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Do you guys have any suggestions for me? I know this is a quiet place these days but I'm still interested in improving Ayenee. Some stuff I introduced on Star Army, the other site I run, and could do here are: Xenforo Media Gallery Structured data for the wiki A Suggestions/Ideas Forum where members can upvote or downvote suggestions Other ideas: Merge inactive forums Get those Tavern Tuesdays events going or any sort of events to draw people in
I made some software updates this morning. Fixed some DNS settings to help with the email situation Updated the board software (Xenforo) to the latest version Updated the Shades of Gray styles to the latest version Updated all wiki extensions If you guys have a particular wiki extension (or forum add-on) you'd like installed let me know. Also, I'm thinking about removing the WRAP plugin since it tends to be used to create problematically-formatted pages that break on mobile views.
Hey Ayenee, I'm getting some bounces back from emails sent by the forum which is telling me that some of the email our server's sending out is not making it. This is likely due to email services like Gmail being very picky about who they accept mail from (especially with IPV6. I am currently trying to work out a solution that doesn't cost too much (getting an IP4 address unfortunately will raise our bills). Just wanted to make you guys aware that I'm aware of the problem. While this is... will have two planned outages for upgrades to our two servers as our web host updates them to a new operating system version. SQL server Date of upgrade: August 13th Maintenance Window: 6:00pm PDT - 10:00pm PDT Expected Downtime: 2 hours Affected: Forums (wiki will stay running) WWW Server Date of upgrade: August 14th Maintenance Window: 4:00pm PDT - 6:00pm PDT Expected Downtime: 2 hours Affects: Whole site
I've just updated the site's backend database so that now all types of characters can be stored. This means you can now use emoji! 🍔
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