Ayenee: The Re-Awakening

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Rikotagowa Linoge

Dark Mage Lord of Linoge
A gust of wind began flowing through the city of Ayenee with a delightful yet bitter scent of power and death, such smell could tell a ranger what type of foe he/she was nearby, the kind of aroma that makes demonic minions squirmish as it makes the brave knights and paladins quiver.

The darkness of Ayenee was suitable for creatures, mercenarys, tortures, sadists, rapists, murderous and many more. The shadows seemed to give birth to a dark and omnious figure which slowly more features began to be destinguishable, long jet black hair, pale skin, eyes as white as snow, two medium horns produced from slightly above the forehead, a small drible of blood on his right corner of his mouth, his chest out in the open with no armor or cloth to cover it, his legs wrapped in what appears as dark gray silken pants with strides of black with the same markings that cover his body and a long sword at his right hip...

The sheath of the sword looked ancient with draconic emblems through out its skin, the hilt embeded with bone fragments and sulfer, the handle of the blade looked as if it was made with the skin of his enemies. The blade itself carried a presence to it... As if the sword had life.

The creature known as Rikotagowa standed at 6"2 with out the horns, his eyes slowly glancing at what was left of this God forsaken land, roof tops empty and crumbling, streets filled with blood and bones under the soil such seemed fit for the Dark Mage.

The wind gently carressing his skin and slowly making his hair flow like the waves of the ocean, the look in his eyes as always seemed dead for with no pupils comes no perception of the owner's mind.

His right hand feeling the skin on the handle of Sin's Wrath his mind jumping at the excitement of coming back to this world, Riko had never been to Ayenee but fought countless times to beings of this world and has heard stories of what goes on here and the thought of this mayhem gives Riko the feeling that tonight might be a good night.

The tainted lips of the Dark creature parted and his toungue slithered around his fangs cleaning the blood slowly coagulating in his mouth and words that were soft yet firm and soothing yet terrifying were formed
" Is there anyone still alive in this hell?? " He had already senced that there were other life forms in the vicinity but he just wanted to see what type of response he would get... The words were not loud but were enhanced with a mind set so everyone in the area could mentally hear the words.

He would eagerly await in the corner of the castle in the shadows for any signs of movement.

Sinful Feline

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She gave a small shake of her head and though the voice of the woman could not see her, a look of profound sadness flickered over other wise peace filled face. Even the tone of her inner voice could not hide the sadness that welled up in her when she let the door to the past creak open and remembered what had befallen this place.

*No, twas not I who caused this once great land to fade into what it is now. The Grayness came, it seeped across the lands and into the heart of the city herself...The Gray seem to draw all color of life away, it is not of this realm, but I think of another dimension entirely, it drew the life from the people here, but not all at once... Those effected seemed to fade out tell they where near ghost like in appearance, then they would just flicker out of view, out of this dimension, this realm….Sometimes they would flicker back for awhile, but soon they would vanish once more…*

She drew in a breath, though of how to explain the rest, and came up with the simplest form of truth and speculation.

*The Cat and I however seem to be tethered here. The cat has never faded or flickered out, though I have. I have faded out to some where, some where vastly different, but then the other place’s hold weakens and I always seem to find myself here once more, my mind filled with the oddest visions of the Other place….I think the land needs me to live on, as it needs others to fully return to its once thriving life….I await by the fountain M’La…*

Her sentence cut short by the prickling of energy brushing over her flesh, then the sound of yet another life form calling out.

*We have more company*

The Cat, who was eavesdropping, as cats are prone to do, dissolved from thin air to weave in and out of Lights legs. Pausing to rub its whiskered cheeks against the bareness of her ankles and spoke with a purred edge in its voice.

“Mage…The tickle of Mage magik if I’m not mistaken, which I could be, but rarely am I, mistaken that is….Delightful…”

The Cat waited for Light to answer the voice of the male. The cat bumped Lights legs, softly at first, but when he grew inpatient, he nipped at her ankles, tell she gave in and answered the males question aloud.

“This is not hell Traveler, this is what remains of a once great civilization…Ayenee…And yes, some beings still dwell here.”

Rikotagowa Linoge

Dark Mage Lord of Linoge
A small creepy grin slowly began to appear in the corner of Riko's mouth as he began to slowly but effectively to open the inhibitors in his cerebral cortex chamber as he started receiving some amounts of particles of wind from the emerald of wind placed on his chest, as a precaution the weight shifted in Rikotagowa's feet as his nerve sistem began to send electromagnetic signals through out his body for any situation that could happen.

The nose of the Dark Mage began to sistematically track the vicinity for diferent smells and aroma's, as he picked up thr scent of a feline and woman words had been formed into the wind, such as Riko was hoping there was more life forms in this wretched place.

The tainted lips parted of the Dark creature and with a soft and trusting voice words came out
" I am lost... Could you help me find my way?? " Rikotagowa's face was a terrafying site for those who new what this demon wanted to unleash unto this world but as he knew it all takes time.

The emerald of wind properties had been gathering particles through out the entire time as this would help how much extent does the manipulation he can control.

Wind began rustling through the place with a soft howl of pain, the dry branches of the trees trying to bend with the wind cracked and snapped, dust being kicked up from the ground making mini tornados with leaves flyinh through out the grounds of this place.

The eyes of the Demon kept researching the area surrounding him lookin for weaknesses, weapons and advantage points.

Rikotagowa Linoge

Dark Mage Lord of Linoge
Rikotagowa's face was a terrafying site for those who new what this demon wanted to unleash unto this world but as he knew it all takes time.

The emerald of wind properties had been gathering particles through out the entire time as this would help how much extent does the manipulation he can control.

Wind began rustling through the place with a soft howl of pain, the dry branches of the trees trying to bend with the wind cracked and snapped, dust being kicked up from the ground making mini tornados with leaves flyinh through out the grounds of this place.

The eyes of the Demon kept researching the area surrounding him lookin for weaknesses, weapons and advantage points.


~♥Chica Bomb♥~
Lashes flutter; vision blurred but slowly came into focus. Although one would think it was still out of sorts when you awaken in an unknown place. Limbs stretch with a few popped sounds, those of staying in one place to long, before pushing herself up off the ground slowly. Paige rubbed at her dusty blue eyes, licked parched lips before pulling the hood she had grown accustomed to, using it to hide her moon kissed features from the prying eyes of strangers. With a sudden realization, a quick side step placed her form behind the tree she been propped up against when she woke, eyes widen in slight alarm before a forced calming breath would pass those dry lips followed by whispered words”Where the hell am I?”

Flashes of memory, the last ones she had, her father getting exactly what he had coming to him. His fiery death, one she could only hope trumped the fires of hell that he would most certainly be sentenced to for his crime, one she felt she had every right to act as judge, jury and yes even executioner in every word. A slight smirk that would have been almost unnoticeable to anyone who had been looking upon her lips, tugged at their corners, with the feeling of accomplishment and release of so much hatred for the man, his screams still echoing within her thoughts as the blaze she had cast upon him hungrily gnarled his flesh. She could still feel the heat of the lapping flames on her tender flesh, how they had heated the tears that had rolled down her cheeks in the final moments of his life, just before she had collapsed and passed out on the floor at the foot of his bed.

Raising a hand to brush away onyx locks from her eyes, her thoughts clouded with confusion. ”I should have perished with him….” Again she rubbed at her eyes, but being Paige she resolved herself quickly to accepting the fact she still drew breath, wherever that may be. Her feet would slowly lead her in the direction of the winds, something pulled at her, as if calling for her essence. Drawing the hood of her azure cloak down over her eyes, shining with curiosity now she followed the winds towards the distant light hoping she would find a drink to wet those parched lips, and perhaps someone who could tell her just where in the world she was, or why she was here.

Rikotagowa Linoge

Dark Mage Lord of Linoge
The aura around the Dark Mage Lord began to increase in pressure, the current of the essence of magic overflowing through the pores of Riko... The central core of the emerald imbeded into Riko's chest was glowing with a transparent colour to it.

The wind kept flowing through the streets and through the cracks, windows, doors and chiminies slowly gathering scents as well as small catches of aura so that the Mage could better grasp his surroundings and enemies in the vicinity.

Gently the silk pants flowed as it was grazed by the wind as his hair also moved in sync as the waves of the ocean, jet black hair running through pale skin yet if seen from the right angle when the moon light glazzed his face it would seem his skin was a sort of light blue.

A scent was carried from not to far from a female... The white pearl eyes of The Linoge caught a shimmer as he had not smelt beauty in quite sometime, the tainted lips parted slightly as his toungue slowly slithiered out to taste the scent just as a snake would.

Rikotagowa's weight shifted in one simple move towards his right knee as his left knee gently was lowered so that his body would be half kneeling down, his right hand extended and the hand was cold and soft like that of a baby with out the warmness... It was not easy to belive this being had seen that many battles just by the looks, as his palm touched the surface of the ground beneath him his lips began moving as if uttering some words but no sound coming out, a small and steady stream of force life from the earth began to emerge from the ground and it danced while caressing the skin of The Linoge upward moving towards the earth crystal imbeded into his chest.

The hand of Riko was moving forward and backward as if he was tendering a child... To some this might have looked foolish but to a true Elementist this is a requisite when considering using mother earth as a weapon for to make a beast into a pet you must tame it, the flow of particles of each essence began to merge inside of Rikotagowa as he was molding each one of the energy's into

Rikotagowa Linoge

Dark Mage Lord of Linoge
A key to which he needed to unlock sistematicly in order to recharge his entire biological sistem, it has been centuries since Rikotagowa has walked among creatures but he has chosen this time and place to begin the rule of The Linoge Crime Family feared by many, known by all for its stealth and organization as well as its blood lust.

The aura around the Dark Mage Lord began to grow with a dark flavor to it, a spice of evil with enough hint of neutrality to which The Linoge Family shows... For they are neutral in true nature.


Resident Badass
She stood there in the dark of the castle's shadows and thought over the words that the voice had produced. Indeed there had been a grey-ness that seemed to have taken everything. She didn't recall much of the last couple of years. In fact, since the collapse of her reign, the disappearance of the Darkhearts, as well as the complete eradication of everyone and everything that had been here.....she didn't remember a single thing.

Had this void eaten everything? Had she been swallowed by it, or had she been left to her own while everyone else was taken away?

She longed for the past so greatly that it caused her to ache or something that no longer was.

Somehow she was attached enough to Ayenee that the entrance and exit of persons was known to her. Primarily of the last two people that had decided to appear somewhere in the lands.

"Is there anything that I should know - that's of importance? Is it possible to bring back those who are lost, or are they gone forever?"

Her stallion also had the same attachment to the grounds, and was well aware of the new beings entering. Though he wasn't unhinged about them being here, he wasn't fond of people and stomped against the stone floors in disapproval and annoyance.


The Administration Mage
Staff member
Off to the side of the Road before the castle some of the bushes began to rustle, and then slowly they stood. Obviously a man with foliage tied to his arms and legs and back let alone around half of his head holding a rifle laxly at his side. His eyes seemed to be purple in the fading light. His skin covered in mud and paint as he stepped forward. " Oh great and how utterly lovely it is more creatures of Magic here to finish the lovely destruction your kind caused in the past no doubt." He said looking at them all and then looking down to his rifle his eyes darting back and forth between the group and his weapon . He was indeed counting and knowing that even if he killed two of them it wouldn't matter magic had to have caused this and it would continue to make things worse. " Stinking mages" he said before spitting on the ground in their general direction. He let the rifle hang loosly over his left forarm as his right arm hung at his side looking at them his fingers dangeling near the hilt of a dagger he had hooked to his belt.


~♥Chica Bomb♥~
Having made her way closer to the voices she had heard, Paige halted her progress to get a better look at those ahead of her. Her attention pulled to the man, who she felt instinctively, was drawing from an Aethir of some sort though she wasn’t familiar with him she couldn’t tell what it was he was using. Pale fingers gripped the satchel of ashes at her side out of habit, playing idly with the draw string. Long, slender ears twitched listening to a woman’s voice, ”Sounds like someone may be as confused as I am about this place, yet she knows of it. People are missing, what happened here, everything is so grim.” Paige spoke quietly to herself with a smirk, enjoying the feel of the place now as she began to get used to it. Unsure if she should step out into the open or not, the feeling of an empty coldness, seemed to seep into her very form from every direction. Something had definitely gone awry here, curiosity getting the better of her to hear of what destruction must have happened, and she really did wish for that drink.

Slowly Paige slipped her cloaked body out from the trees, and into view of the others. Hood still pulled low enough, one could only see the forced, light smile she wore upon the pearled blue lips. Try as she might being parched inhibiting her speech, making her sound much older then she was or at least that she was a heavy smoker, she rasped. ”Greetings… I hope I am not intruding. Might a lost woman find something to wet her throat some where?” Paige tried her best to sound polite although it ground at her core, figuring she would “catch my flies with honey, then vinegar.” Lightly her hands clasped together in front of her, the little bag, encased between them, hidden from view but open none the less.

Rikotagowa Linoge

Dark Mage Lord of Linoge
The chilled wind kept sweeping through the place softly, the trees swaying left to right with leaves all over flying and being flowen across the plains as puppets from the wind, many smells did the wind carry as these new scents were carried towards Riko, one of a man that was carrying powder, another from a female ridding a horse... The Linoge loved it for he was hungry but was not showing no emotion or alertness towards the new people around him for he needed to act as the prey.

Words forming from the woman on the horse about bringing someone to life, a smirk slithered into the lips of this creature from the words spoken, the tainted lips of Riko parted as he began to form words " Yes it is possible... I can perform such a miracle." his pearl white eyes staring straight ahead towards the other female which was still in hidding but no one could really tell where he was looking at for he did not posses pupils anymore.

The form of The Dark Mage Lord still half kneeling as the energy kept pouring into the dark being known as Rikotagowa, the power growing inside allowing him a higher grade and stability of manipulation of each one of his powers but for the time being only air and earth elements are at Riko's disposal.

His attention without any phisical features displaying his sudden change of attention was placed on the man on the side of the road which thanks to the power over the earth allowed him to pin point the location of anything standing upon the soil and detect its weight and to which direccion it's shifted towards.

Before he did anything the female that was in hidding moved forward towards the moonlight, she had beautiful features just as he did and reminded him of someone in his past... A smirk slowly creeped into his face as she began to utter some request.

At the sole of his right foot blue particles began appearing and dancing over the feet and legs of the creature as they flowed sistematecly towards the water crystal embeded into his chest. It had been centuries since Rikotagowa had relieved the Elemental Guardians from the treasure they guarded over the millenias of course with help but nonetheless still only under his possession.

As the earth energy accumulated inside of Riko his earth awarness was on a diferent scale from just any elementalist to the point where he was extracting the particles of water from underground rivers running through these lands.

The soil infront of the woman asking for water began to move in a circular pattern as well as upward but slowly as to not arouse to much suspicion, the bottom of the spire began to mold into a fountain base with old elvish emblems as well as signs while the middle of the spire began to take the form of a more sinister origin with dark creature tearing apart others in pictograms as well as depicting dark carvings of demonic beginnings and the top of the spire began to transform into a two half bowl as the frame of the one to the right showed the image of a devil sitting upon a throne as well as demonic writtings all over it as the left half of the bowl depicted an angelic form sitting in a cloud as well as angelic writtings in hebrew and latin, a beautiful masterpiece with many meanings as well as transcending features. At the center of the bowl a small cirlcle began to form 2 inche in diameter as it was sinking and leaving a small hole in its wake... The trayectory of the hole ran all the way to the underground rivers as Riko did not yet posses enough particles of water inside his crystal to manifest it from thin air, fresh and clear water began flowing from this hole to the bowl and began to fill it and as it did the scent from the freshness of the water was slowly being swayed to the nose of the female.

Electromagnetic shocks were being sent from his nerveous sistem to the muscles in his legs as Rikotagowa began to stretch them and he took his former posture of standing with his hands at his side, from the sole of his feet it looked as if a tri colored raimbow creeped its way up to the 3 of 5 crystals embeded into his chest as he gained more power and manipulation over each element.

The tainted lips of The Dark Mage Lord separated as he spoke towards the woman infront of the fountain " Refresh yourself if you please... " with a small pause a smirked appeared in his face as he kept speaking " But choose carefully."

The mind of the creature analyzing each person's location and towards which extremity they're weight is shifted to for he at all times is inspecting and strategizing everyones movements and actions.


The Administration Mage
Staff member
Stumbling a little as he turned looking towards the woman as she wandered out and spoke his eyes drank her in as best as he could see her. Her raspy voice added a hidden quality to her voice one clear and defined as the trappings of mortality. Which helped ease the soldiers tension at least somewhat. As he was about to respond he felt a tremor upon the ground as if deep below the earth the roof of a cave had fallen. It was very slight as if the collapse was distant but he felt it very very lightly, and passed it off as nothing more than a cave collapsing or a tree branch falling from a great height. The mage however would have something inconsistent to think about the man with the rifle weighed significantly more than the host of those assembled together. The soldier turned his head as he heard the mage, well supposed mage use the term miracles. "Miracles are the realm of Gods not men who wish to become gods through the power of foul magic". His eyes were upon the white-eyed man noting the stance and facial muscle tension or lack there of. Then as the mage remained stationary it seemed unwise to linger. Mages did little without causing harm. As the fountain rose up into the air his weight shifted from sever to light as if a feather were now laying upon the ground.

The Fountain was a sign a clear and present sign that the man had been right. Magic! His purplish eyes swiveled over the fountain looking over the Hebrew lettering upon the fountain and then the chicken scratch that was the demonic tongue upon the basins. It was rather obvious that the answer was to go thirsty than to drink from a magic fountain at least as far as common sense and the normal level of known tales involving fae were concerned. He shook his head slowly looking at the fountain. "As per usual ask and magic provides charging everyone for the fee." He said shuddering as he backed up looking at the others and then to the woman who had requested the water. As he looked at the basin his eyes attempted to guess the material that the fountain was made of as his hand changed its placement upon the rifle.

Sinful Feline

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Time froze for Light, she was aware of everything that moved around her, of every mental and physical word spoken, but she could do nothing for the space of a few heart beats that felt more like days. Suddenly the Cat was there, eye to eye, emerald to ocean, whispering a chant in feline language tell at last, her eyes dilated in pulse with the cats words and Light drew in a breath.
Her first thought went out to the great lady she had been speaking to.

“M’La…M’Lady, my apologies for not speaking faster but to answer your question, yes. Those thought lost can be brought back…”

A shiver ran through her as she spoken those mental words, for someone hoped lost had just some where awoken, brought back from the pit into which it’s soul was cast. Dark, Dark had awakened! Light had hoped that would never happen, but in her heart of hearts she always knew it could. The Mages, their being here, the flow of their essence on the winds of land had reached out to touch Dark, Light’s other half, her twin in mirror form. She whispered her fear to Chesh.

“She is awake Chesh…Maybe not fully, but she is waking!”

The cat regarded her with solemn eyes and nodded.

“That she is, this I knew when you froze, but the chant worked, well it worked but not as fast as I would have liked, a bit rusty I might be on chanting…. But, I was thinking, with great thought, that perhaps balance is needed *The cat swished it’s tale around to indicate the surroundings*…Balance is needed to go on, or balance is needed for life to live, it could even be that balance restores…Mmm, Perhaps I need to think more upon that thought!”

With that said the cat vanished once more. Light leaned against the wall; sometimes a conversation with Chesh could rattle her brain. It took her a moment to notice that more had arrived with in the time she was frozen and Chesh’s retirement to think.

“How many are you? …Can you all please follow the lights to the Castles court? That way questions can be answered and faces seen.”

Good or bad beings arriving, Dark awake or not, Ayenee was once more gaining in power.


Resident Badass
She stood on the premise of what seemed to be a massive unfolding of Ayenee. She suddenly felt that the invisible force of Ayenee was outstretching it's claws to each living (or dead thing) that might have inhabited it's lair. She didn't quite know what to expect, what was coming, or the ultimate end that would undoubtedly occur. Was everything finally coming to and end - or was it starting over again?

She felt a great shift of air. It was as if the weight of magic filled this world, and the aura of Ayenee was unprepared. She imagined the castle groaning under the weight of the invisible force, and chuckled quietly to herself as her mind seemed to travel to thoughts of complete foolishness.

Though the voice had beckoned them to the castle - she thought that not many would cross the threshold. Thinking back, she remembered that there had only been one other time that she had actually crossed this old door's path - was it ten years ago - a hundred - or a thousand?

How many years had she been gone? How many years had she been in that grey void of her mind?

Would it be a good idea to head back out of the castle into the city? What were the chances of her actually finding someone that she recognized from years past?

Shaking her head she knew the answer to that question - slim to none. Still, it would be interesting to see Ayenee crawl out of the depths of frozen, desolate tundra back to the 'life-of-the-dead.' For a moment she thought of finding where the old tavern had stood, and imagined stepping inside to see the familiar faces of her friends, her family - her loves.

Her chest hurt from sadness. She felt the empty ache fill her almost until she could stand her memories no longer. She turned from the black castle, biting the inside of her lip until she felt a twinge of pain and tasted blood. She had attempted to distract her mind with pain, but it didn't seem to work. Within less than an instant, the blood was gone and the wound healed.

With the massive animal behind her, hovering like a dark guardian over her shoulder, she stepped out of the castle and stood on the stone path overwrought with weeds. In the distance she saw each patron with pure ease - with the eyes of a hunter. She didn't bother to move from the castle's path just yet. She was still interested to meet this 'voice' face to face, but at the same time, she was also intrigued by the bodies that continued to show.

One-by-one, Ayenee began to refill with life. And she - seemed to be the one entity that somehow was bringing it all back together again.


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A man walks in the night, the soft grunt of etched leather wraithed upon the air with the trudge and crisp of booted feet.
Since the tournament, he had only been visible but a few times. The Implosion technique he had used enabled him with a new ability, yet those abilities could not be used in this world, or any other. He was Jio Erutis, once a gunslinger, mercenary, and gambler.
As he steps into the light of a waxing moon, the land was pale in light left to itself, silence and the shadows of other's passing were creeping around in the fog of memory and decadent power that had once ruled this land.
He checks himself. Looking down, in the darkness his hat tipped, a gust of air snapped the leather coat, 'warlock brand' by definition. That same coat, a slicker, had been formed of the invincible leather of 'regaiden', yet over the years, and his living within the imploded reality, it was now simply constituted of the force of will that Jio had used to survive.

"Yep." he says quietly, yet with enough volume that the air sucked in and outwards around his head. Checking his guns, Raven Revolvers, he was satisfied that he was back into form. Form in a formless world? By what deception doth this come to manifest, to maniscend the inequity of fallen rites by the blood of favored sacrifice?

And so, seeing that old city not far off, he begins his walk, adjusting to the dimension of possessing legs and a body that required the molecular frequencies to sustain and nourish the embodiment. It was not that he had transcended reality, not entirely, yet, his powers of Ice and Gravity with minor Electricity had sustained him within that quantum void for many years. He walks slowly, quietly, patiently, as, his patience and imagination had been his only companion for... days upon days of wonder and hoping in an empty future.


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After the journey Matron had been on one would believe that there was no way he would come home, to a place like this. The graying had occurred here several years ago. Almost as if life just left, no sucking no dieing no on its way out it was just gone. Matron had seen it spread from far away lands in his travels and knew it was only a matter of time before it arrived at Ayenee. He stood there on the ramparts of his home looking down over the valley.

Were those people down there in the castle lawns? That woman on the horse, had he drank with her at SJ's place all those years ago? His hand twitched and began to rise on before he caught it. Jezabel would know, all he had to do was release her from the scabbard on his back and she would flood him with the memories of those that came and past, she never forgot.

"DANIL, saddle Poppy...."

"Sire, she is already saddled for your afternoon ride"

"Ill be away traveling for a while, I'm going to Ayenee Proper. There seems to be a gathering down there."

The looking spell that was placed on the ramparts allowed Matron to see leagues away in great detail. He would travel to the castle there and see for himself. It would be a great excuse to get out of his own castle on the mountain line to the east.

Stepping from the ramparts into the bed chambers he glided past the bed post and retrieved the wide brimmed black hat from it. In one smooth motion he placed it on his head and stepped through the door, only after taking up the Glaive that rested there. Mountain lilies adorned the short sword blade that rested atop the long pole.

The journey began, 3 days ride would see Matron in Ayenee Proper.

Ungar Nuki

Most commonly referred to as a “werehyena”, but more accurately described as a victim of genetic engineering – Ungar Nuki was gifted with select traits intended to enhance his ability as a combatant. While Nuki may have been more human than hyena, his appearance was hideously grotesque. The ACC Assassin was burdened with a body coated in wiry hair, his back hunched up before a long neck protruded downward into a long muzzle with bone grinding teeth barely contained within their bulky jaws. His eyes were the dead black beads of a predator, no white and no mercy showed. Nuki saw as a hyena see, in limited colours. His eyesight, however, was superior in the dark of night. The injustice of the name “werehyena” went further, for it wasn’t just the muscular bulk, endurance and bone crunching jaws of the beast he had been given. Before the modern city fell, the scientists of the Zero Corporation enhanced his intelligence to offset the primal urges gained when spliced with beast, improving his reaction time and ability to focus. There was also a failed attempt to seed his mind with psionic powers; the experiment left him with crippling and regular migraines.

Assassin work naturally declined the erosion of political power and technological wonders of the Ayenee Capital City. When there was nothing left to fight over, corruption dissipated. Ungar felt lucky to be working again, eager to satiate his blood lust by acting on the writ he had tucked into breast pocket of his black body armour. The document called for the death of Matron.

The veil of night had fallen to cue the demise of the first day of Matron’s three day ride into what remained of Central Ayenee. It is unnecessary to highlight the benefits of darkness for an assassin with the ability to see well at night.

Having laid in wait for his prey, the werehyena emerged from the inky night and fell upon the rider’s horse while letting out a chilling cackle that betrayed his hyena DNA. The razor sharp claws ornamenting Ungar’s paw-like hands gouged cruelly into the innocent equine’s left rear leg. He hugged the limb with a relentless determination as it bucked and kicked wildly. Then, without warning, he broke the leg with a single bite. His canines split the bone open and the taste of the marrow sent him into a frenzy. His muzzle snapped uncontrollably, rapidly opening and closing—biting at the horse’s belly and unleashing a putrid ooze of blood, shit and stomach acid. With the screeching horse’s blood and faeces smeared through his wiry haired muzzle, he pulled away and allowed it fall in a heap upon its rider.

Instantly, the rider gasped for air that crushed lungs just couldn’t take in. Nuki grunted, the hunt was over so quickly. He had expected more of a fight from Matron. With a hulking shove, he pushed the horse’s body off its master so that he could make a positive ID on the body. A foregone conclusive, or so he thought. After dragging the dead body out of the shadow of the country lane’s trees and into the clear moonlight it became apparently he had murdered the wrong man and failed to spill Poppy’s guts. The hair colour was wrong, the age was wrong, the eye colour was wrong. Everything was wrong. FUCK!

Whoever this stranger was the body had to be disposed of so as not to tip off Matron if he did come through this way (as was expected). Ungar Nuki made a meal of the marrow first and foremost, breaking open the skull of the man lastly. That was for dessert. The remains were buried in a shallow grave.

Upon reflection, he felt a pang of guilt for slaying the horse—he had a penchant for piebald ponies, and this poor beast had possessed a striking black and white coat. Ungar took time out to drag the horse to a nearby lake, sinking it to the bottom by placing rocks in its open abdominal cavity.
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