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Reman Argint

Reman Argint is a PC played by Zweihawke.

Reman Argint
  Gender Male 
  Race:   Human 
  Faction:   Independent
  Occupation:   Mechanic
  Rank:   N/A
  Fusion Level:   30+

Physical Appearance

Reman Argint is a near typical humanoid male, clocking in at 5'11 at height. His clean, hazel eyes blend in with the grit and dirt usually on his face after a long day of work. His hair is unkempt, often only cleaning stains and oil from his hair, doing only the necessities. His slim build suggests he doesn't work out much, but in practice, this seems not to be the case.

Reman's typical garb is that of a standard-issue ship mechanic, built for utility and to withstand the elements as best as possible. It's bright mint and gray colors are a far cry from being spotless, as the front is usually going under the facade of cleanliness, but upon close examination, it's not really clean at all, leaving behind the transparent echoes of grease and oil once spilled. On occasion though, he wears absolutely spotless clothes, as to when he needs to go somewhere that respects an air of formality.


One day, in the middle of Reman's daily routine, He was sent to work on a high-class freighter for quite a sum of pay. Once he arrived by shuttle, he was subsequently kidnapped, and experimented on in the shuttle, along with a few others. He was away from work for seven solar cycles before he was released, but not before they attached a brace to Reman's arm, seemingly powered by an unholy fusion of technology and magic. The first time he encountered the real function of the driver, is when it seemingly responded to a trinket he had collected from childhood, and he eventually suffered for his curiosity. The brace created a massive suit of mobility armor, being able to block a few attacks, and greatly boosting his acrobatics. The first time he did this, he was exhausted and in great pain, but he kept trying it, and he eventually got used to it.

Throughout the system, there are more of these trinkets spread around, and Reman only discovered that there were more after stumbling upon a trader in search of work. The trinket had a different effect on his armor, and made him able to withstand more fire, at the cost of some of his greater movement capability. He unfortunately lost it, after he was mugged within a more seedy part of the system. He has made it his quest to figure out what has been done to him, and what these objects are.

Reman works day-to-day on his ship, which he lives in akin to an RV. It's well kempt, and clean. You'll find only the slightest stains in the engine room, where his obvious Jerry-rigging takes place. His job was to build and repair fighters, but unfortunately he has no way to get his job back, or another one. He's looking out for selling his talents to anyone, and he's nearly gotten into altercations with local trading hubs for practically begging to “Fix your ship up so well, you'll GAIN fuel from travelling!”.


Reman's OCD mainly drives what makes his decisions, as he would prefer most things in a situation to go as planned, even if he's not particularly good at executing them. He tries to be as nice as possible, and will respond to direct orders formally and properly, rarely objecting to his superior's words unless it directly violates his way of life.

On the inside, Reman is excitable. If you really get to know him, he'll beam like he's a blue giant in the middle of a room painted entirely with vantablack. He likes to work on ships, and especially when he can, pilot them. His ships are practically an extension of his own personality.


  • Programming: Knowing a minimal amount of programming, he's able to make rudimentary interfaces and easy UI. It doesn't always work, but when it does, it's shaky at best.
  • Engineering: An adept builder, he's able to practically memorize blueprints, and he's able to find easy flaws and vulnerabilities within, and fix them without trouble.
  • Piloting/Navigation: Reman is as adept at piloting ships as he is at building them. He has at one point driven a rustbucket with only one functioning thruster through orbit, retaining life support, and barely getting a dent or two on it.
  • Transformation: Reman's line of defense is a brace on his arm, that when activated grants him a massive suit of armor, made of silvery green metal, and shiny, reflective armor. It comes with a revolver-axe combo, that can be used for either ranged or melee attacks. He's not good with aim, but he can make close combat interesting at least.


  • Arm brace seemingly welded to his skin.
  • A toolkit, perfect for fixing ships on the go.
  • Rations in case of emergency, as something USUALLY goes wrong.
  • A map of star systems, obviously beat up and overused to the point of near non-functionality.
  • Spare parts and broken rusty bits, just in case he needs them, which he usually does.
  • A journal of odd space happenings and old ship designs. The cover is stained with oil and paint.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Zwei Hawke on Wed 24-02-18.

His speech uses the color code “ff2211”.

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