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Mystic River Falls

Mystic River Falls is a white-water river with rock-centric waterfalls in a Northern continent on Ayenee that is a hub of magical activity geographically.

The river has several waterfalls that come down from the skies. The water is deposited from the fog and clouds overhead for a good portion of the year on Ayenee. Magic is in a state of rapid flux here. Some of it is made in the bowels of the continent and released out at several points, one of which is the Mystic River Falls. Ever-churning and moving, this river is never still. Above Mystic Lake is a series of cave-like exits for the water in the red rock leak out water in mass amounts.

It is said that the entire spectacle is entrancing to anyone viewing it far or near. Like a siren, even setting eyes on these structures will call one to explore them endlessly. Rumors say both that some Devils live under secret entrances in the waters and that those brought to the caves fall to their deaths while the waters call them to it. Whatever the case, few come out after going in.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Hoshi on Mon 15-01-18.

Art by joakimolofsson.

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