1. Pancakei

    [Interim Three] Adjoin

    Trayll II - Surface Immediately following their crushhiing d- Daring escape from the collapsing Kerolyne Defile. The intense white light of the sky began to fade as the sun slowly descended below the horizon of Trayll II. The ground beneath the cooling desert rumbled lightly, shaking the...
  2. Pancakei

    [Pre-Episode Three] Unionize

    Bivona Northern Wastes 5 Hours following the events of Reprise The icy wind of the Northern Wastes howled like a banshee, cutting through the frozen trees as three figures trod slowly through the thick snow- laden with the frustration of defeat. Though the sun had risen to its highest point, it...
  3. Pancakei

    [Pre-Episode Three] Terminal Purple

    ISS Downrider Cargo Bay OSC-01 rested against the hard metal side of the particular cargo crate aboard the ISS Downrider they called home. Her now active reactor cast a green reflection across the cave as they worked. She gripped the wayward glaive in her hands, inspecting the piece over time...
  4. Pancakei

    [Episode Three] Defile

    Trayll II - Orbit 28 Days after the events of Reprise It had been a number of weeks since the Downrider finally pushed off from Bivona. The crew had been left with much time to think and repair from the lossess incurred by the marauders on Bivona, but the activity aboard the ship had died down...
  5. Pancakei

    [Interim Two] Reprise

    Bivona - Southern Streak ISS Downrider 18 Hours after the events of Union It had been a hell of a day for the crew of the ISS Downrider, given the events that unfolded at Alipier Observatory only hours before. The weary crew had made a stop at the namesake capital of the rock they orbited to...
  6. Dadragon6

    [Pre-Episode Two] Appraisal

    ISS Downrider Cargo Bay 7 AM, Again Dahlia walked into the cargo bay, clad in light grey pants and a matching sweatshirt and wiping away the haze of sleep from her eyes. She had gone from not having enough, to feeling like she had too much. A client was supposed to arrive in a few hours, and...
  7. Pancakei

    [Episode Two] Union

    Bivona ISS Downrider Three Days After Landing... The Downrider Expedition’s little trip to Bivona had been extended past the intentional margin for a few days. First, the buyer was late- then, the introduction of new crew members meant a new wave of planning and adjustments had to be made...
  8. Pancakei

    [Pre-Episode Two] Heavy Cargo

    Bivona ISS Downrider Hallway The door leading out to the commons area of the Downrider almost doubled back on Deimos as it was hit with a metallic clang. OSC-01, the physical one, was making it's way towards the cargo bay as the door had sprung open. The unmistakable smell of scorched...
  9. Pancakei

    [Interim One] Bivona

    Outer Sectors Bivona 3 Days After Episode One In the days following the trip to Loinia, the Downrider was in a bit of an unusual state. In part, because of the holographic Overseer model that liked to just hang out by one chair in the commons area. Their new guest hadn't gone far out of their...
  10. Pancakei

    [Episode One] Sanctum

    ISS Downrider Loinia (Planet 102-303) It had been a number of weeks since the ISS Downrider had launched off on its ""maiden"" voyage. In that span, the crew had to acclimate to new, possibly cramped living conditions aboard the small ship. There was much mingling between the crew members, over...
  11. Pancakei

    [Prologue] Downrider

    Time and time again, old stories pass by minds curious enough to believe it themselves. Stories such as these speak of a noble avian Republic so grand, it once held whole worlds, if not realities in it's palm. Some say they came from above, others below. Those who lived to pass the first of...
  12. Pancakei

    [OOC] Arcadia Complex

    Arcadia Complex / ISS Downrider OOC Hey y'all, we have a subforum and an OOC thread now! Expect the first intro thread to roll around soon™! It will be open to intro replies for a while before the first GM post is made (so people will have plenty of time to finish their characters).
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