The Broken, Beaten, and Damned

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The Venerable Jai

Rumored to be alive...
Sometimes, our fate is not within our own hands. Whether we make our own choices, or our choices are made for us, at some point in your life, you will have no choice at all. That's usually the point when you have to roll over and call it a lifetime.

Ried Shas had reached that point.

He had more then his share of lifetimes and then some. More then once, he had reinvented himself. In Ayenee, that was easier than in other places. Shas had adopted a new look, a new lifestyle, and a new philosophy more often than some of his contemporaries did menial tasks, such as cutting their hair or changing their clothes. Consistency was something he did very poorly. For one suffering such a banal curse as immortality, he certainly changed with the times.

Time. Time drug by, slowly. All over the city, he heard the cacophony of chaos, arising from the sounds of battle and other, less recognizable things. The creature whose name he had spoke didn't respond. It became obvious to him the creature wouldn't respond. A single, scarlet tear traced a line down Shas' snow white cheek. And then he burst into a fit of laughter. And why not? It was gloriously humorous! So many over the millenia had sought to kill him, for all manner of reasons, grand and humble.

Creatures of malignant evil, benevolent good, and everything in between had tried to end his existence. All failed. The one time he truly was undone, he was brought back by a mournful love and her coterie of feminazi witches. Still, there were times when Shas would gladly give up all he has accomplished since just to once again be on that island surrounded by mists, playing with the lives of that Order. They were such...spirited opposition. He turned to look out over the Capital City.

"Death has looked over me, this day." He spat a glob of viscous blood to the ground. "What is left for me to do, but simply to go on? Ayenee, I will be the single soul walking upon your broken, seared and scarred ground, if need be." A clever smile touched his lips and he gave a bow. The form of Shas dissipated into a fine mist, which fluttered away, discreetly.
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