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Vampire Tavern of Memorial City

This vampire tavern is frequented by those that live for the blood of the body. They are served what they crave here in such quantities that rarely are innocent non-vampires preyed upon. The vampires of the tavern range from quite docile to extremely polite to all those in the tavern. It is not a safe place for those without manners and an air of refinement, but is tasteful and able to put on airs. Many non-vampires have found their way here and find the act of walking on eggshells to be more enjoyable. The staffing is very strict and follows direction to the letter, unless the customer is wrong, of course.

The interior is beautifully intricate with glowing see-through partitions and half-walls, a large and very demonic statue behind the lower bar. There are high backed chairs for demons, ghouls, and the like throughout as well as chaise lounges for the occasional succubus or lady of the like. The floorplan allows for the main room to have an offshoot dining hall as well as back set of rooms for promiscuity or what have you, then a VIP lounge area. There is only one main bar and the drinks are brought to each room by vampiric waiters and waitresses, only.

Blood drinks are sold only to those that can consume them healthily. Any non-vampires should be wary and may be refused blood drinks. Liquors are usually well-liquor quality while the blood drinks are a mix of pure, unaltered blood, either neat or on the rocks, to cocktails and blood-tinis. Smoking is not allowed.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Hoshi on Mon 15-01-18.

Artwork by Banzz

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