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    Rumored to be alive. Most assuredly dead.

    Rumored to be alive. Most assuredly dead.
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    Re-imagined: What Once Was Old Has Been Made New

    The darkness held no mystery for me. This curse--gift, I reminded myself. She would want me to refer to it as such. See, this gift...another perk: I could see near perfect in darkness. My inherited elven blood had always granted me keener senses that humans, but I could never imagine acuity of...
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    Re-imagined: What Once Was Old Has Been Made New

    The inclusion of elven blood within a noble house made my family something of a curiosity among the local gentry. The lands from which we originally came had bordered a Way to the mythical Isle of Avalon. Family lore (and the local legends) insisted that the Shas family were one of the first to...
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    Not exactly new...

    In it's prime (circa 1999-2002), Ayenee hosted three age categories of role players: You had your mid-20s and plus crowd, your mid-to-late teens crowd, and your tweenies and younger teens crowd. Most of the first two groups now have jobs, mortagages, children, or 900 cats to take care of. The...
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    A great idea that never got past the planning phase.

    I remember the days before Ayenee had fully come into it's own, back when a lot of RP was done in the Teen section. One the biggest problems was determining how to settle character conflict, because let's face it, most people don't liked to lose. The idea of staged fights was proposed, with...
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    Re-imagined: What Once Was Old Has Been Made New

    The Damned Once upon a time, I was the wealthy heir to a sizable duchy. My parents doted upon me with many varied splendors, I was engaged to the fairest maiden the local aristocracy had to offer, and I was content with the destiny that I had been given. Fate truly is a fickle mistress. The...
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    I miss you fools.

    It's hard to find time to throw in when real life starts to get in the way. But I've got fond memories of Ayenee and all her children. Hopefully, I'll find some time to do a guest appearence in some RP or something...because it would just be awesome to RP with you guys and gals, again.
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    Like a bad rash... I'm still here. Well...sometimes.
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    The Broken, Beaten, and Damned

    Sometimes, our fate is not within our own hands. Whether we make our own choices, or our choices are made for us, at some point in your life, you will have no choice at all. That's usually the point when you have to roll over and call it a lifetime. Ried Shas had reached that point. He had...
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    These people ain't bad.

    Different styles, Low. Some people play like that.
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    Blame it on the dark lord...

    ...ok. It's official. I feel like I'm 15 again. (Damn...where are my khaki JNCOs and Hoaxxx raver threadz?) I swear to fuckin' Gargauth, if Grumpy(Stephanie) and Bloodrose(Anna) show up, I'm done. Oh, and good to see you're still kickin, Mr. Foxx.
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    Gettin' down in downtown! (spill-over from "A Calling")

    Not stickin' around for this... "I lead a charmed life..." Shas thinks to himself as suddenly, there's several mechs in formation around the succubus. The odds had suddenly tipped in his favor. Normally, the opportunistic vampire would be pleased by unlikely turn of events, such as these...
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    Gettin' down in downtown! (spill-over from "A Calling")

    Eyes darting to and fro. Smooth, calculated glances. He drank in the demon's beauty...a vision of loveliness, undoubtedly. Ill-armed and armorless...and still, more dangerous then a fully-armored knight. The school appearence contradicted by the furtive smirk in appreciation to the tango...
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    Gettin' down in downtown! (spill-over from "A Calling")

    "Oh, she's good." Such were the unspoken thoughts of Shas. Under more civil circumstances, Shas imagined he could take advantage of several of Dezlynxiari's more subtle Succubus capabilities. At the moment, she was standing in the way of good public relations opportunities. Ried...
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    Gettin' down in downtown! (spill-over from "A Calling")

    A powered armor that vaguely resembled what the Glitter Boy unit may recognize as a PA-10A ArmaTech "Samurai" class SAMAS strode purposefully into the massacre. It hailed the Glitter Boy for a system-to-system interface for transfer of data. All malignant software scans read the transfer...
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