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Brimstone Castle

The fortress known as Brimstone castle sits in the remains of an ancient volcano. The castle walls are jet black from being covered in soot and ash. The volcano might be ancient, however hot lava continues to flow through the natural channels that were carved out over thousands of years. This made for a convenient moat around the castle.

Castle Brimstone was created over a five centuries ago by a very wealthy vampire family. The family had used the volcano for many years to craft some of the best weapons and armors across the land. Using their wealth, they constructed a grand castle for themselves and built it within the volcano itself, thus Brimstone Castle was created. The vampires were able drive their wealth even higher making themselves lords of the surrounding lands, and subjugating all who opposed them by either coin or a blade.

The family and Brimstone castle grew over four centuries, in that time managing to make quite the name for themselves. However, their reign was short lived.

Due to the poor treatment of their subjects and vassals, the people revolted against their vampiric rulers. A long and bloody battle ensued with no clear victor. Upon investigation of the castle, it was found deserted. There were no records of the battle, they only clue that there was one was the damage to the structures inside the castle. They did not have time to do much research because several people in the party vanished during the investigation, spooking the survivors.

Those who walk the bridge to Brimstone Castle, have never been seen from again. The rumor is, the vampire family that once ruled the castle went feral, while others say that it is haunted by the subjects who were abused and tortured by the vampires. No one knows for certain, but Brimstone castle remains derelict to this day.

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Art by joakimolofsson.

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