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This thread is just what it's heading implies.
Post your random thoughts....
Attempt to be the last one to post...
Spam like comments are allowed, but spamming the thread with repeat posting(back to back posting) will cause deletions.
Please keep the comments clean and don't snipe or insult your fellow posters!!
Have fun!!!

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Whats with the no back to back posts? That is not the spirit of this thread!!!! I demand that rule be tossed out!!!

*explodes and disappears*
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I HATE IT.....

when I'm at work and the phone rings. I pick it up and have time to say "hello" twice before a telemarketer for a charitable organization jumps on and starts selling me on donating money. Then I tell them I'm busy and I'm at work, and they KNOW it's a business. They validate the boss' name, ask to talk to him and when they're told he's on another line....then they try to sell me on it!

As Kelso says, "All people are bastard coated bastards with bastard filling."

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Grrrrr at the Siggy size limits!

Forced me to use my small sized one...

Size should be at least 500x150 or 100kb! :(
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