large apron to cover his business suit, as well as rubber gloves, and a hair net. He was very careful about preparing the food for the occupants. he was making fresh Cranberry Crepes, fresh beef bacon, Orange Juice and a lightly-baked Toast with a hint of Mint crème in them.

Ben could feel the energies rising towards his body. They were calling him for his "Reunion," but he kept dismissing the energies, as he wanted to try to work this out a bit longer until either his body gave out, or he'd get SICK from being separated TOO long from his other counter-parts. He was to stare upon this female who was almost naked in the bed with him; glaring at her with a glee of sorts; he as going to miss this, as his memory would probably fade or be even more jumbled up. He only sighed to himself; was this actually going to be the END of this form very soon? Should he tell Erixa about it? He then hugged Erixa even more snug; just to calm himself. He couldn't tell her about his REAL life; were all of those so-called memories just false ones?

"Erixa....welcome to the first day of the rest of your days of training......."

Ben then fell BACK asleep...again!!! Was he THAT tired, or was it because of his longing for his childhood friend from such a long time ago?

Graymite was already at the Dining Room table, busily writing out reports and filling out massive amounts of paperwork for the workday. "Master is still asleep and it's already 45 minutes after eight of the morning. I would be safe to say that he and miss Erixa were pretty wasted from last night then. I'd better get all of this together on my own then. It IS my job as a Conduit."

Abraxis came down the stairs already dressed, fresh and full of energy; Graymite had finally taken to bed with her and that in itself was something invigorating for her.

"Thank you for sleeping with me last night Gray; I know that Erixa and the Master have tons of things to straighten out. I'm not sure that miss Rebecca is going to approve of that though." Abraxis said out loud in her telepathic attempt. Rebecca had started down the stairs as well, feeling refreshed and whole it seemed though. She stretched as she looked to yet see Benaires and Erixa at the table. She laughed to herself in such comedy.

"He really IS the flirt you know. I thought he and Erixa would NEVER get things sorted out. They do not even SPEAK on our assignments. She is the one always getting upset about him and stays away from him, ONLY to let him SUCKER her back in." She said, grabbing her Ambrosia to drink on. Abraxis was to speak up then, "I do not think that it is proper to talk about someone and they are not here at the this table to defend themselves. YOU have spent the last four years STALKING him, no wonder why he would want to spend time with his Childhood friend; the two BARELY see one another and here YOU are with the Green eyes of a monster. you really ARE pathetic Rebecca. Such talk about the Master is nothing more than betrayal..."

"But he........he's always........oh what did I just say right now?" She replied, now lowering her head in embarrassment.

"The Master will always love that young lady miss Rebecca......please....have a good breakfast and get ready for your briefing Madam." Said a cheery voice who entered into the Dining room with great-smelling food.

"Allow for me to introduce myself....my name is Mister Lockheed and I will be your NEW House Keeper. Please summon me as you shall need. Today for breakfast, I have whipped up some energy-giving Cranberry Crepes, still piping hot, so be careful. There is Orange Juice, Vitamins for lady Abraaxis and Master Benaires, freshly prepared Mint Crème, Strawberries for Master benaires, and sliced Oranges for more energy. The Beef bacon was steamed and then lightly fried in Grape Seed Oil for a hint of a light crunch. There are also freshly poached Eggs, sunny-side up with a hint of Fresh Mint Sauce for contrast. Please enjoy yourselves....I shall go and make up your rooms and then return for fresh Coffee, and or Ambrosia for Asher...."

Rebecca pursed her lips to speaks again, "That is one tall teenager. The food looks fantastic. Let's not waste all of his efforts."

She took a bite of the Crepe and almost fainted!

Abraxis nibbled a bit, chewing slowly; "The flavor is well-balanced. Very impressive Mr. Lockheed."

"I cannot get over the Mint Sauce; it has to be custom-made. It is delicate yet fresh and cool on the palate." said Rebecca. Graymite then poured himself a glass of Orange Juice while reading over his paperwork.

"A Conduit has to be prepared at all times...be sure to sign in everyone alright? Abraxis, I will go to fetch your briefcase, along with Erixa's. Asher will be tagging along with benaires, so he should not need his until we get to the Office to meet The Chief."

"Very good Gray. We just have await the Master's arrival."

Ben then opened his eyes just that fast. His hearing was unreal, as he knew that he had to get going. But why get up? He wanted to stay with Erixa forever; work would only separate them in utter silence!!! He probably was not going to get another chance like this ever. But pissing off a telepath was not a very good idea either.

"Are you happy now?" Asked Abraxis, who was talking to ben in his mind.

"Cant I be late? I really dont get time to......" he started.

"You can take her out to dinner or make her some popcorn with drinks later master. I know how you feel sir, but the job supercedes your longings. She will be upset that she cannot do her job if you are always trying to nurse & spoil her. Erixa operates on another level sire."

Ben twitched his toes a bit, as electrical impulses raced up to his fingertips.

"You all are no fun!!" he protested, now sitting up against the large pillows.

"No, you flirt entirely too much with us and that is bad for business Master. Get dressed and come to the table to eat. Gray is already doing YOUR paperwork. The Housekeeper is also here today, so be sure to greet him."

"Good point again Abraxis; I did not train you to be a good-for--nothing!!" ^_^

"You've hardly trained me at all...heheheh!!"


Ben slinked away from a still-sleeping Erixa to take a hot shower. After about 15 minutes, he was to dry himself off, brush his canines, have a shot of Ambrosia, then get dressed quickly.

He could detect Asher now heading downstairs for breakfast as well.

He then sat back on the bed to await Erixa running his fingers through her blue hair.

"I wonder if she would ever want children..."

Things were taking a turn for the better, and with the unity of strength in numbers, Abraxis hoped to do her best.

Asher tramped down the hall in a festering mood. He'd woken up in a place he didn't quite recognize, wasn't greeted by his sister like usual, and he'd finished the Ambrosia Ben had given him earlier. As always, he tapped the empty bottle against his thigh as he walked.

"Wazz fur breakfast?" he demanded, storming into the kitchen. He took the first empty chair, straddling it, and reached for the bacon. He avoided the oranges, and the glances that he wracked up to stares. His eyes flared as his telepathic abilities began to surface. "Any Ambrosia?" he muttered to no one in particular. He could deal with thoughts for a while, but when everything else made an appearance, there would be hell to pay.

When no one answered immediately (or maybe they did and he just acted as it never happened), he groaned and laid his head on the table. Why, oh, why did Eerie have to agree to come here? Back home he would've been stocked full of alcohol. And those sweet rolls Erixa loved. He'd sit around all day while his sister went off to work -

"Goddammit!" he shrieked. "I've got work!"

Erixa woke only moments after Ben left. She sat up, sleep clouding her eyes. "Good God, did I literally just sleep with...?" She let out an unprofessional giggle before swinging herself out of bed. Then there was the matter of clothes - yesterday's outfit was somewhere on Abraxis' floor. And there was no way she'd be walking downstairs half dressed.

Gnawing on her lip, she grabbed one of the bearskin blankets, wrapping it around herself like a makeshift dress. She'd grab something else to wear before she left the house.

Leaving the room, she was nearly knocked over by her brother, who was running back upstairs, muttering to himself like a madman. Moments later, a door slammed.

"O-okay," Erixa said slowly. She'd deal with him later; typically he needed a chance to deal with things himself.

She trotted downstairs as if nothing happened and silently took her seat at the table.

"Greetings Madam Erixa; my name is Lockheed and I am the new House Keeper. Your new outfit is in the Den, freshly ironed and ready to go. Master Benaires is in the backyard with everyone else, discussing plans for the next investigation."

Abraxis was still at the kitchen table, blushing at Erixa; she had something to tell her and she did not want to hold it in anymore.

"I actually SLEPT with Lord Graymite last night. I was SO excited that I think I wet myself a little. I hear that you and Master benaires finally found time to spend together Lady Erixa. That's wonderful!! Uhm question.....why are you wearing a Bearskin blanket? Why are you not dressed either? You should really shower. I am going to fully explain who the girl in the Blue Dress is, but I'd rather you and your brother both were outside with Benaires. And please, whatever that you do...do NOT give him the silent treatment during work. He really, really loves you...and I know he is a flirt, but that is just why we adore him so much, even IF he only comes by every few YEARS to see how we are fairing you know."

Lockheed was to bow, now smiling some, "Asher left back into his room; I had a good glass of Ambrosia for him to consume whilst he had his breakfast. His clothes were already pre-ordered and should be hanging UP on his closet tier, first set of hangers. I am sure that everyone will have a productive day today. I shall have an afternoon snack and Wine ready for everyone by the time you all return at about 2 pm, since The Chief will be accompanying you all for this assignment. Well, I am off to the Cellar to find some good Wine for this afternoon and to plan dinner ladies, please excuse me...."

Abraxis only nodded in respect; that was ONE TALL OGRE!!!

"The Chief gave him a job this morning and I must say that from the Cranberry Crepes, he is definitely a keeper. You should eat and freshen up; there is a full bathroom in the Den you know since Lockheed went out of his dear way to make sure that you had clothes to wear. Skylar Invectium will be accompanying you today; she is from Sector 16 and is a very intelligent Form Factor Telepath; in other words, she was specially trained to follow only YOUR orders. Its for her meeting with the Lost Invectium Avus, who seems to send a CHILL down the spines of the Supervisors at the Corporate Office. I'm going to go and get myself something to drink from the Wine Rack in the kitchen; I pretty much function pretty cool with even a buzz, and the Supers don't seem to mind. I'll see ya in a bit, okay? And tell Asher to hurry up; he has paperwork to sign!!!"
Erixa shook her head, trying to take in all the words. The usual morning grumpiness took over.

"I just woke up, at least let me get some breakfast," she snapped. "And good God, why am I the one to have to babysit my brother? 'Bout damn time he learned how to fend for himself!" She grabbed the first thing on the table (a slice of orange) and stormed out of the room. Regret flooded her moments afterward, but she was not about to come back in there and apologize.

Idiot, she thought. You got yourself all sapped up over Ben. Pull yourself together! You've got a case to solve, a brother to look after...oh, I can't wait for this to be over. I need this to go back to normal.

She stopped short. Since when was anything in her life normal? For her, normal was watching her fool of a brother waste away on the couch while she tried to solve shit people had pulled. She just wasn't sure if she could handle something new.

Tossing the blanket to the side, she collected her new clothes and sprinted upstairs to take a shower. She stood underneath the hot spray, watching little water droplets race each other down the tile as she let the shampoo sit in her hair.

A knock sounded at the bathroom door. With a sigh, Erixa cut off the water.

"What is it?"

Asher poked his head into the room.

"You busy?"

Erixa rolled her eyes. "Whaddaya think?" Thank goodness for the foggy glass.

"Uhm...yes...yeah, yes, busy," he stammered.

"What do you want?"

"I just...had some questions about work?" Asher squeaked. "It's been a while, and, uh...I don't know what I'm doing."

Erixa groaned. "This is what you get for being a drunk! Listen, all you do is get dressed, take orders, and sign paperwork! It's not that hard! Figure it out! I'm not your mom!"

There was a shuddering breath, and the door closed. Erixa passed a hand over her face, once again regretting her words. She was Asher's mom, in a way. She had to take that place after the murder.

All she wanted was for Asher to play the part of her missing father. Instead, all she received was some addict who she hardly recognized as the boy from her childhood.

Skylar Invectium sat quietly on the couch in the Den, awaiting her new orders. She had arrived at about 7 am, and was just sitting, waiting patiently for her new set of orders from someone. Benaires and Graymite finally entered into the Den, with Graymite huffing and puffing. He then was to remove his cloak, pulling it completely off from his body. He was sweating like a pig seemingly. What were they out in the backyard doing anyways?

"G-Geeez.....Master.....I have..........Never seen a fighting style such as that before. Who in the world trained you to perform with that much power and speed?" Lockheed came jogging into the room, watching his head as usual. He then was to hand Graymite a dry towel.

"Uhm, I can't remember kid. I just know how to hold my own is all. This is Skylar Invectium, who is from Sector 16. Skylar, this is Lord Graymite Anthine Jones IV, and the taller gentleman is the new House Keeper, Mr. Lockheed II."

Skylar stood up immediately, bowing to Benaires first in respect. "I-I-------------------I'm not worthy of such a fantastic person to be showing me around Master Benaires. It is a pleasure to meet you!!"

Ben giggled, now turning around towards the hallway, "Have Graymite fill out your paperwork and sign it. I will be RIGHT back Skylar...heheheheh." He then bolted up the stairs, now stopping at the top riser. He was to take a deep breath; being bold sometimes meant using the element of surprise, and he was about to embark onto something a bit risky in the process. Jogging down the hall, and immediately breezing past Asher, Ben then stopped a bit, looking back,

"Asher, get downstairs to the Den and have Graymite hand you your Briefcase and your Job statement. I will be along in a few minutes for the briefing."

He then continued on until he arrived in Erixa's room. He did not bother looking around, he was only interested in doing something more risqué`:

"The Briefing is going to start in 15 minutes partner. I'm coming into the bathroom so.........get ready." He said, now opening the door. He could sense the steam from the hot water acting like a veil so that he could not see her naked body completely; only a silouhette of her nice figure could be viewed from his eyes. Now if he WANTED to, he could even get closer, but he had to keep cool and not run the chance of her throwing something at him.

"Hey, just listen to me for a second Erixa. I'm going to help your brother get his life together. Did you know that he used the be the number FOUR top-ranked Telepath in this city? Nowadays he just drinks too much. The shock from hearing people's everyday thoughts non-stop can really take a toll on a person. I always tend to make situations easier for most people as a comfort zone so to speak. Complicating things just makes me upset at times. Have you ever considered having Children someday? You would probably make a great wife someday!!! I mean, we hardly see each other and we basically grew up together oh so long ago.

I can remember when your mother first let me hold you in my arms when you were born. Back then, I was still learning how to morph.....I mean I was still learning how to control my Psycho Telekinetic Prowess. My father and mother loved one another like crazy, so they let me go out into the human world to explore it. You know, get to know people and try to sell wares and the like. You were a beautiful little girl; just innocent, not tainted and without a single care in the world. I cast myself off as a kid, not really aging that much after all of these years.

Someday, I'm going to show you what I REALLY am, and I hope not to scare you either. Now just is NOT the time to do so. I hope I don't have to leave again and if I DO, I WILL come back for you; I PROMISE....Hmm....It's just me being the foolish sentimental snub. Anyways, you should get dressed and come on down for the briefing. I am NOT about to lose you again!!"

He then left out of the bathroom and headed back into the hallways to see someone else: Vantrix Tepes Gothra III.

"Vantrix old friend!!! You're joining up as well huh?" Ben asked, smiling as he was to greet his cousin.

"Yes, yes, seems that the people over at Corporate are NOT just guys and girls in suits. They actually believe that you whip these young adults into shape and make them well-oiled machines. So the girl Telepath and her sibling brother are working with you hmm? This is going to be QUITE interesting!!!"

Erixa was still mulling over Ben's words when he left. A slow smile stretched across her face.

"Oh, Ben," she chuckled, walking through the steam to grab a towel, all the while watching her silhouette in the foggy mirror. "Ben, Ben, Ben."

She hadn't really thought about her future. No one had really shown interest in her, probably because of Asher. Or was it because of her job as a Gatherer? Her powers were strange, and just right for the job, which made it a little unsettling to be around her.

But now, here someone was, asking about what she wanted in life.

She laughed. What she wanted? God, when was the last time she was asked that? Maybe around six or seven, but even then, what she was taught in her original training told her exactly what to want. And how to get it. But this. Damn, she hadn't the faintest clue. Kids? Erixa may be cold around adults, but she adored kids. But could she handle raising her own?

Not like I already am with Asher. She though, shooting an irate glance towards the bathroom door.

But maybe. Just maybe, after this entire mess was cleaned up - maybe she could make a decision for herself for the first time.

Asher bounded down the stairs, hair freshly combed, dressed in the nicest clothes he'd ever worn.

"Greymite?" he called anxiously into the halls. He winced as a few tendrils of thought managed to worm their way into his head. "Grey-mite!"

He stumbled into the room where most everyone else was meeting. Wringing his hands, he squeaked, "Briefcase?" before nodding to the rest of them and plopping down into a chair.

Graymite snapped his head towards Asher suddenly, noticing that he was actually dressed for training!! He immediately stood up and cleared his throat before he could say anything.

"Y-you-y-y-y-..You look GREAT Asher!!! Very good!!!" he exclaimed.

"Don't build up his ego YET Gray; wait until he gets out there on the field before you start bombarding him with compliments. As soon as Erixa gets down here, we can start the briefing." Ben replied, only taking another yawn. Was this job taking much more out of him than expected? Ben was not the kind of person to sleep a lot, but after expending so much energy over the past years, one would be able to maw over the fact that he indeed really WAS tired. He did not like putting his personal problems out there for other people to take advantage of. Rebecca stared at Asher, now giggling, but smiling. This was very, VERY different for him. "Whoa Asher.......you look cute. I'm impressed Ash; you ACTUALLY look like you want to get your life together and that is great. GOOD for you!!!"

The tall teenage Ogre then returned into the Den, now pouring Asher a FRESH cup of Ambrosia to consume; Ben already KNEW that Asher was not going to just KICK this habit COLD Turkey; he'd have to slowly pull him away from it or risk having Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome, and that wasn't pretty. He then came over to Asher, looking him over, then placed the cup of Ambrosia RIGHT in front of him.

ben then said to him, smiling, "Go on Asher....it's alright......I'm here to keep an eye on you and to help you out. You have my WORD that I will help you get things together. I can't have you going into withdrawal either. So you found the suit I bought for you to wear today huh? Not bad kid...not bad at all...."

Abraxis was blushing from head to toe: she had never MET her master in real life!! She pursed a smile that was faint, but she just did not know exactly what to say or know what to actually do. She only had Graymite as her Conduit, and it was his job to show her how to do everything. her mind was a bit twisted with flashbacks of being locked up in that deplorable Insane Asylum for all of that time. She had grown accustomed to people mistreating her, save for Graymite.

"So, Abraxis, how are you taking to this job overall?" Benaires asked, now taking a seat RIGHT next to her. She blushed even more, staring down at her lap. She then decided to write something down on her device for him to read. broadcasting her thoughts did not seem like a good idea since she wasn't very sure of her power levels for something of that feat.

"It is a very dear pleasure to finally meet you in person Master Benaires. Thank you so much for the years of training me. This is the first time I have ever seen your face in person. You were always talking to me over the phone so this is a bit awkward for even me. You were always saying comforting things when I was in the Asylum. It really helped me through the tough days of the Therapy."

Ben nodded and smiled some. His flirting simply did not have an end!! He was reach over to Abraxis, now sliding her chair out with one hand. He then placed his hands on both of her hips, gently lifting her up with such ease!! He then sat her in his lap!! Ben, you CAD!!!

"There we are....just so that you don't feel neglected Abraxis, alright?" Abraxis' face was almost beet red with embarrassment; the way that he flirted with the ladies who were on this team was quite enough to want to beat him down. She couldn't not laugh, so she only snickered lovingly. Rebecca shook her head; to think that she was in love with this womanizer!!!

"You have ALOT of love to spread around, DON'T you Benaires? I simply can't believe that you are so.....so......direct and unashamed." Rebecca chirped out in protest.

"Oh, what are we now, jealous becca? You cannot speak of yourself...the other night you were basically trying to THROW yourself at me, or did you suddenly develop amnesia dear?" Ben retorted, smirking at her. Rebecca slammed her fist onto the table, now a bit enraged!!

"Hey, my feelings were just crushed when you darted off with Erika!! You are SUCH a Horseshoe Crab ben!! I hope you get hit by a parked car!!!!" She yelled back to him, now standing up fully. Graymite giggled, now turning to Asher, sliding him a few things to sign off on. "Oh do not mind those two Asher; they argue like this all of the time and then they end up making up few minutes later. It happens like this quite often and it's very entertaining to say the least. Here, I need you to read over those forms and then sign off on all 6 of them for me please. You can do this while we wait for your sister to get ready."

Ben then sat Abraxis back into her seat, now getting up and walking over to Rebecca. She raised her hand to try to strike him, but Ben would catch her swing without much effort.

"if anything happened to me, you'd fall into a depression and die of a broken heart. You KNOW that already Becca." Rebecca weakened and then began to blush, now turning her head away from ben.

"You KNOW that Im a total idiot around you....why do you have to make me so jealous then?" She asked, now sitting back into her chair.

"I'm a loving person Becca; you of all people should know that. I used to babysit you when you were 9, remember? Your folks were always out of town. You have to understand that I'm not trying to hurt your feelings; YOU fell for ME...not the other way around, remember?" ben replied, now holding her hands into his. She simply could MELT every time he touched her!!

"Alright, alright...I forgive you ya dummy....you don't have to give me a history lesson okay? Sorry...I'm just hopeless arent' I?"

Ben laughed out loud, then would peck becca on the left cheek with a slight smooch to cheer her mood.

"You have been like this since you started College. Graymite sends me letters all of the time of your sulking in your room, your whining and crying about me and why I don't come visit you, your going on a hunger strike until I came to see you, your passing out at work from no nutrition and worrying about me....I have basically read it all about your actions. I promise to come and visit you while you're working on a case from now on. I don't want you to drop dead fussing over some dumb guy."

"You are NOT a DUMB guy.......you're everything to me you dolt!!!" She giggled back at him.

"Now, Asher, do you SEE what I have to deal with every time that we all get together to solve one of these ridiculous cases? I have to coddle almost everyone except for good ol' Graymite here!!!" Ben said, now sitting back down to have a few Strawberries. Skylar was noticing all of this happening and still wondered if she would do a good job at taking orders from a Gatherer though.

"M-Mister Benaires? Uhm, what.......Kind of a person is Mistress Erixa? I don't know anything about her except that she is an up and coming Gatherer that really dislikes Authority telling her how to do her job. What will I be doing actually? The Agency did not really tell me much about this assignment at all. I don't even know what I'm doing here actually."

Ben continued munching on the Strawberries and then took a big gulp of his Ambrosia, as Lockheed came over to him to refill his large glass, "We are investigating a string of murders young lady. Someone is pulling the strings and we do not know who this girl in the Blue Dress is as of yet. It started out as a few odd coincidences, but now, the Agency is launching a full-scale investigation into this matter. There were 5 people killed in the last two weeks and that is a very HIGH number of homicides, even in Ashville. I'm sure the Richer people are running around scared."
Asher gave Ben a weak smile in reply before settling in to do his paperwork. He was tired, and wanted something to drink, but he forced himself to focus on the current task, all the while stealing little glances around the room. Skylar seemed nice enough. Everyone else he knew, but he was a little wary around Abraxis. He'd never dealt with anyone like her before.

Heavy footsteps on the stairs announced Erixa's arrival. Her hair was still dripping wet, soaking the shoulders of her clothes. Giving a curt nod to Skylar, she sat down beside her brother. She seemed cool and collected on the outside, but inside, she was, well, jealous. She'd heard the conversation between Ben and the girls at the top of the stairs.

She gave an internal shrug. What was she thinking, though? She knew Ben was a big-ass flirt. She shouldn't be surprised. But there was something there that made her want all of his attention.

"Lookin' good, Ash," she mumbled, nudging her twin in the side. He went scarlet, his handwriting becoming increasingly sloppy.

"Okay, so," Erixa said, shifting her attention to the rest of the group. She barely even gave a glance towards Ben. "What's the deal here?"

Asher continued scribbling on the paperwork, but perked up to hear the conversation.

"Her name isn't many, but it IS Amada. She is a very, VERY powerful Psychic and Telepath that used to keep me company inside of the Asylum. I don't have much clarity on this entire matter; one day she just snapped....The nurses and orderlies KEPT her drugged off her ass after that. She only promised that when she ever got out of that place, that she would bring fire and Brimstone upon reality. When I was dismissed from the Asylum, Amanda only told me that she was going to get everyone who treated her badly. I was not the one to do something of the sort. She cried a lot....aching for her mother, but she would NOT come to visit; she called Amanda crazed.

After I got the Job here, I tried to CALL her one day, but she had changed, telling me to stay out of her way or there would be consequences. Now we are paying for that...her RAGE is just SO confusing that I don't even know if I can TALK to her anymore. We were very good friends....something happened to her all of a sudden. She sounded so distant on the phone device. I'm scared everyone.....her powers have breeched her headaches. She WAS taking Gabupentin as a pain blocker....it was the STRONGEST prescription for its version that they were giving her in the Asylum. She was not depressed; she was always cheerful, loving and just overall happy. Her confusion was that she had KILLED her entire family....she still doesn't think that she had did anything wrong. Her father was molesting her little sister, and she just hid it for over ten years. She had turned...9.

it was a birthday party and for her coming home from the Asylum; the FIRST time...she had done very well with Therapy....we both did. She shredded her father into molecules......

her mother got CRUSHED by the entire HOUSE. She started crying, then it turned into laughter........cackles if you will.

When she went back....she shut DOWN on me..........All that she did was cry......I tried to comfort her, but she was determined to get revenge on everyone....I KNOW it sounds very crazy to the lot of you, but I do not know what she is going to do next."

"Guess I'm going to get maggots from HEADSORES!! DAMN!!!" Said ben, who only sighed. He couldn't do his job, knowing how he felt about Erixa. This was his CHILD HOOD friend form LONG ago. Ben was 45, 692 years old, and he really LOVED this girl. How was he going to help them solve this case and still have time to spend with her? Was he ready to reveal his past? Was he ready to tell her all of his truths and his history?

Asher was still filling out the applications and making things legit for the crew. Vantrix had come into the den and clasped that right hand into Graymite's.

"The Infamous CONDUIT Lord Graymite; it is a pleasure to see your progress...Corporate speaks very HIGHLY of you. I'm sure that we can work together. They brought me onto the team for support, should this crazy bitch get out of control." said Vantrix, who winked at Erixa. He had known of her and Asher from a long time ago. Ben then looked at Vantrix, now going over to Erixa, placing his arms around her waist.

"Vantrix.....Erixa is my FRIEND and my love. I'll DIE for her...so please respect her!! If you do NOT, then WE will fight...understand old friend?"

Vantrix giggled some, then bowed to Erixa, "If you are HIS to declare, then I SHALL not flirt with thee. Lord Benaires' word is solid as concrete, and he does NOT like intruders on his friends madam... one-thousand pardons lady."
Erixa relented, leaning back against Ben with a sigh and an imperceptible smirk.

Damn you, Ben, you really are something else. She thought ruefully.

"But I think we should focus on what's at hand. We'll have plenty of time for - ahem - cuddles later," Erixa added out loud. She ignored the cross between a squeak and a chuckle that came from her brother. "So...what are you saying we do with this Amanda girl? Because I honestly think very few of us in this room could handle her, from what you're saying."

Asher shook his head. "She's got a point. Powerful Psychic and Telepath? I mean, it looks like only Ben here could do some real damage. Or Abraxis. What role can the rest of us play? Preferably ones that won't have us end up like this girl's parents, I should hope."

Erixa blinked rapidly. It had been a long time since her brother had talked like that - intelligent, but snarky. Maybe what Ben was doing really was helping.

Just another reason to love him even more.

Snap out of it, fool! We have a job to do! Love life comes later.

Never once did she hate having a job until now.

"Okay.....uhm, now that we know of her, the problem is that she will PROBABLY be expecting of us to come after her. Abraxis, any thoughts?" ben asked. Abraxis wandered over to Vantrix first, now sniffing at him oddly. Vantrix tilted his head to the side, now shrugging his shoulders in total befuddlement.

"You.........You........don't SMELL like a Blood Farmer......you're something else as well. Strange........Your scent just smells ODDLY familiar!!! Have we MET somewhere before Vantrix?"


"Lady Abraxis, it's not polite to sniff at people like you're some kind of a dog you know. I'm sure Vantrix is a popular employee at Headquarters... Can we get on with business then?" asked Graymite, who then looked over to Erixa in total awe.

Ben then shook his head, now taking Abraxis by her left hand and shoving her into the kitchen nearby.

"What the HELL has gotten INTO you Lady Abraxis? SNIFFING at employees? have you not rested enough dear? Come here and sit down. I'll pour you some Ambrosia to calm your nerves, alright?" Ben said cheerfully. Abraxis was blushing from head to toe, letting off a hint of a smile though. She had heard great things about benaires and his adventures, but she had never met him in person before, so all of this was still processing in her mind so to speak.

"He smells like Anti-matter..." She said abruptly, then she took the glass that Ben had poured her, holding it into her hand.

"You can SMELL Anti-matter Abraxis? What else did they DO to you in that Asylum dear? Look, I know he smells funny, but he gets that from everyone. Vantrix is our Support guy and he will do the job at the cost of his life. Just calm down and do NOT sniff at him anymore, understand? I'm going to go back in there to explain. YOU finish your drink and WE are heading out to the next crime scene.....you got 20 minutes!!!"

Erixa had snapped into work mode. She yanked her slightly damp hair into a ponytail, eyes smoldering. She knew better than to question Abraxis, or at least, not out loud. That girl had a hard, strange past that she wasn't about to dissect, not yet.

"Alright, what's the deal around here?" she said harshly as Ben walked back into the room. "Info. Now. I wanna 'get down to business', like Gray said here."

Asher was hardly listening. He'd heard what Abraxis said about Vantrix. His abilities were coming back in bursts now, most of which he was fighting down. Telepathy, on the other hand, was harder. He peered curiously at Vantrix, but kept his mouth shut and mind guarded. If something was up, and if it bothered Abraxis at all, there was good reason to stay wary. He could be wrong, and so could the girl, but it never hurt to be cautious.

"Okay, there is a scene over on the next block and Market. Four people, who were magic users, were violently and brutally beaten to DEATH. Shards of white fur were found on the scene indicating some kind of creature. There were claw marks everywhere, as if something had just went berserk on the people. ONE woman said that the creature was about 12 feet tall and was drooling some kind of a clear, yet yellowish substance that smelled of death. There is a crew already there sterilizing the scene. I want everyone to spread out and look for clues; talk to various people and gather up any kind of information that you can so we can figure out what the hell happened to those poor people over there. Asher, I know that you already picked up on our conversation in the kitchen, and that is not very important for now."

"I have been told over and over again that I have a very odd scent that can only be detected by those of Telekinetic or psycho-kinetic prowess......I'm used to it. I'm going on ahead to unpack my equipment from the van. I'll meet you all over there in a few minutes to record everything. We need as much evidence as we can get, and I'm here to help ya out..." Replied Vantrix, who winked at Asher and Erixa as well. he then bolted out of the front door, and disappeared into the large White van that was parked in front of the mini-mansion.

"Master, I will go with Abraxis; you and miss Erixa should team up; Asher can go with Rebecca. THAT is the ideal formula and I think that we can benefit being with someone that is more seasoned in the skills that we all have." said Graymite, who was now putting his Gray Robe back onto his body.

Asher went dark red and nodded quietly, busying himself with stacking his now finished (but rather sloppy) paperwork. Shooting a sheepish glance at both Abraxis and Ben, he slowly rose to his feet.

"I'll...see you in the car," he mumbled, leaving the room.

Erixa hardly noticed her brother; she was busy mulling over the description of the case.

"Hang on," she said quietly, sprinting back upstairs and to the room. In the pocket of her leather jacket, she found a black box. She ran her finger along the edge until it hit a catch. There was a loud click, and the box sprang open, unfolding itself into a crossbow. A clear case sat just below the left split limb, revealing long silver bolts. It had been a long time since she'd used the weapon, but as her fingers closed around it, her training kicked back in.

She just hoped she wouldn't have to use it.

Erixa hit the switch at the bottom of the stock, causing the crossbow to fold up again. She pocketed it, and ran back downstairs.

"We ready?" she called.

"Yes....I would like for everyone to be very aware of their surroundings please. I am not sure if Amanda could be in the area close by. She could be monitoring us and waiting to make a very clever move against any of us to be honest. I only wish that I could get through to her some how. Well, it cannot be helped." Abraxis said to everyone that was just leaving out. Ben nodded as everyone was to exit from the house and climb on into the Van of Vantrix. When they climbed in, they would notice a slew of fancy monitors, scanners, dual-trace Oscilloscopes and the like. There were built in microphones on the ceiling, four monitors and various switchboards and whatnot. Graymite was a simple person, so he had never seen this kind of technology before. Ben already knew what all of this stuff was; he was well over 40, 000+ years old, so he had seen a lot in his time.

As ben would be the last person to get into the cab part of the rather large Van, he sat next to Erixa, now patting her on her left thigh in support. Abraxis placed her head on Graymite's shoulder, still indicating that she was still a bit tired from using her powers.

ben then turned to Erixa, as Vantrix started the Van, now carefully merging with traffic, "You be careful now alright partner? We gotta stick together on this; I've got a feeling that something isn't right, but I just cannot place a finger on it as of yet. Oh I don't know........I just feel..you know, kind of creeped-out about this entire thing you know..."

"Ah, you're just getting the first-job jitter Benny boy!!!' yelled back Vantirx as he was to stop at a traffic light.

"Once we nab this confused young girl, I am sure that Abraxis will know just what to do about this."

Abraxis was now fast asleep on her Conduit's shoulder. She still felt pretty exhausted, but she simply HAD to be with Graymite, or she'd go crazy.

Erixa chuckled. "Careful? I'm always careful." she replied sarcastically, tilting her head. "But if you really need a hand to hold, mine's open. Until I need to do some work." She grinned, winking at Ben. But deep down, she was just as nervous. Her hand darted into her back pocket, feeling the weight of the box.

"We'll be fine," she muttered. "It'll be alright."

She hoped.

Suddenly, Vantrix screamed out in utter horror: Something was on TOP of the VAN!!! Everyone in side would feel the forces of the Van moving erratically, which forced them to be THROWN to the Van floor, as Vantrix began shifting back and forth into traffic, trying to keep the vehicle from crashing.

"HANG on everybody!! We----we----we got trouble or something!!! SHIIITTT" Yelled out Vantrix.

Abraxis woke up instantly, now making her eyes flash of a bright yellow. She could not write anything out though: She forgot her writing utensil!!! Graymite was trying to get to his feet, but he could not, since Vantrix was busily trying to keep the Van steady. Ben then yelled out to Erixa and Asher, "You two get outside of the Van and find out what the fuck is going ON out there!!!! Hurry: I'll guard Lady Abraxis and Graymite!!! MOVE, MOVE!!!!!"

Vantrix was heading right for a pole, but he thought out loud, "We gotta make a sudden stop people!!! BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!" He then pressed his left foot on the brakes as hard as he could muster. The Van was to slide to a COMPLETE stop though. A low growl could be heard from inside of the Van, but no kind of movement!!! (ben was growling in protest, but he knew that he could NOT change into his DAICHON Form!!) Vantrix dared NOT to get out of the Van:he did not have much power to fight against whatever this thing was. Graymite finally was able to get to his feet. He wanted to investigate this entire matter, but he wanted to help Ben guard over Lady Abraxis, who was crucial to this particular case indeed. Ben looked at his Partner, now pointing to the rear doors of the Van, signaling for Erixa and Asher to get out from there and to go investigate the situation immediately. Ben wanted to go with them; he couldn't let anything happen to Erixa or Asher, but he HAD to secure Abraxis first. Abraxis then found a pen and some paper on the rear shelf to write with. She quickly scribbled down something and then snagged on ben's shirt to grab his attention.

"GO WITH THEM!!! I will be fine. Graymite is with me. Don't LET Vantrix open his door yet!!"

Ben then nodded to Abraxis, pointing at Erixa. He did not want to make any loud noises and piss off whatever this thing was that was still on TOP of the Van!!! He was to unlock the rear exit doors of the Van, only to see people running and scattering about. Two Police Cars had already pulled up and the Officers were in total awe at what they were seeing!!!

Erixa was the first to move, yanking off her seatbelt and ripping out the box. As it unfolded, she swung herself over the seat and out of the van. All of her original training had resurfaced. She had one job: take out what was attacking them before tending to herself. If she died...heck, as Ragni often said, "Death won't stop us. Don't you dare stop fighting, girl! UNDERSTAND? NEVER!"

She hit the ground, landing neatly on the road beside the car. Loading a bolt into Precursor, she stepped farther out into view. Her jaw was set as she raised the crossbow. She couldn't see the full thing on top of the van due to the glare, but she could see its silhouette. She aimed. Locked. Fired.

There was a howling scream from above. Erixa didn't stop to celebrate. She loaded another bolt and lifted Precursor again as the thing turned to face her. For a split second, her jaw went slack. A scream caught in her throat.

Her next thought was to fire. It sailed harmlessly over the monster's shoulder. It gave a grunt, as if it was laughing at her.

"Are you the thing that killed those magic users?" Erixa bellowed, horrified to hear her voice shaking.

It didn't answer.

Of course not, Erixa thought. Only one way to find out.

"Well, if you are - why not go for one more?!"

She dropped Precursor, raising her arms. Shadows crept out from under the van, swirling around her. Darkforce matter pulsated in her open palms.

"COME AT ME!" She roared.

"ERIXA, NO!" Asher screamed from inside the van.

Too late. The thing had jumped.
Ben was to bolt out in front of Erixa to guard of course; he wasn't exactly sure of what was going on though. he then caught a whiff of that scent; it reeked of death!!

"So, they just KEEP trying to create more of you then? Why do they keep trying to follow me?" Ben thought out loud, as he was to brace his left leg to move outwards with a palm fist. The actual motion of this defensive strategy would cause the air around everyone to ebb outwards in all directions, and with such force that a few people who were standing in the distance had to brace themselves from the sheer force of the winds!!

An intended strike towards the creature's chest area would make a clear and concise point of contact, as the intended blow would send it flying back about 45 feet!! It then slammed into a building close by, now falling to the ground in pain. Vantrix finally got out of the driver side door of the van to see what had just happened.

"Holy FUUUCK MAN!!!! I knew he could hit hard but this is crazy!!! Geez Benaires, what else are you hiding from us? Oh man.....what a display of power!! I could never do something like that!!! I'm just Tech Support." Vantrix thought out loud. The Police Officers then began walking over to Van as well, still armed with their puny guns though.

"Is everyone alright over here?" Asked one Officer, who was now putting his weapon away. Vantrix walked over to the back of the van to let Graymite and Abraxis out. Another Officer looked at Benaires and nodded, "You're the new guy? It's about time they sent some help for Lord Graymite and Lady Abraxis as well."

Ben responded, as he was to look in the back of the van for something, "Yeah, I just started a few days ago. Name is Benaires Officer. You should already know Erixa and Asher, who is somewhere in this van. Asher, get OUT here please and introduce yourself young man!!"

"I'm not going to be the one to ask questions all of the time you all, but just what the HELL IS that thing?" asked Vantrix, who opened the hood of the van to check for the smoke right now. He was pretty technical when it came to fixing things; he wasn't much of a fighter, but always had the techie-stuff to back the team up to a tee. Ben sighed, now walking over to the fallen creature, who was still breathing though. he took Erixa by her left hand to have her follow him in assistance as well. Abraxis, Graymite and Asher were helping Vantrix to examine the van's engine to see if they could get it repaired.

"It's A Broken Brood; a creature that was modeled off me a very long time ago. Who in the hell is trying to kill me THIS time? It makes no fucking sense. Hmmm.....Guess I better had explain all of this to you then."

Biohazard had already arrived and were busily taking pictures and the like. A bearded, tall guy then walked over to Benaires and Erixa, along with four other taller men. He nodded to Ben and Erixa, as the other four were bringing IV needles and the like. The tall, bearded man then shook his head and spoke out, "Seems you get trouble to follow you everywhere that you go Mr. Benaires sir. We will handle the press releases and the creature for examination. The Tranquilizer will keep it out cold for days at a time until we can gather enough information to find out just WHO in the hell is behind all of this thus far, but I'm not going to count out that you already know just WHO it is that still wants your head on a platter sir."
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