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Romulus Aurum

Romulus Aurum is a PC played by Zweihawke.

Romulus Aurum
  Gender Male 
  Race:   Human 
  Faction:   Independent
  Occupation:   Artificer
  Rank:   N/A
  Fusion Level:   40+

Physical Appearance

Romulus is a nit taller than average, clocking in at 6'2. His deep emerald eyes mask the cockiness of his personality. His hair is straight, dirty blonde, and kept in a perm with his bangs parted to accommodate the little extra charisma he needs to bargain. He is slim, but he clearly isn't weak. He knows how to keep a good workout routine in place.

Romulus has a custom knit maroon suit-jacket, complete with black flames at the bottom of it. To match this, he has oval glasses with maroon tinting in the sunlight, and a trilby that also matches his monochromatic color combo. A pair of khaki pants and a beige suit-shirt break up a bit of the flair in his suit to remind you he's your “average” joe. He washes his getup thoroughly, and can keep an appearance no matter where he goes.


A Head researcher employed by Amperia Institute, Romulus was a workaholic. He knew not much more than his work, as it was his life. However a man calling himself the ProtoKnight came knocking on his lab door one day, and told him of a horrible future that he'd be the only one to truly stop. To try and prevent this future, he took over a particular research assignment, and started researching a new material called “Fusion Crystal” to form it into a weapon to combat the horrors to come. He named it Project Round Table, in an effort to steel the route to a new future, through his bastion of research.

Looking for subjects, he tried asking for volunteers for science, but nobody wanted to sign a contract with a man that would expose you to a material that would possibly kill you, so he took matters into his own hands. He started kidnapping folks, and sending his assistants out to kidnap volunteers. There, he would directly expose them to the crystals before developing the Driver systems, a way to control the keys without need to just use the crystals, as he could already see that it was spreading out of his control.

Speaking of out of his control, eventually the project ended with all of his subjects being let go after a major escape by one of them, and he has wanted to hunt down every last living trace of it ever since, to correct his mistakes and complete his work.


Romulus is a prideful man, confident in himself over anything else. If they can't do it, he can. On the outside he'll be simultaneously charismatic and callous, showing a bit more of a heartless side. But on the inside is a man full of regret, doubt and frustration. His shame must be ERADICATED before he can become whole again. He will respond to orders, but if something comes up that benefits his motives, he will not hesitate to act upon it.


  • Programming: A skilled programmer, but one who doesn't use programming for more that what he needs to accomplish.
  • Engineering: Great with creating objects and artifacts that can do practically anything. Although they are usually one-purpose items, they'll do their job better than anything else.
  • Piloting: Someone who flies a ship in their spare time knows how to pilot. Especially in his ship; “Apex Velocity”, he can tear through a system with utmost expedience.
  • Bartering/Haggling: A smart man, can barter his way in or out of a situation. Has gone through that rodeo a thousand times.
  • Deception: His Sleight of hand is better than most, able to say what he wants directly to someone's face and leave them without a clue to go on.
  • Researching: As a former head researcher, he knows the ins and outs to science and magic. He wrote several theories and estimates, his greatest work being that which came out of Project Round Table.
  • Combat Taking his spare time to learn martial arts and weapon training, he spares no expense in trying to get the advantage over his enemy.
  • Transformation: Romulus's first method of attack is his Veteran Driver, a revolver that forms ammunition based on the driver keys he puts into it. When that doesn't work, he can always use it to transform into an EvoKnight and gain his trademark suit of red armor. He can also transmogrify the gun into a huge, flaming broadsword called “Kings Wrath.” It's a thick enough mass of steel to either melt, or block bullets.


  • Driver Veteran
  • Three Driver Keys, “Steel”, “Voltage”, and “Inferno”.
  • Apex Velocity (In Disc Form)
  • Spacial Compator that compacts items into smaller, dice sized cubes for easy access.
  • A custom built hoverbike, to take joyrides or to get from point A to point B in a flash.
  • Money from a bunch of different planets, to spend anywhere.
  • An inventors kit, complete with matter manipulation device.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Zwei Hawke on Wed 24-10-18.

His speech uses the color code “11cc99”.

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