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Malorhe Tavern and Inn

The Malorhe Tavern and Inn was opened on in 2009 by illogical_reality on the forum1).

Description in RP

The crowded tavern was a place of bustling noise and mediocre services. Set in the midst of a forest, it was surprising to see so many patrons, and yet, there they sat, each drinking and laughing or carrying on secretive conversations or merely sitting alone, fiddling with various toys including every weapon imaginable and some even using magick. It was a mixture of races: elves, halflings, fairies and rogues, vampires and vixens and even an occasional human or two. The list continues on and on and there are no words to describe how random this particular tavern could be. Even Superman was known to drop in on occasion and who knows what else might walk through the door at any given moment. Note that there is emphasis on the word WHAT.

And of course, let's not forget our buddies who prefer the shadows. Those were the bad-asses of the bad-asses and hid among the shadows of the rafters and the tables in the corners. Any and all were welcome here, although it has never been considered a “sanctuary.” Even as you walk through the door, who knows what might decide today was the day they were going to piss in your Wheaties and there is absolutely nothing to be done about it beyond either backing down or drawing a sword, AK, or whatever other weapon may be at your disposal.


Of course, the tavern had various rooms. There is the main room where everyone and thing mingles. A long bar with every kind of drink imaginable lines the back wall. Various tenders serve there, some friendly, others not so much. These creatures of servitude vary in race, age, sex and appearance depending upon the patrons and who they decide to speak with. Here at Malorhe Tavern and Inn, our aim is to please and whatever you want can be conjured at a moment's notice.

To the left of the bar is a staircase. Up those stairs are private rooms made to delight in or fight in, whatever your pleasure may be. No identification is required to rent one of our rooms. Prices vary. It depends on the use of each room and how many windows and how much furniture will have to be replaced once you depart our fair tavern for greener pastures. We used to require that you pay in GPs (untraceable currency, you understand) but these days, with modern advances, we accept all forms of payments, including credit cards, whether they are yours or not.

Tavern Rules

And all patrons need to keep from behind the bar when fighting please. With the variety of drinks and food served, we can no longer afford to keep replacing some of the more hard to acquire merchandise. Of course, you may have noted the two doors set behind the bar. Those lead to the kitchens and store room respectively. You're welcome to have free use of the store room as long as you can guarantee no fighting will erupt within. Again, food and drink costs have gone up quite a bit and we would prefer to not have to constantly replace it. And don't think we haven't noticed you telekenetics using your mind shit to blow up our bottles. Stop it or else. Yeah, OR ELSE. Go play your mind games with that unsuspecting patron who just walked through the door.

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