[Pre-Episode Two] Heavy Cargo


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The door leading out to the commons area of the Downrider almost doubled back on Deimos as it was hit with a metallic clang. OSC-01, the physical one, was making it's way towards the cargo bay as the door had sprung open. The unmistakable smell of scorched capacitors sold it as the white and black husk of a robot continued past, constructive as ever. "Perhaps if someone learned to lock a door around here, we wouldn't be having this problem."

"Oi, what's got your wires in a knot?" Deimos raised an eyebrow at the distraught machine with his arms across his chest. Over the course of the few days it took to get to Bivona, it was obvious Deimos refused to drop his qualms over having the Oakland unit about the ship with the rest of the crew - and the door almost slamming against him didn't seem to help that fact.

It took him a second to notice her destination, prompting him to immediately latch onto her heels. "-and where do you think YOU'RE going?" He wasn't going to try to stop it, knowing he lacked the strength, but he could at least keep an eye on it in the event of it getting any funny ideas in that tin pyramid.

The damaged Overseer continued their painfully slow gait towards the Cargo bay, not quite impressed by the expression. They raised their "chin", looking back at the wrapped up foxboy tailing her, being quite... honest. "Well during your beauty sleep, the captain left, half the crew didn't remember her announcement, an unidentified robot broke out of the cargo bay and hopped in some... intruders personal ship for a joyride. Now half the crew is missing, the other half is undesirable, and-"

Another quiet clang from the Cargo bay, like someone knocking a can over.

The mercenary had grit his teeth and was readying a retort when his focus snapped towards the door of the cargo bay. "The hell was that?"

He stepped forward to open the cargo bay hatch with one switch, then turn on the lights with another. He took a step in with his arms tucked back beneath his cloak and scanned the room. He considered asking "Hello" to whatever would be in here, but the odds of who or whatever it was responding were slim to none. If anything, it may just prompt him to be targeted by whatever is inside.

He looked over his shoulder at the robot. As much as he hated it, he knew what they both had to do. "Think we should do a sweep of the room?"

The robot's eyes remained as flat as ever as they wandered into the bay behind the scurrying fox. "Thank you for inviting me."

The two walked into the room, the Overseer stopping short a few feet to swivel their head around. Being a courier and cargo ship at its heart, the cargo bay was the largest part of the ship- responsible for taking up rougly half of its actual interior space. An unfortunate downside to this design choice was that the rest of the actual living space being downsized to that of a generous recreational vehicle. After a moment, OSC-01 shuddered. Not a moment after, high-intensity beam of light sprout out of their right eye, the spotlight sliding across the walls and boxes of the room.

He didn't have any tricks up his sleeve, but he kept his ears perked, like a set of radar dishes atop his head. Every once in awhile he would stop, raise a finger, and let his ears swivel to pinpoint wherever the sound he had caught in that moment came from. He wouldn't admit it, but it occasionally came from the sound of his or OSC-01's feet clapping against the metal below.

"Don't know who would want to get on here... think it might be a rat or something?" He glanced over his shoulder at the robot.

Within the cargo bay, there was movement... But it had drastically settled down after the first few, incidents. Especially now that there were investigators within the cargo bay. Atop one of the higher boxes, a girl was laying down atop it, hoping they wouldn't come up and check up there. The can she had kicked down was unfortunately, in the neighboring stack originally.

The intense beam of light continued its dance across the rafters, bathing the dusty grey beams in a glorious white circle of light. After about a minute through, the beam of light flickered out, fortunately not blinding Deimos as the Overseer's head leveled. "I haven't been on many ships in my life, but cargo-carriers are always valuable."

The Overseer casually leaned forward, eventually the legs accelerating to catch up with the rest of the weight. They looked around, at the incredibly battered box in the corner, as well as the stack of canisters and like supplies. The boxes of Pixy units were accounted for, as well as the few barrels of black tar they had dug up from Loinia. Some amount of visible tension was released however, as the long black box she had stowed away in the corner was still present and accounted for.

Rhea desperately tried to control her breathing, that would probably be the easiest way she would be caught right now. Stupid! Why did she think invading somone else's ship was a good idea? It isn't like they'd take her along if she was caught- and what if she was caught mid way after they lifted off? carefully, she lifted her head up and peeked around to see just where everything was- namely the two moving entities in the cargo bay she had yet to lay eyes on.

She couldn't JUST sit there the whole time- she had to move. After ensuring they were both in the corner, she began relocating- taking the most silent steps she could- as she hopped off the box and ran along the wall untill she was close enough to grab onto the rafters, and swing herself up into one of the darker crannies. Maybe if she was quiet for long enough, she could grab something and get out of her? Please don't see me please don't see me!

The fox boy paused for a second, hearing just the faintest tap, but passed it off as the ship settling atop the snow-covered port - and yet he could not shake the feeling that the two were not alone. He took a deep breath, just to focus on the sound of the area around him.

His ear twitched, he heard shuffling, but he couldn't pinpoint where it came from, or what it was. Every small sound had a hint of an echo throughout the room. "I can't seem to pinpoint anything-" He paused and took a look just behind the shoulder of the robot, seeing a singular can separate from the rest of the items neatly stacked in a wooden palette.

It was upright, like it had been hastily placed on a nearby crate instead of back in its place between two other ration cans. Deimos stepped over and hoisted the blank tin between his fingers. "Hey, I think I found what was knocked over." He looked over his shoulder, then back at the can. He tossed it from hand to hand as though weighing its contents before dropping it on the floor with a loud thud.

"That sound familiar?"

The head of the Overseer swiveled back to look at the can, pausing for a moment. OSC-01 brought up an audio file from recent memory, and began playing it back. The sound was almost the same, albeit much clearer.

The rest of their body turned to match the head, moving away from the exposed black box and towards the center of the room. After a moment, they weighed themselves against on of the stacked containers of Pixy units, looking up at the other stack. It was time for a new, less battery-intensive strategy. "If they're a thief, they'll turn up eventually."

The Overseer folded their bundled wings across eachother, looking at the fox. Notably, their voice raised. "Mmm. What drew you to joining this crew anyways? The money?"

OSC-01's left eye blinked off and on. Was that a wink.

"E-eh?" Deimos was taken aback by the question, but stopped reeling to lift the can up once more, stepping over to set it between its counterparts. "I- well... I joined because there was money involved." He shifted his weight and raised a hand to the back of his head, scratching just behind his ear.

"That, and Captain Dahlia is an old companion of mine. she and I used to go on expeditions in the past with the Grumman Adventurer's Corporation before I went and joined a different party - and judging by the looks of it, she went her own way as well."

He raised his gaze to the robot. "Why do you ask?"

The girl in the rafters took a breathe, relieved. With them talking, it would be a lot easier to move around! But with them here... She wouldn't beable to take any important stuff, they'd be watching. She began shimmying along the rafters, quietly as possible. What muscles she had were absolutely burning. And now, of all things, she was feeling hungry. Right, food, water, and maybe a better jacket? Would they even have winter gear here?

Rather than ask important questions like that, she did her best to not make a sound. Carefully moving to a darker corner of the room, ready to snag a food can or... five. But of course, before she was even halfway there, she was losing her grip. And at the worst possible moment-

A strange, quiet growl could be heard throughout the cargo bay. Followed shortly after by a strained attempt to not make a single movement- but she felt like she only had maybe a few seconds before she would lose her grip and fall here.

OSC-01 simply shrugged, taking a moment to respond. "We'll, if I don't have much choice but to aid you all, I might as well get to know one of you." Perhaps, condemned was a more proper word? No-

The Overseer's head snapped to the left, slamming flat against the side of the metal box. The clang was loud and bounced off the walls of the room a few times, but she didn't seem to mind.

Deimos' gaze turned the same direction. He twitched his ear and clambered in the direction of the sound, eyes darting from one direction to another and ears perked at the top of his head. He didn't even bother to look straight above him, but he knew he was being watched. "Whoever it is... they should be around here..."

He took a moment to look at the robot. "You have any kind of... vital scanner or something? Maybe an infrared camera?"

Ah... That wasn't good. Not one bit. Not the part where the clang startled Rhea enough to lose her grip on the rafters, and not the part where there was someone RIGHT BELOW HEROHGOD-

The Overseer's hands unfurled from their wingtip-like casings, resting on her knees as an eye cut over to look at Deimos with a timely retort. "Why yes. I've got an almost complete reconstruction of your vitals now-"

She was interrupted in the middle of her wisecrack by a sudden falling movement and what could be best described as an instinctual- or pre-programmed reaction. First, came a loud crack. Then in a rather surprising burst of agility, the Overseer launched out of her squat and away from the box, arms outstretched. They intercepted the falling girl a few feet off the ground, bracing them up as the robot slid across the floor and circled back to their knees- target in carry.

Deimos didn't notice the girl falling until the last second, when he was bashed upside the head by a projectile OSC-01, knocking him square on his back while it skidded away with the individual in tow. He didn't even get a read on her features - but could get a clear count of how many stars were dancing through his vision.

"Hey, watch where you're... jumping ya... boltbucket..." He grumbled from the floor.

"aaaAEEEAGABLAf-" A series of strained, panicked noises erupted form the girl as she first neared the floor, and was rescued from her impending doom through a series of swift, and disorienting movements. Miraculously, she was unhurt! her hands close to her chest, her heart and lungs working overdrive, she looked up to her saviour. "O-oh... Are you an angel? Because I sure almost hurt myself falling haha Idon'tthinkthat'showitgoes." Mostly stunned into inaction, she appeared pacified for the moment.

The girl herself, was somewhat unusually tan for the region with red hair and bright green eyes, bundled up in somewhat damp, sub-par winter gear soaked from the snow.

OSC-01 stood still as stone, looking down at the soaked intruder in her arms. She was initially unamused by both the thief, and the fox-man Deimos, her eyes squinted. She had met angels, and they were greater assholes. After a moment, she turned her gaze away from the pile of fur and towards the cargo bay door, addressing the person while keeping a firm grip on their shirt collar. "You have no reason to be aboard, thief."

Somehow, the robot looked... alleviated, energized. The catching reflex must have been enough to forcibly release what remained of her defunct recovery capacitors. Deimos could see in their back an unstable, sparking green orb that was being barely preserved by the quietly rattling reactor. It seemed she was aware of it, too.

"I uhhh disagree a little there- ya see its a little nippy outside right about now and- oh wow you're strong say do you hear rattling?" The girl kept talking as she squirmed around somewhat, but she had lost interest in any kind of intense resistance she usually offered when the goons tried to get her before, at least in this single case.

Deimos gathered his bearings with a kick up onto his feet and a rattle of his head from side to side. From what he could see, even that action was enough to push OSC-01 beyond its current limits. The fox-boy strutted over and peeked around the machine to get a good look at the intruder. "Huh, would you look at that. I guess you were right. Someone did get onboard."

There was a moment's pause. "Though she has a point. Thief or not we're not exactly a bunch of savages and the cold isn't exactly something I have much of a good relationship with either. I'm sure we can keep her somewhere as a makeshift brig, put a can of rations in her hands and wait until Dahlia gets back or something. She may have a good idea what to do in this kind of situation." His gaze would dart from the girl, to OSC-01, and back over and over. It was obvious even he was doubting this would be a good idea.

OSC-01 stopped by the cracked bay door stationed at the back of the ship. The sharp wind blew flakes of sleet up from under its heavy metal lip, swirling away through the warmer bay air. The placed two metal fingers onto the 'lower' button, letting the ramp shudder down to the concrete floor. She looked back up at Deimos, replied sternly as she pressed the intruder out of her grip and onto the ramps grippy surface. "It's no place for a child, but this isn't either. They should be getting home."
She stuck out a wing towards the open void, motioning for the girl to go back from whence she came.

"Uhh... Hoomeee right. I'm pretty sure I got kicked out of there... laaassttt week I think." She said, mostly to herself as she stumbled just a bit down the ramp. To be fair, she shouldn't be snooping around places like this to begin with, but... "Are, you sure you can't at least, take me somewhere that isn't here, yeah?" She turned around on saying that.

He blinked at her statement, a hint of shock flashing across his face before he shook his head. "Bolts, you do realize we're not living in whatever time period you're from, right? People don't look like that regularly. Look at her clothes! They're dirty and tattered. Dunno if you have a nose or not, but it's clearly obvious this kid hasn't bathed in a good while."

"Hey..." She muttered at that, crossing her arms.

He jerked his head over towards the small girl with a raised eyebrow, then returned his gaze back towards the machine. "I'm not a fan of keeping her onboard either. There are weapons, fragile machinery, and who knows what kind of dangerous stunts our engineers may be pulling, but I get a feeling if we don't give her some kind of opportunity to at least recuperate while we get the captain's say on the matter, this kid may just wind up a totsicle by the end of the week."

"She wedged open a bay door and snuck in without much of a bustle, she seems capable," OSC-01 replied roughly, choosing to ignore some off the comments as she looked between the two on a sliding scale towards some kind of pent anger. She pressed her hand against the 'raise' button, causing the ramp to shift and slowly break away from the pavement below with a pneumatic hiss. "There's still a rogue robot and another intruder on their way to that captain now, we may have bigger problems to deal with."

"Excuse me? Rogue robot? Intruder? I'm sorry, but something must have gotten knocked loose when I dropped a crate on you because currently the only malfunctioning robot on here is you, chrome-top." He twisted around to stand between it and the child, raising his gauntleted finger and practically jamming it into the pale plating that comprised the machine's chest. "I'm more than certain Dahlia is more than capable of handling a so-called intruder who-" He punctuated his statement by raising his arms, looking around with widened eyes. "-clearly isn't on board right now! I'm sure what you had interpreted as something like an intruder may have been a supply shipment to which one of our members went and aided."

Rhea could only look between the two and sigh. She felt the robot had a point. She WAS pretty capable, and proud of it. But, having made an enemy of basically the monopolistic governing body of this dingy town... In fact it vaguely reminded her of the argument the orphanage had to keep her or not after that incident, the one going on behind her. Rather than worry about how to get off any longer, she turned around, and stared glumly at the town covered in frost. There weren't many great options, frankly. And she definitely wasn't going to go and try to apologize in person for landing on one of their son's faces from the roof... "... should've taken one of the heaters." She mumbled to herself.

OSC-01 wasn't amused. There wasn't enough time for this, soon she'd drive herself inert. She ripped her metal hand away from the ramp controls, matching Deimos' chest-tap with a somewhat excessive ammount of force. There was explosive break in her usual, even-toned demeanor as she downright shrieked at the man. "IT WAS THAT MENTALITY- THE LAST TIME I DOUBTED THE THREAT OF AN INTRUDER, THAT-" she skipped a beat, "THAT."

She reeled back, preparing to jam her pointed fingers at the fox again, but drew to stop herself. The Overseer fell quiet, still rattling from the energy spewing out and around her reactor. But, it wasn't that that was keeping her at bay- she couldn't bring herself to finish her statement. She threw her hand back down to the floor.

The droid peeled back, giving Deimos room as the cast their gaze down to the floor, shuddering still. The green fire behind their eyes faded back to normal as they fell almost silent, with the occasional break of a flat tone- as if their speech processing was trying to convey distraught huffs.

The red headed girl turned back as their argument intensified greatly for a moment, and then just as quickly stopped dead. A few steps back towards the ship- just one or two, to see what was going on. Interestingly enough, she didn't quite seem to be leaving tracks in the snow. And when she did, they were certainly far shallower than one might expect. There was once more, that unusual glint just beneath her feet as she walked. "... Are you two okay? I hear there is a great uh... Marriage counselor in the square?" Though, she said it with that slight, awkward grin that showed she didn't really think that they needed that kind of help.

Deimos didn't even pay attention to what the girl had said, opting to throw his hands in the air and stamp away. "This is what I get trying to reason with a goddamn battle robot." His words got quieter as he made his way deeper into the ship, devolving into grunts and growls that could barely be described as words in an almost cartoonish fashion. His ears were flat to his head, and, his eyes were narrow.

At the end of it all, he knew he was fighting a futile battle, and the odds were stacked against him that they would even let this kid any means of shelter even for the one day they opted to spend in this frostbitten shantytown. He didn't even know why he was fighting for the girl, he just was. There was no harm in just providing a moment of refuge if she meant no harm to them - though apparently that was enough to warrant that hunk of metal to interpret her as a threat.

OSC-01 remained still for several moments, letting the timer on her livelihood tick away as she thought. She took a step away from the bay door to pursue Deimos, but stopped just short of it.

She couldn't pretend she was doing this for some grandiose cause. The last time, she had failed- but even she couldn't bring herself to escape her actions behind that. Here she was, going to let a child freeze to death, rather than risk losing any functional time. By aghaniz, when had they become like those bastards who sat in the upper gardens of Avisten? Of course, she was seeing through this voyage as an opportunity to find and reconnect with Avani and Ferrus, but what would they say?

The Overseer's head hung low, as if being held by a mere elastic band like those wrapped around her weaponized wings. She could hear her last words, played back in that inescapable photographic memory. The misunderstanding, the spite, the disappointment.

Where has your honour bled?!

The words still burned. The Overseer gazed back up at the gaping maw of the door Deimos has left in his tracks, letting it almost burn into their memory. At first she had a mind to let it slip, but then again... For once, she felt that buried feeling of being, actually alone- despite being in solitary for centuries. Then, she glanced back at the child through the silica window slits of the bay door. The red hair, bright eyes- it reminded her of Rose.

After a moment of reflection, OSC-01 turned, throwing her balled hand back against the 'lower' button. The heavy metal ramp stuttered back to life, sliding down to meet the cold concrete once more. The warm air of the bay wafted out onto the lot, as a beam of fluorescent lighting cast a long and thin shadow all the way back to the chain-link fence surrounding it. The Overseer twisted their head to look at the child, but not daring to look up once more. There was no snarky comment to hide behind, nor any anger directed towards them. The robot spoke simply, and sedately. "Come on, kid."

Rhea opened her mouth, then closed it a bit and looked around. Against her every instinct that screamed at her to find something to joke about here, she thought it best to very simply nod, keep her mouth shut, and walk up the ramp. Only after she was outside did she miss that warm interior of the ship. "Uhhh... I, thank you." She stopped for the briefest of moments to thank the strange robot who had so obviously wanted her gone before, and darted inside the cargo bay once more. This time as a guest. It felt a lot better than being an intruder, at least.

OSC-01 didn't have anything to say in return, instead looking at the little girl as she made her way into the interior of the cargo bay. She raised the door once more, sealing the sharp cold air back from where it came.

They looked around, moving away from the door without another word. It was time to use the last of that rejuvenating spark for something worthwhile. The robot moved to one corner of the bay, and began digging through an assortment of items to pull out an earthy mint and white overcoat. They brought it back to the child, simply holding it out as they passed. The silky fibers weren't much, and were singed and burnt through in the back, but it was as much as she had on hand.

Of course, not one to turn down a warmer set of clothes after a week in a wintry town, she accepted. The singed back piqued her curiosity, but she just nodded and slipped it on over what she had, at least until she warmed up. Of course, even singed through it was still warmer than what she had on already. She couldn't help but wonder if the robot had memories of this overcoat in particular, or if it was just what was available at the time. Either way, she could certainly appreciate the gesture. For the time being, she chose to take a seat in the cargo bay, still... not quite comfortable enough to venture deeper into the ship, especially not after what she'd heard already. "Well... You seem nice, at least."

The robot lowered her head as she walked on, moving towards the pallet of cans that had been previously tampered with. She shifted the assortment pack around, searching for whatever looked to be the best off-the-shelf variety she could find. After a minute, she returned with a white can of 'noodle and beef and chicken SOUP' held between her exposed palms. The robot clenched the top of the can between their machined fingers, popping the tin lid off by pure force. She stuck an arm out, handing it to the child. There was a bit of static electricity that sprung off the can, but it was... already warmed.

Rhea blinked a few times as the robot practically just ripped the top of the can off and handed it to her, instantly warmed. A spooky one she was! But, she reached out and grabbed it as she suddenly remembered the embarrassing way that she was caught, and started gulping it down like a drink, more than a hearty meal for the afternoon. Of course, it was delicious. Hunger was indeed the best seasoning. She just wished people stopped telling her dumb sayings like that, remembering them always seemed to spoil everything.

After a drink or two- she wiped her mouth, sensing she had some of the broth leaking out the corner. "Ah- that's uh. That's pretty good." She gave a few entheusiastic nods. "Uhh... So, how is your... rattling?"

OSC-01 remained propped up against one of the metal boxes, but took a moment to look over her shoulder at the mess of a reactor that was sparking out of her back. It was still rattling alright, but being against the box dampened the noise. For once, she didn't seem all that talkative. She simply waited for the child to finish the soup.

After a few moments of awkward, quiet, Rhea just shrugged and gulped down the rest of the food she had been offered, before it got cold like everything else. One minute, then two... And finally the meal was an empty shell of its former self, just like the apple that was half the friend it once was.

OSC-01 raised her head a bit, visibly avoiding looking directly at the girl. She spoke up for the first time in minutes. "There are actual seats in the commons."

The robot raised a hand, pointing towards the smaller door that Deimos had left open on his way out. Beyond it laid a thinly carpeted hall.

"Ahh... right. Uh... Thank you. Again." She hopped up off the cargo container, somewhat uncertain at first, but, she had yet to turn down shows of hospitality so far. And thus, she headed down the lightly carpeted hall! ... After kicking her shoes against the harder cargo bay ground to knock off any frost or snow that may have stuck to it, but odds were that they had long since melted and made her shoes soggy.

Deimos lay spread across the couch in the common area, his amber orbs affixed to the blank metal ceiling above, and the ventilation grate that pumped warm air throughout the entirety of the ship. The best way to describe him was like a kid exhausted from a temper tantrum, left exhausted and in a near-vegetative state. He didn't even notice the girl entering through the nearby door. "Maybe I should throw that robot in the cold. Wonder if its servos looking like snowballs would be enough to teach it what it's like out in that... grrr..."

Rather than say anything, Rhea silently walked in and sook a seat, dressed up in a mildly singed, mint-green coat. Even if it was ONLY for the night, it would make a good place to not cosplay frosty the snow girl.

Behind her slowly tread OSC-01, still clearly not over herself. She continued on past that first seat, instead taking the next one available. The heavy Arcandum-plated robot sank right through and conquered the fabric-coated padding, sitting more or less on the metal support frame below. They sat hunched forwards, their hands hung free between her legs as she attempted to look neither the girl nor Deimos in the face.

The sounds of creaking springs and cushions was enough to prompt the fox-boy to turn his attention to the other two who had just entered. Immediately, his expression brightened, ears perking up while he hoisted himself into a seating position. "Well well! Looks like the tin can decided to have a heart after all!" The smile on his face beared bright white teeth, sharpened by his mother's side. "So now we wait for Dahlia to get back and see what we can do. Hopefully she won't just kick you out, but I doubt she'd be so willing to do that kind of thing."

"Mmmm..." Rhea chose not to dwell on the fact that yes, the captian could verywell just decide to kick her out. And instead sunk deeper into the somewhat comfy chair. Reaching over and giving an awkward pat on the shoulder to the depressed seeming robot. "Yeah... Uh... I'm sure we'll talk about that when the time comes around?"

The tin can in question didn't have much to say on the subject. A moment after the small hand pressed down on the fine wire mesh that coated their plating, OSC-01 raised a hand to brush it off. "...She'll know better."

Deimos paused for a moment, but only to assess the situation. His jolt of happiness was immediately dulled as he came to find it was at the expense of the robot. He rolled his lips and swallowed a ball of saliva in the back of his throat, feeling the obvious emotional tension pervade the room. "Yea, I... guess it'd be best to just let that subject hang in the air for now..."

One eye of the robot cut over to Deimos, and then back at the drab carpet that made up the floor of the room. After a few moments, the flickering orb rumbling around in her back died out, in a shimmering pulse of light. The sparks stopped, and the quieted rattling soon came to a cease. It was back to batter power, once more. Possibly a missed opportunity.

OSC-01 tried to bring herself around to saying more. It was... rough at best. After a minute passed, she tried speaking again, calmed. "I haven't lashed at anyone in..." she wasn't quite sure when her CMOS battery drained. Her clock hadn't functioned since she first awoke. "a long while."

"It was... Only fair? Probably. I mean its not really that different from people around here any way?" Rhea was a little disapointed that the robot brushed off her hand but... "Ah, my name is Rhea, by the way." She kept her back against her seat as she talked, looking all around, and only occasionally looking over the robot.

"Deimos." The boy muttered, a small smile serving as a tentative handshake of sorts, kept subdued by the pressure in the room. "The one sitting next to you is OSC-01, though we like to call... her Osco." Normally, he would have addressed the machine as an "it" but there was something human about her that he had begun to catch on to. He was still wrapping his head around it.

OSC-01 nodded a few times, confirming the name. After a minute, she got around to finishing that statment directed at the fox man. "I... apologize." She did, however, take note in the change of reference- for how much it was worth. Pondering for a moment (but not long enough to let the statement sit), the robot looked over at the now-introduced girl. "Did you get enough to eat, Rhea?"

Part of her still yearned to avoid any kind of further confrontation, or maybe continuing this one. She didn't have much choice in the matter however- she remembered she didn't use any furniture for a reason.

"Uhhh, Think so. For now. Probably. Osco and Deimos... Weird names. Nice to meet you both?" She remained pretty firmly in her spot, apperently intending to leave a lasting impression of herself on the seat.

The fox boy cleared his throat, then stood up. He knew the only way to dispel the haze in the room would be to confront the situation directly. He stepped forward, albeit in a manner tentative enough that one would think he'd awaken a nearby bear. When he managed to get just in front of the robot, he'd offer a hand and a careful smile.

"Apology accepted. And mutual." His eyes would look away from the machine, turning towards the girl, then to his pauldron shoulder. "I've been riding your tail since you got onboard. Probably shouldn't be looking at you in the same light as... well... that thing..." He tried to phrase the statement in a way that would make him not need to spill exposition to the stowaway sitting just across from them.
Deimos could only imagine how awkward this first impression must be for her.

OSC-01 simply sat there for a little bit, not changing posture once as they thought the words over. They glanced up at the hollow metal arm, their head tilting up just a bit. Not yet accepting the hand, the robot came back with one quiet question. "That thing. Do you remember anything about it? That you could tell?"

They looked over at Rhea breifly, the green eye on that side of their head flashing directly at them.

Rhea blinked, but chose to stay quiet as they talked about something neither of them wanted to talk about, obviously. That didn't mean she wouldn't sit here and listen in as hard as she could. She almost wishes she had popcorn to go along with this. So, she casually looked between the two as they chatted.

His fingers curled while he hesitatnly withdrew his gesture. He raised his hollow arm, swallowed, and pursed his lips. "I won't lie, I... didn't see much. But it did look a lot like you. Same head, same shape... though looking back now, your glow is a lot different from it's."

His teeth grit. For a brief moment, he felt that hot ray rush through his skin. "I know for certain it was the same type of machine as you, Osco. From what I could make out in the dull light of the temple, it was another Oakland unit."

Osco nodded slowly and silently, eyes cast down once more as she breifly reflected on the remaining recordings of Deimos' breakdown on Loinia. "I see. I'm, sorry that happened to you." She knew there was only one other machine like that, but it didn't sound like something they would do. That meant only one of two things- either the attack sent to her system was indeed a broadcast, or her last remarks had set things worse than she had imagined.

After a few more than necessary moments of silence, OSC-01 spoke up again. "I've made a lot of mistakes since I was first... activated. That thing might be one of them," she paused as her shoulders sagged, "I yearn to start correcting those mistakes, but I need help."

The gesture had returned, but this time from the robot. The raised their machined hand, letting their fingers unfurl to reveal a flattened palm- engraved with a circle of dim green light. with a notch resting at the bottom.

Deimos grew a faint smile the moment he saw her hand reach towards him, his gauntlet rising to clasp her hand in a gentle shake. "Well, you've got help. I don't doubt the rest of the Downrider would be willing to hop in. I know if 'correcting' means avenging my fallen comrades, then..."

As the grip between the two broke, his smile broadened, turning into a weak chuckle. "...I'll do whatever it takes to scrap it."

OSC-01 looked up at Deimos briefly as the two shook hands, letting her own doubts slide past her mind. She did not release her grip, however. Her eyes slid around briefly, hoping no one but Rhea was around to see this- likely in vain.

"...No, I actually need your help." It became quite apparent that the weighted robot was indeed stuck in the plush seat. Their reactor dying out once more didn't do them any favor, as they had sunk down nearly to the floor.

"Ah crap!" Deimos yelps, immediately noticing the situation. He scrambles in place before clasping his free hand on the back of the robot's. "Alright let me see if I can do this!" He tugs backwards, but to no avail, his feet skidding across the smooth floor of the room and his arms stretching out. He swore he heard his back pop. "Rhea! Help me out over here!"

"Uhhh... Sure, why not?" Rather than help by pulling from the front, she went around to the back, abbandonding her spot on the couch she has made an impression on. She braced herself, and started pushing on the robot from behind- but, to the overseer at least it would probably be clear that her hands weren't the big focal point of the force pushing her off the couch to the best of her ability, but rather, almost entirely underneath her 'butt' like a carjack.

With the combined force of three, the heavily-armored robot was eventualy dug out from the cushions, leaving a notable bend in the furniture frame that only time- and maybe some alchemy could fix. Osco was breifly alerted as they looked around, pressing a hand down to brush the green kevlar faulds as they turned to face the concaved seat.

Finding nothing but a dim glow, OSC-01 took a step or two back towards the hallway. She stopped breifly, stowing her hands away and folding their wings even again. After a long, hollow blink, their green eyes reloaded- along with their composure. Their raw voice had been washed over once more with that all-to-familiar snark.

"I reckon I should go, before Miss Morgan comes back to a mess. You know where to find me."

Rhea nodded a bit, grinning. "Do I though?" But, she supposed this was good, at least. It all seemed to point to her at least having a place to stay for the night- and possibly just a little bit more, given what the robot Osco had to say about the captain. She seemed... Odd, but nice enough, she supposed.

Deimos laughed and raised his arms across his chest. "Yea, and tell her to get a crane while we're in town for the next time your fat ass decides to get comfy."

OSC-01 gave a simple 'hut' as the android limped back to the cargo bay. One green speck of light slid back to look at the confident little man.

"Don't push it."
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