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Reese Blackthorne

Reese Blackthorne
Titles: The dream lord, King
Gender: Male
Races: Tuatha De Danann, Elf (fey)
Age: 358 years
Occupation: Druid, Shaman, Mage
Faction/Kingdom: Blackthorne/Velusia
Alignment: Neutral/Good
Status: Alive
Relatives: Desmond(deceased,brother),Rebecca(deceased,twin sister),Vincent(deceased,brother),Orianna(sister), Adrian(half-brother), Cebrese(half-brother,deceased),Shamus (son), Reign (daughter), Prasutagus Darkthorne(son), Sayge(daughter,deceased),Destiny(daughter alive)
Height: 5'9“
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red

Reese Blackthorne is an arch-druid, the high king of Velusia, dream lord. Reese and his twin sister were marked by a prophecy, it said they would defeat a great threat to their race and kingdom. The weight of such responsibility was a lot on Reese. He never wanted to live in the shadow of such responsibility, and often tried to flee it. The more he fought destiny, the tighter its hold on him became. The kingdom and the clan would change drastically under his rule.


Reese and Rebecca were born into the Blackthorne clan over 358 years ago. As the children of prophecy, they were the royal heirs to the crown. They had other siblings as well, their oldest brother Vincent, middle brother Desmond, and younger sister Orianna and half-brother Adrian and Cebrese. As a child, Reese became lost in the forest and was rescued by a dwarf and an adventure named Maia. It was then that Reese decided he wanted to become an adventure.

It was forbidden for Reese to be without a guard and to venture from the lands of Velusia. Reese told his sister about his plans to sneak away, she tried to stop him. Reese would not be stopped and set off. Reese sought the fabled sword in the stone, said to be embedded in an obsidian boulder in the middle of a magical lake. His friends consisted of, Ronin Wolfstein the mage, Olivia Du Grace the fencer, and the elf bard Amhránaímeisce.

The four of them traveled for over four years to find the hidden location of the lake, falling into many adventures along the way. The sword required three trials to be passed in order for one to be worthy of removing it. After passing the trials, Reese was asked by a voice, if he would give anything to change his destiny? The young tuatha answered he would, but little did he know that price or that one can truly never escape fate. Reese and his friends came across an airship called the “Morning Star”, they agreed to give Reese a ride back to Velusia. It was on the way back that the ship was attacked, Reese managed to shield the vessel.

The Fall of a King

Redvar had joined the tuatha in a coalition with human and elven kingdoms in fighting off the threat of the Darkthornes and their allies. The king wanted to protect his people and his lands. The lands near Regalia were heavy with the Darkthornes forces and their allies. Redvar summoned, storms, tornados, earthquakes, and entangling vines, it seemed the battle would turn. Then a dark figure appeared on the battlefield, an elder wyrm crashed onto the battlefield. It sent defenders and attackers flying with a swipe of its tail. The she-beast engaged Redvar in combat and the two fought for hours, but eventually, the king fell. The dragon's fire burned the king leaving nothing but ash.

The dragon had been sent by an agent of the very darkness, his children were destined to defeat. At the same time, assassins made their way into the heart of the castle, seeking the royal family. Relena had seen this in a dream, for she was a oneiromancer. She had already sent the family away, and only she remained. She fought off the assassins but died from her wounds two days later.

Reese returned to a kingdom in mourning for the passing of the king and queen. Reese blamed himself, had he been there. He might have been able to save them. Reese and Rebecca put aside their grievances and with the help of their older brother Vincent, ruled the kingdom. It was one dark night when Reese slept out beneath the stars that things changed. A dark spell was cast over him, it created a being with his face, but lacking his morality.

The evil doppelganger Eseer was commanded by the Dark Effigy to create a divide between the twins. This copy caused a lot of strife and made Reese question his sanity. People were dying and suffering, and by all accounts, it was under Reese's hands. Rebecca swore to help sort through the accusations. She told Reese to go into hiding before the people rose up to take the law into their own hands. Reese fled the kingdom and took passage on an airship the “Morning Star”.

The ship came under attack by the Darkthornes, the silver ship rocked back and forth. Reese used his druidic abilities to create a barrier of wind to block the attacks. He went into hiding in the lands of Lysia. Meanwhile, another agent of the Effigy, Delain, a female changeling, had befriended Rebecca. She manipulated her into believing that Reese wanted to take their birthright for himself. That he wanted to rule the kingdom alone. The murders had stopped since Reese left Velusia, so this must be a sign of his guilt. Delain also drugged Rebecca with a powerful dream altering elixir. This made her have nightmares about her brother.

The Problem with Taverns

Reese became a healer because the landscape surrounding Lysia was worn torn. He found his skills at surgery and healing were very useful. It was in this vocation that he encountered Lily, she volunteered at his make-shift field hospital. When the wars ended, she stated she would return to her tavern. She said now that the nation had its fill on fighting, they'd be thirsty for a good drink. Reese decided to go with her, he had never had a job before. As a prince, it was never required of him.

Reese lived in peace working at the tavern, chopping wood, fishing, and laying by the woman he loved at night counting the stars. The two were wed by a mutual friend. Reese could never get over how amazed he was at the woman who loved him. He had never felt this sort of true happiness in his life. The year went by and they shared many memories in the Whiterose Tavern.

One day a stranger entered the tavern, the person concealed his face with a hood. They told Reese that his sister Rebecca had put a warrant out for him. The mysterious stranger also said that Reese should be careful about the one he calls wife. Reese didn't want to believe that Lily would betray him. He, however, fell victim to paranoia and began to search the room they shared. He found letters revealing correspondence with his sister and Lily's master, Jared Darkthorne. Reese confronted Lily about the letters and she tried to explain that she had no choice. She was a slave, bought from the auction house and used in a plot to manipulate and spy on Reese.

It was fall and the land was gray and cold, a carpet of leaves littered the surrounding woods and roads. Reese tried to come up with a plan to free Lily and to put an end to whatever plan his sister and this Darkthorne had. Lily admitted that she had truly fallen in love with Reese. She said that he was the kindest man she had ever known in her life. He could not choke back the tears at her honesty. He knew in his heart that she loved him, they were victims of fate.

Lilly was to meet Jared and give him the news, on this day Rebecca would be there as well. Before the meeting, Lily informed Reese that by the end of spring he would be a father. Reese was overjoyed, he could think of no greater role than to be a father. Reese watched from the windows of the mansion as Lily entered and knelt before Jared. Rebecca was there with a strange woman. It was then that the mysterious hooded stranger appeared and informed Reese he would aid him. Reese had wanted to avoid a fight, he didn't want anything to happen to Lily.

Lily informed Jared that she had told Reese of his plans. This was the signal for Reese. Jared backhanded Lily and began picked her up. He understood that she meant to double-cross him. Rebecca drew her dagger when Jared mentioned they were being watched. Delain pushed Rebecca causing her to fall forward. Her dagger plunged into Lily's chest just as Reese and the stranger entered the mansion. The two were covered in the blood of Jared's guards. Reese witnessed his sister pulling her dagger from Lily's breast.

He rushed over, she fell like a star from the heavens into his arms. He cradled her in his arms, she drew him in, they kissed and she breathed her last breath. Jared seeing his moment drew his blade to kill Reese before he snaps out of his sorrow. The stranger's blade blocked Jared's and the two began a long duel. They exited the mansion interior. Rebecca tried to console Reese, she explained it was an accident. Reese carefully laid down the body of his beloved. He drew his sword and attempted to plunge it into Rebecca's heart. She moved aside and instead his blade buried itself in Delain's chest.

Reese pushed the woman off his sword and turned to face his sister. He would not be denied his vengeance. Rebecca made her way to the exit when the body of Jared came crashing down from the entresol. The hooded figure removed his hood, revealing Eseer, he looked almost exactly like Reese, except his eyes were a different color. Rebecca witnessed this, but was forced to flee before her brother remembered his rage.

Heart Torn in Two

Eseer laughed as Rebecca fled the mansion. Reese allowed her to leave, as his attention was now focused on his double. Eseer slowly strode down the stairs leading from above. He mocked Reese's grief over the fallen Lily. Reese understood now the rumors about him had been the actions of this figure. He had no idea what game this Eseer was playing or what he truly was. An air of silence suddenly fell on the room, only broken when the two figures charged towards one another. Their blades sent up sparks as madness fought against rage. Eseer fell back against the stone stair railing, it crumbled on impact and he tumbled across the floor. He snatched up his blade in time to block Reese's sword.

Eseer stood as Reese performed a moulinet, Eseer parried the blow. The two fought all around the mansion, eventually the sun shown through as the two panted and sweated. Their blows were weakening and they were covered in bruises and cuts. Reese finally performed a meisterhau, Eseer was not prepared for such an attack and was cut across his chest and abdomen. Eseer threw a vase at Reese who raised his hand to block it. When he looked Eseer had made an escape from the mansion.

Reese knelt down and picked up his beloved. He brought her back to the tavern and sat there holding her cold, lifeless hand. That night he carried her body, draped in a white cloth to a lonely glade they often visited. By the moonlight, he placed her body atop a pyre and lit it ablaze. He strode through the forest, disappearing into the shadows.

The Coming Storm

A year passed and Rebecca had married, she was with child and the fall had returned. She could remember that cold day that she brought her brother so much sorrow. He had vanished and she could not reach out to him and tell him that she was sorry. She had been manipulated, drugged, and in the end, she had made a mistake. She knew that a reckoning would come. She knew a storm was coming, one that might tear house Blackthorne apart.

Her husband had come to visit her in Velusia, he still wanted her to return with him to his own kingdom. She couldn't leave without settling things with Reese first. The night was dark, the sky cloudless, the vast array of stars twinkled hopeful wishes. She was alone on the balcony when she saw Chance and Nyx below making their way towards the castle.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, she felt a presence. It was dark, filled with hate and sorrow, it felt like an open wound. The air was alive with electricity. Her heart began to flutter in fear, she turned to go back in the castle. His eyes burned like miniature suns, he moved like a devil. She barely had time to see the moonlight glint off his sword. It penetrated her abdomen, she looked down and watched as he slowly pushed it into the hilt. His hand gripped her shoulder so hard the skin broke.

She felt herself flying backward and then like a leaf caught on the autumn breeze, she was floating in the air. She crashed to the ground and was submerged in darkness. Her husband heard the shout outside and rushed out. Her found a group of guards and people gathered around his wife. He checked on her and felt a pulse, it was faint. He caught a glimpse of someone with a sword walking into the cemetery. He called for a healer and urged for the guards to follow him to the family crypts.

Reese looked up at the sky, he trembled with rage and regret. Clouds began to appear in the sky and lightning flashed. “Halt!” he heard over his shoulder. A stranger shouted insults and threats, but Reese was far away, the echo of the man's voice could not even reach him. He stared blankly at the graves, one freshly dug grave for his sister. He just needed her to fill it now. He turned and as the guards came at him, he casually killed them without effort.

The stranger before him was different. He had heard Rebecca married some stranger from Ayenee. Reese's attack was blocked, he was pushed back and the two began a dance. The rain began to fall, heavy and cold. The clang of metal and splashing of feet in mud soft from rain and blood echoed near the castle. Reese shouted and screamed until his throat burned and bled. He struck with such fury, that his sword broke, it slashed through the leg of her husband. Reese stepped back and tossed the useless blade aside.

He began to call upon the man of the land around him, it was thick in the air like the smell of blood and rain. He forged it through his metal causeways and sent out a blast of arcane energy. It knocked the sword from her husband's hands. Reese apologized for having not introduced himself, unaware that her husband knew magic as well. When he sensed the energy it was almost too late, Reese was hit by the spell, his body riddled with wounds as he fell back into the fresh grave.

Her husband was about to finish him off when Melfina and Sabrina came running into the graveyard. At that same moment, Rebecca felt through her psychic connection to Reese the pain he endured. She cried out for her husband to stop. He reluctantly did, looking down at the badly damaged body of Reese. Sabrina and Melfina pulled Reese up out of the grave and took him to the temple of Gaia for healing. He remained in a coma for months. In that coma, he was given visions, by her holiness the goddess Gaia. He saw the tortured landscape of another world, a world covered in a thick layer of decay and evil. He could see a shadow ruling over that land. A shadow that had tendrils reaching out, touching the very sorrows that had plagued him thus far.

New Beginings

In the darkness of his dreams, Reese was reunited with his beloved Lily. She warned him as well about the threat and she told him of a way to gain the power to defeat it. Reese awoke to the warm summer breeze wafting in from the ocean. The scent of the sea was salty and refreshing. He explained what he must do to Sabrina and Melfina, they agreed to help him find this Dreamlord.

First, though he had to seek out his sister. The two met under the watchful eyes of various allies to both sides. Reese said that the two of them had brought such sorrow upon the other, that forgiveness was too much to ask. They had been misled and played like prancing fools in a king's court. They could continue to gift each other pain and suffering until eventually one or both died.

Or they could agree that they made mistakes, that what was done, would forever be done. Rebecca mentioned she had lost the child she was carrying and that she barely survived his attack. Reese reminded her that she had played with his heartstrings, no matter whether she was misled. Rebecca agreed that they should simply move on and never raise a voice or blade to one another again. Reese agreed, she then informed him that she would be leaving Velusia, to live with her husband in Ayenee, beyond the veil.

Something in Reese told him that he would never see her again. Years later he heard reports of the cataclysm of Ayenee. He heard about her husband's kingdom being swept away in a maelstrom and disintegrated.

The Dream Mantle

Reese ruled over Velusia with help from time to time from his brother Desmond. He often left Desmond or Vincent in charge while he went off on matters of import. He spent years solidifying alliances and securing trade agreements. Over the course of that time, Reese and Melfina had fallen in love. Their love was shallow and it didn't last. Melfina gave birth to two children, Prasutagus and Sayge.

Reese loved being a father, he spent most of his time with his children. So much so that Vincent took on a more permanent role in the governmental workings of the kingdom. Also so much that Melfina saw very little of her husband. Rumors spread that she had affairs with various famous individuals in the kingdom. Melfina began to drink a lot more than a queen ever should.

After Darkthorne assassins attacked Reese and his family at a friend's wedding, Melfina had enough. The queen and her children disappeared that night like the winter snow. That winter was very bad, the cold cut to the bone. Reese found solace in the bottom of a bottle. The world seemed dark, paranoia seeped in, the castle was a place of silence and memories like ghost haunted its halls. Reese spent most of his time by the fire, he would drink and then drink some more. Sabrina could not sit by and watch her friend sink any further in this dark miasma.

It hung in the air, filled the castle, everyone around him seemed to suffer it. She mentioned that she had heard rumors about the Dream Mantle. At first, Reese didn't care, he lost his greatest love, his sister, his children. He wanted to wallow in his sorrows, to drown in his misery and be free of the pain. Sabrina managed to break through the thick barrier of his depression.

Reese summoned the lands heroes, put together a small army and with Sabrina by his side marched to Riven. The mountains there held an ancient city and ancient terrors. Vampires older than any Reese had seen, they attacked them in the valley. Many died, and worse a blizzard quickly sealed of their escape. The few left ventured on finally finding the city in the mountain. There was a temple with glyphs and hints at the ancient god once worshiped there.

They accidentally awoke the temple's ancient protector. The guardian was the source of the blizzard that surrounded the lands. The man had power over the elements calling on them like pets. Reese was struck by lightning and his unconscious form slid down the temple steps. Sabrina seeking to aid the heroes against this threat tried to take flight, but the winds of the blizzard threw her to the wall. With great effort, they defeated the guardian, but they would not make it through the valley with so few.

Reese called upon his friends aboard the “Morning Star”. Without warning a hole opened in the sky and the ship emerged from it. The captain explained that they had acquired some technology from the crashed ship of a Donhal Ashbane. With this artifice, they were able to transverse the plans. Reese was amazed by this technology, it was some sort of magic he had never seen. He thanked the captain for his aid as they landed in Lochland.

Reese had learned the location of the Dream Mantle, but it was just out of reach.

Behind the Veil

Reese married Sabrina and together they had three children Sean, Zachary, and Destiny. He was once again happy, but he knew this happiness could not last. It was only temporary while the threat of the Dark Effigy was still out there. Reese asked the crew of the “Morning Star” if they could aid him one more time. He asked them to take him to a realm that he had seen on the walls of the temple. It was the same vision he had seen in his coma.

They managed to come up with a device that would pull the image from his mind and find its location. The process seemed to take a very long time. When it was acquired the crew and Reese traveled to the realm and were suddenly overcome by noxious fumes, the landscape was dark and seemed to twist and change. There was only one thing in this landscape, a demijohn shining like a star in the night sky.

Reese grasped the bottle and opened it and was instantly taken to a place, not of this reality. Energy flowed out of the bottle surrounding him. He heard a voice in his head cursing him for setting them loose. He saw another energy a darker one that fled into the kaleidoscopic landscape. The world around him constantly shifted and changed. The entity informed Reese that he had released the dream lord thus gaining the dream lord powers, but in doing so he had released the Nightmare Lord as well.

Reese grappled with the seriousness of his actions. The voice told Reese that now he was the dream lord and charged with fighting the nightmare lord. The voice also showed him a place in the dream where he could spend a hundred years in merely a minute. The voice instructed and taught Reese in the ways of a mage, stating he would need these skills. Reese asked to be instructed in the ways of shamanism as well. Reese had developed a plan in those 100 years. Reese agreed to defeat this nightmare lord once he dealt with the current threat to his home. The entity in his head explained to him how to return home.

When Reese returned, 4 years had passed by. Sabrina had moved on and remarried, she had moved into the lands of her husband beyond the veil in Ayenee. Reese decided it was for the best, for now, he would focus all his thoughts on the threat of the Effigy. Reese needed time to learn his powers, to prepare countermeasures, and to figure out his foe.

Reese had heard that a great cataclysm had occurred in Ayenee. The land was sundered and a darkness was spreading. He decided there was only one thing he could do. He began a ritual to remove the Theras veil from Ayenee and place it in a small pocket dimension. He could then train an army to fight the threat of the Effigy, he could learn his powers, all while safe inside the veil. He thought about all the loved ones who would be left behind in such a titanic event. The sacrifice would outweigh the loss, he was destined for this.

As he began the ritual he was attacked by a small force of Darkthorne's, lead by Diago. Eseer arrived and together they defeated Diago, Eseer banished the brute to the shadow realm. Reese continued with the ritual and eventually, Eseer left. The lands cried out as they were plucked from the world and transported to their new home. The effort was such that Reese needed time to recover, the time it seemed flowed slower in this isolated dimension. 20 years would pass in the bubble, while outside it 200 years drifted by. Empires rose and fall, legends died off, and the landscape changed, what remained of Ayenee was nothing like what had been.

The Final Battle

While in the bubble Reese traveled to the remaining lands and formed a new coalition. One that would address the threat of the Effigy. The leaders of all the remaining kingdoms were angered at Reese for plucking their lands up and spiriting them away. Many mages became interested in the magical moorings that tied the lands here. There were numerous temporal anomalies and planar tears that needed to be addressed.

It took some time for Reese to convince the leaders to his side. In that time Reese met and married Tsuki Hasu a leader of one of these lands. Her land would not survive the reentry process of the planar regrafting. Tsuki and Reese had three children together and continued to put together the force needed to take on the Effigy. Reese had constructed a prophecy through the dream realm, that the Theras planes would be released from the planar anchor by their children.

He then began observations of the Effigy finding out the history of his foe, his powers, and his goals. The Effigy was a dark god trapped in a sort of crystal prison, the prison had cracked just enough that he was able to extend his influence across the planes. He sought to bring chaos and darkness to creation, to rule over it as a demonic god. Stories played out in the Theras realm, stories that eventually led to the destruction of the mooring spell. The lands violently reappeared where they once had been. Some lands were completely destroyed, others were lost in time rifts.

Almost as quickly as the lands had reappeared, so did the black portals. From these portals emerged the Effigy's strike forces, ready to destroy the kingdoms before they could recover. The coalition launched an attack, taking one of the portals they forged through into the realm of the Effigy. Shamus and Reign, along with Prasutagus lead the combined force of the Darkthornes, Blackthornes, Bloodthornes, and Whitethornes (the last remaining thorne clans) through one such portal.

Eseer's daughter Merlindria betrayed the coalition and joined forces with the Effigy, but her efforts were in vain. A battle like none before erupted with the combined might of the kingdoms versus a realm of dark beings. Millions died, the ground was so drenched in blood from both sides that soldier sank in the mud over their ankles. Reese and Tsuki joined the battle, the crystal about the Effigy finally broke. The dark clouds above parted as a red light fell upon the form emerging from the crystal. The battlefield became silent and still, the form grew in size standing 10 ft tall. The blood red skin, horns, lions mane, and orange eyes made him a terrifying display.

Wasting no time, he waded into the fray. He summoned more demonic minions to the battle. Reese was nearly slain as he tried to take the Effigy on alone. Reese's master plan began to unfold, two heroes on the battlefield wielded weapons Reese had forged in the past through the minds of dreamers. These weapons when combined created a weapon called harmony. It had the ability to resonate in such a way that it removed the Effigy from the host he inhabited. Weakened from the separation, the Effigy was defeated by the heroes of the day.

The Nightmare

Reese had promised to defeat the nightmare lord after having dealt with the threat of the Effigy. He managed to get a small year long rest before moving on to his next crisis. It seemed that the crisis had come to him. The lands were gripped in a plague of nightmares and a strange disease caused people to enter a comatose state. In some parts, they claimed that strange fantastical lands were suddenly being grafted to the landscape. On inspection Reese found these to be pieces of the dream and nightmare landscapes from the dream realm.

Reese sought answers and was forced to leave his family once more. He entered the dream realm, but a year went by and there was no answer from him. Tsuki decided to go in after him and to try and find what had happened to her husband. She was pursued by agents of the nightmare through the ever changing landscape of the dream. Through her connection to her husband, she was able to find him. He had seemed confused stating he had only been in the dream for perhaps a day.

When he discovered that the length of time had changed much like the landscape of the dream, he realized what it meant. Together they forged on deeper into the dream. There like a gaping wound, a tear in the realm. It tore through to the next reality and so on. Reese could see the realm of the dead, the elemental realms, and others through the hole. At the end was their reality, something had crossed the realms, tearing a hole through them as it passed.

As the dreamers of the lands fought inner demons, the land was assaulted by actual demons from the dream realm. The furies, agents of the nightmare lord began to terra graft parts of the nightmare into the landscape of the waking world. Those who fell to the inner demons that haunted them rose up as mindless pawns of the nightmare lord. Reese and Tsuki emerged from the hole in reality and found a spiraling tower upon a small atoll in the ocean.

From the top of this tower, was Reese's half brother Cebrese in command of the nightmare lord powers. Reese and Cebrese fought, eventually, Adrian, Cebrese's full brother came and joined the fight. He had been trapped by the nightmare lord but freed by a group of the dreamers. Cebrese had forged this tower for the sole purpose of ripping through reality, he called it his reality needle. He had set it upon one of the great leylines of magic and was cementing his tear in reality by draining mana from the land.

Reese and Adrian managed to defeat the nightmare lord, they destroyed his needle with the help of Tsuki and other heroes. As the needle collapsed into the tear, so did Cebrese, they watched in horror as he was disintegrated with the closing of the tear. Reese gave the Dream Mantle to his half brother Adrian, choosing to stay in reality with his family from now on. The nightmare was finally over.

Weapons,Relics, and Weakness

Claíomh Solais: The sword of Nuada, some call it a god-slaying weapon, it was not an easy task to acquire this weapon. It was one of the first adventures that Reese complete as a young Tuatha and upon his return with the sword, he found his kingdom in chaos. His parents had died while he was away seeking the sword to aid in their war against the Darkthornes. The sword is engraved with runes in an ancient fey language empowering it with magical spells, the runes glow with a divine light.

Draíocht Fáinne Óir: Also called the ring of reagents, it was his father's ring. The ring was crafted by numerous Tuatha jewelers and mages in honor of his ancestor defeating the evil queen and uniting the Tuatha people once again. The ring removes the requirement of any spell, in regards to components, it also is bound to the wearer until their death at which time it returns to the curio box made for it.

Iron: Iron is deadly to Tuatha, it can poison the blood, something only a blood transfusion can fix. It can also make a wound become infected or not heal right. Tuatha are basically allergic to Iron, it is an item not found in their blood or anywhere in their bodies like it is in humans. As such this has caused such rivalries between the humans and dwarves with their dealings with the Tuatha. Humans use iron in so many things that Tuatha can be offended by the most minute object offered them by a human. The dwarves spend their time mining iron and smelting it more than even the humans and some of the runoff from their smelting camps has polluted streams that run through Tuatha lands. Iron also weakens Tuatha in such a way that their regenerative abilities are disabled for a few days from receiving a wound with iron.


Magic: Magic is a powerful elemental force in the world. Those who can wield it, can in a sense become gods. The power of magic however has always been tied to a price. The more powerful the spell the higher the price, sometimes simply reagents for casting. Other times the spells payment can be blood, life, or simply karma. Magic can absorb energies, create energies, transport, protect, harm, destroy, banish, command other living things, create illusions or influence. It can erase memories, scars, and curses, it is the giver of life or death, to ones foes or even friends. Magic is only bound by the ability of its user and their imagination. Magic can change an object from one thing to another, it can give you the ability to commune without words. You can command reality, or simply the elements, or perhaps time. Reese learned magic at an early age, part of his royal upbringing, he eventually became a druid, working his way up the ranks. After the death of his parents, Reese spent some time in Vanguard learning magic before heading off. He worked on mastering this skill with his friend the outlaw mage when he was not busy with Lily's tavern. Lily herself helped teach Reese a few tricks as well, mainly new forms of healing magic.

Regeneration: Human regenerate at a slow rate, the Tuatha regenerate at such a rate that, they are immune to things like cancer and the loss of limbs, unless through magic or pertaining to some iron based weapon. Certain magics have a negative effect on the Tuatha regenerative abilities, things like necrotic energy, or certain elemental energies. A Tuatha should be able to regenerate a loss limb, even organ, but certain parts can not be regrown. These parts are the head, heart, spinal chord, and brain. Regeneration can be slowed or nullified by blood poison due to iron.

Sword Fighting: Reese has trained with some of the best swordsmen in Ayenee and out. He has spent his days seeking out the best fighters and testing their weapon or martial skills. Reese known how to use many weapons, and a few fighting styles, but he has not master all there is to know. Even though he could simply use his abilities as dreamlord and basically upload the knowledge to his mind, he chooses to learn the old fashion way. Melee is Reese's favored way of fighting, magic comes in second. The weapon and martial fighting have a way of revealing a person's true self in ways that no other fighting style can convey.

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  • “Humans like to persecute us and those like us. They call us monsters, blame some of you for killing their numbers. In the end humans will kill more of their own than any other. In some ways humans, are the real monsters. They hate so freely that which they do not understand. Here, in Velusia, you shall be protected, the humans here, not all, but a majority shall accept you as I do.” - Reese to the Avriel Vahl and Draconic Dex and their people.
  • “I forgive you, for the wrongs you've done to me. However, I can not forgive you for betraying our family. It is with a heavy heart that I must administer the ultimate punishment.” - Reese at the execution of Tank Blackthorne.
  • “I am at peace with you, I wish that this moment could last forever.” - Reese to Lily


  • Created 1998
  • Played by Julian Milam
  • Twin sister Rebecca, later changed to Orianna, then back to Rebecca
  • Reese was named after Julian's favorite candy at the time
  • In chat history, Reese has had seven wives and ten children

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