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Resolving Conflicts

No matter how well and fairly you play the game, you will most likely find yourself eventually disagreeing with another Player. Here are some suggestions for dealing with the most common problems. Remember - if all the Players involved in whatever conflict exists can find better solutions than these that work for everyone, then of course they should do so. What is most important is that the conflict is resolved to the satisfaction of all those involved.

Character not welcome in a room Sometimes people make rooms for Fantasy only, or Tech only, or perhaps a group opened a room for X-Men RP. Whatever the case may be - if you login to a room with a Character, and are asked to leave you should probably do so. If you stay and insist on playing out your Character it will only cause arguments instead of good interactive RP. Try another room, there are always many of them, or make your own if you'd like.

If you are the one in the room already and wish for a certain Player to leave, at least be polite about it when asking. For example, explain that it's a fantasy or tech only room, etc. and that they are welcome to return with a more appropriate Character.

Interrupting the “mood” of any gaming already going on Often you will enter a room where there is an RP scene already well under way. This does not mean you can't join in, but you should take care not to interrupt rudely. It's no different than if you were really walking into a tavern or poolhall and the people there were in the middle of a conversation or game. Take the time to see what's going on before describing your Character entering the area, and try to join in the spirit of the gaming going on already.

While sometimes it will be welcome, do not always expect a group of Players RPing out a very somber scene to enjoy a Jester dancing around playing tricks. Neither they, nor their Characters will necessarily welcome the interruption. And the same in reverse - a group playing out a scene at a carnival might not care much to have someone enter and try to change the mood of the RP by bringing in a stalking killer Character. You won't really know if such a thing is welcome until you try. Often it is. However when it is not, you should respect that. Again.. it will only cause arguments to force the issue.

Character entrance is too long Many Players find overly long entrances to be rude and intrusive. Please keep this in mind when describing your Character's entry into an area. If your entry is received badly then perhaps it is time to shorten or change it.

Character is too powerful No matter how many warnings and suggestions are given there will always be Players who wish to combat with exceedingly powerful Characters. If this happens and you feel the combat would be unfair, then it is suggested that you PM the other Player and explain. Perhaps they will agree to limit or handicap their Character for the combat or to some other arrangement. If no solution is possible then it is best to not agree to combat.

If your Character is accused of being too powerful yet you don't use it for combat, it might help if you explain this to the other Players. Otherwise, use your power Character fairly at all times, or else you risk being ignored by other Players.

Not wanting to combat vs. wanting to combat You may find yourself in a situation where the other Player insists on combating and you don't want to. If you've explained in PM to them and they still insist on attacking IC then it is best to ignore them. You would most likely not have had an enjoyable combat with them anyway.

If you wish to combat and the other Player does not - you should always respect that. No matter how much you believe the RP should lead to Character Combat, it is not worth Player argument.

Player/Character doesn't respond to other Characters words or actions This happens often, especially in very busy rooms. Perhaps the other Player did not see your Character speak or act towards them, or perhaps they are simply AFK. Before getting upset or rude you should always try to PM the Player and ask what the situation is. If you are not satisfied with the reply, or receive a rude reply, then againthe best option is to move on and find someone to RP with who is more agreeable, and will pay more attention.

Player/Character stopped responding or left suddenly Most often this is because of technical or computer problems and the Player will return shortly. There is not much you can do, except wait to see if they come back, and if they do not continue the RP if you wish, as though they had disappeared suddenly. Often this sort of thing can be ICly dealt with in a lighthearted way.. for example:

Blacksword_Jim: waits expectantly to see what Bluemagus' light show is all about. However he notices the mage disappear without warning and shakes his head in confusion. “That's the third such vanishing act in two weeks. Is this the Ayenee version of The Body Snatchers?”

It is absolutely unacceptable to continue acting as though the other Character is still in the area, simply because their Player did not get a chance to describe their exit.

Player didn't allow for anyone else to take turns Often Players will describe too many of their Character's actions in one turn, not giving you the chance to react with your Character. There is no need to start arguments over it, or to claim you've been Auto'ed just yet. Often it can be dealt with by retroactively describing your Character's actions.. for example:

Lady_Silhouette: turns and sees that Jim is preoccupied with Blue's odd disappearance and realizes this is her chance. Eyeing Jim's double-handed sword, laying on the ground next to the upturned table, she lunges for it. Pushing all debris out of her way, she grabs the hilt of the huge weapon. Blacksword_Jim: hears the sudden movement and wheels around, his eyes widening. As he sees the woman nearing the weapon that lays just a few feet from him, he drops quickly to reach for the sword before she can get to it.

As you can see - just because Silhouette's entry came up before Jim's doesn't mean his move is less valid or happened too late. Silhouette's Player should have allowed for Jim to react to the lunge toward the weapon as he was nearer to it, and this can be a way for Jim to fix that kind of error. This does not mean, however, that Characters can “go back in time” in such a way in any situation. This is only a solution for when a Character has gone too far ahead in time and overstepped their turn.

Player/Character never takes hits Often you will feel that your opponent is not taking enough hits, or enough damage from hits. It would be best to simply accept this during the combat and if the problem is bad enough, avoid combat with that Player in the future. If you feel that dealing with it immediately is necessary then you should PM the Player and discuss it.

If you find you are often told that you are being unfair in not taking hits - then you should probably consider taking more of them. And again, if you do not wish to have your Character harmed, or you expect to win every fight, then you should not be combating.

I've been auto'ed! What do I do now?! Don't panic. It happens. You don't need to call the Player names, or halt the RP or instantly put them on ignore. Instead you can try to repair the situation, and help teach a possibly inexperienced Player all at the same time. Much like the example above when Silhouette didn't let Jim take a turn, an Auto can be dealt with often in the same way… for example:

Lady_Silhouette: lays on the floor, with the wind knocked out of her, looking up with malice at Jim. Blacksword_Jim: smirks with self-confidence, trying not to chuckle at the mess this assassin has made of her job this time. Lady_Silhouette: growls, not liking being made fun of one bit. In a flash of movement, she whips out a small dirk from her boot and jabs it as far up as she can reach towards Jim's lower thigh, snarling in anger as the blade cuts deep enough to sever tendons and disable him. Blacksword_Jim: realizes his overconfidence almost got the better of him this time, however just as Silhouette stabs upward he falls backward to get out of the way, taking a shallow gash to his upper leg but having no severed tendons.

Once again, the Player of the Auto'ed Character can usually fix the situation retroactively, as above.

Disagreements over items, abilities, etc. This is much the same as dealing with a Player who never take hits. If you disagree with the items and abilities a Player has given their Character then it is best to simply avoid combat with them as it will likely lead only to arguments. If you are already in a combat situation and the Player comes up with items and abilities you don't feel that Character should have or are fair, then you should PM the Player about it. As ever, if no agreement can be reached there is no point in continuing the combat.

Disagreements regarding attacks/defenses Even after all of the above you may find you have a combat situation where both Players can't agree on exactly what has or should have happened. Or for any other reason you may both wish to have your combat mediated. It is best to decide on having a mediator present before the combat starts if you can arrange it (often someone in the room will agree to act as such for you). However if this was not done and you would like to have the fight looked over - the Justicars at the Mausoleum will be happy to help you.

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