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Arcadia Complex / ISS Downrider OOC

Hey y'all, we have a subforum and an OOC thread now!

Expect the first intro thread to roll around soon™! It will be open to intro replies for a while before the first GM post is made (so people will have plenty of time to finish their characters).


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Holy hell look at that we actually did it.

Episode 1.5 is inbound within the next few days. Its going to be a short intermission for a few of our new players to get involved on logically. Dahlia is going to the Mafia for a bit of help and maybe a payday.


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Hey look, it's the one-year anniversary of the plot creation! First post was on the 25th, but the interest check was posted today last year!

Some statistics:
In-character Posts: 537
Threads: 8 (3 mainline, 5 Joint Posts)
Letters dropped from title: 1
Arcadians encountered: 1
Nepherians encountered: 2
Incipans encountered: 3
Notable robots encountered: 2
Polearms encountered: 4
Running Reman death count: 1.5 (counting being shot through a portal as a half press)

Fun Fact: OSC-01 was the first true NPC concept for the plot, with her initial design being older than Dahlia herself.

In other news, I am thinking about bringing on another NPC either this or next thread. Another contact of Dahlia, being an old-fashioned travelling doctor and necromancer. For one, the other option is Juryrig or Dahlia's novice amount of necromancy. Two, it would give me better room to you know. Kill people.


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I'm also thinking of retconning Arbs into someone who can actually, y'know

But still able to do basically everything Arbs has done up to this point to prevent things from getting too muddy.


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yep, I am here now!
Now, time to figure out which 8 of my characters that weren't just one-off jokes or whatever that I could fit into this...


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We have reached the end of Episode Two! The next interim episode should be up soon, after I figure out exactly where and how I can place it so new characters may join.

State of the Gang Address:

Dahlia: Shaken up
OSC-01: Broken, expect more literal memory issues
Juryrig: In an identity crisis
Arbitrated: Soon to be retconned into Aradia, the cooler smol
Reman: Amazingly not dead
Romulus: Amazingly not dead yet
Keith: Should have gone for the head
Deimos: Saw Hero
Marie: Shock and awe and bleeding
Mikodimus: Demoted.
Rhea: Main character?????????

Bryce: Smugger than a mugger
Satori: Recording this information for later use.
Avani: Missing. Last seen angrily dismantling Deimos' old gang for anyone who missed that mark.

For all intents and purposes, Yvonne does not exist anymore as their player didnt have time to play. Arbitrated is now Aradia but there should be no noticible change for now. Just a clean continuation as if Arbs was Aradia all along.

A3 is also in variable existence unless strawman starts posting again.
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