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Across Land And Sea

Wer. A small continent all by its lonesome just a several thousand miles from the mainland, barely known about to the rest of the world for its sheer insignificance. It's home to many unique creatures, such as the Werclas; tall, strong, demon-like folk whom never sought what lied beyond their borders. That all changed when the comet, Yahell, blazed across the sky after The Great War, and crashed into Wer. It covered the world in magical blue flame, changing everything in one swift stroke. Wer, however, changed the most. It shattered into a dozen islands, each with unique aspects, and those say that Yahell lies at the bottom of the Maw, the grand maelstrom that sits in the middle of the mess of islands.

Gone were the simple days of dragons, dungeons, wizards, gods and more; Ayenee was no longer a realm of medieval fantasy beyond the realm of your own imagination. Now, outsiders from the stars have staked their claim on the precious soil of the planet Ayenee, finding refuge and profit in this magical world. The Werclas, deeply conflicted about their future, began a civil war among themselves for years, until the first Werclas Sage, Aegis, used his power and charisma to bring everyone together. Now, in the present day, the world knows the United Islands of the Wer Archipelago to be a successful seafaring nation with a powerful navy. A melting pot of culture, magic, and technology. Home to a handful of one-of-a-kind tourist attractions. Yet, it is secretly the center of the biggest web of organized crime that has ever existed.

This roleplaying plot, with Burgmond as its host, tells the tale of a group of pirates that sail the WSS Silent Maiden, smuggling beer, shooting people, and probably much more than that, honestly. Come on, shipping is bound to happen, political intrigue is bound to happen, character progression is bound to happen, and there'll probably be a shoehorned the kraken reference or something.

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Mavro Gyal Captain Burgmond45 NPC -
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