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Artemis Solipso

Aradia Sivins

Artemis Solipso is a PC played by Arbitrated.

Artemis Solipso
  Gender Female  
  Race:   Human?  
  Faction:   Independent
  Occupation:   Pilot/Team Mom/Medic of ISS Downrider
  Rank:   N/A

Physical Appearance

Artemis is a young-looking, pale woman. Cursed with albinism, she regularly has to avoid direct sunlight to prevent her paper-thin skin from burning horribly. Despite having to shelter herself, Artemis often portrays quite a bit of energy in all that she does, and walks with confidence. Standing at a whopping 4'5“ tall, Artemis is short enough to be easily carried around by the average person as if they were picking up a child.

Though her height is easy to direct attention towards, the modestly curvy Solipso woman's single most distinctive feature is her hair, a mass of fluffy, curly, snow-white strands sprouting from her head. Often earning her the nickname “cloud” or “sheep”, Artemis usually keeps her hair under control by setting it into a large ponytail, but when uncontained the hair nearly reaches to her knees. This can sometimes cause a bit of a commotion if she needs to move quickly.


Artemis was born in an atmosphere regulation aerospace station on the terraforming project of the planet Narwhal. Due to the (at the time) frozen and toxic atmosphere, she grew up almost exclusively indoors and within sealed air systems, chatting with scientists, technicians, workers, and anyone who'd come to visit the station. In time, she became a sort of mascot for the staff, keeping morale relatively high as the project progressed.

In addition to her personality, Artemis had been discovered at the age of three to have an aptitude for magic - rather early for most people. As the people around her had been focused on scientific endeavors, it was natural for Artemis to “imprint” the ideas behind science onto her magic - chemical reactions, all spells are simply variables to adjust as desired, and high end technology sometimes literally IS magical, even in a small part. In a sense, Artemis has self-taught her magic, rather than visiting an academy or having developments that are completely outside of her control.

Living on a station which helped to transform a world from a frozen hellscape into a livable (but not necessarily a paradise) location created quite the sense of discovery for the young Solipso girl, who was awestruck by finally being able to set foot down on the world she'd lived above for the first time at the age of thirteen. It didn't take long for her desire to be once again turned skyward, wondering what other wonderful, terrifying, and unique locations could be out there in the universe. But she had to wait.

Despite her assistance to the terraforming initiative, Artemis was no official scientist - and often took advantage of this to engage in rather disruptive behavior - pranks, jokes, buffoonery, and the occasional misdemeanor such as reckless shuttle piloting. Despite this, though, it was devastating to her family - and the rest of the personnel aboard the station - to have witnessed her shuttle, on an otherwise normal transport run to the FOB on Narwhal's surface, to have simply… Disappeared. There was no recovery, no damage, no crash site - it was as if the shuttle had simply vanished.

Artemis refuses to elaborate on what happened to her when she was MIA. She did, however, return - three years later - and complete the supply run, as if nothing had seemed to happen on her end. It wasn't until she heard a different voice of ground control - and noticed the significant amount of green covering the ground below her - that the pilot had processed that something wasn't quite right anymore.

Despite her lack of knowledge- be it a lie or the truth - Artemis had returned quite changed. People who'd never met her, had trouble remembering her. Sometimes, she seemed to disappear in her sleep, before reappearing in bed some thirty seconds later. Luckily, however, she didn't vanish forever anymore. After some intense discussion and an analysis of her mental state, Artemis was cleared to reunite with her parents, who'd been transferred to planet 758a1) to start work on another project.

It took several months to get to her destination, and by then Artemis had discovered quite a bit about her… Eccentric, explanation-defying “ability”. She was also able to hone her skills in various other fields of work, building up a rather impressive resume for what one would consider an “adventurer”.


Artemis is a relaxed person, and readily optimistic. Nothing makes her feel better than being able to cheer up the people around her, and will readily press into something she perceives as needing work to be done. She regularly leaves handwritten or typed notes out for people she wants to be remembered by, and can whip out some paper as soon as she needs to at any moment. On the flipside, she's also an absolute hooligan, using her ability to seemingly disappear in order to set up bait, cause inconveniences, borrow things without permission, and also - should fighting break out - keep herself on a low profile.

She's environmentally aware, in space as well as on a planet's surface, and is particularly perceptive of things such as the subtle change of atmosphere before a storm. She loves to talk about these sorts of details to those around her, not only for observation reasons but to make them aware of what she can see.


* Stealth: Not quite true, but not false either. Artemis can seemingly become imperceptible for a short amount of time, where only the most aware people can actually spot her2). This seems to work on cameras and similar sensors to a limited extent. When this fails, she can slip away through a crowd and, for the most part, everyone forgets about her over the next ten minutes.

* Home Management: Cooking, cleaning, and unlicensed psychological help. Artemis can keep a small place neat and tidy and cozy, but she's a bit lazy and prone to not doing it until things have piled up3). Her cheerful attitude helps put the people around her at ease, though.

* Piloting: Though she's not an expert pilot, Artemis is more than capable of flying most normally-designed starships quite easily. She prefers to fly tenders and shuttles, thought.

* Magic is Science: Artemis often manipulates chemicals, in a sort of pseudo-alchemical sense. This can be something as simple as fabricating water from the air, to boosting somebody's adrenaline levels, to creating various poisons, fuels, and medicines. She has little direct offensive power from her magic while on her own, but can copy and even modify magical effects that she can study. She often records these additional, “learned” spells, into a book for further study.

* Combat: Though she often stay away from fighting, Artemis has gotten into a fair share of scuffles, gang wars, and even a military coup once. She prefers a light SMG as her main weapon, and she dons some lightly protective armor when she expects fighting to break out.


  • “Fowl” - Artemis's SMG, which is modified to be more accurate, have easier handling, and an unusual feature which lightly shocks whatever she shoots4). The weapon has poor armor penetration, however.
  • Combat Armor - Work in combat, this armor provides Artemis protection against potshots or stray bullets and energy blasts, while remaining light and easy to move in. It's good enough for what she does, but won't stand up if she draws attention to herself.
  • Spell Book - A catalog of spells Artemis has seen other wizards and sorcerers use, provided she had the time to study them. These spells she does not have innate knowledge of, and she needs to refer to this often if she wants to utilize them.
  • Star Compass - A tool for navigating the galaxy of Ayenee. This electronic device uses a snapshot of the night sky when used, and uses that data in order to estimate its current position. The more pictures that have been gathered, the more accurate a reading will be.
  • Clothing, a wallet, the usual stuff really.
  • An atmosphere mask. This covers the whole face and provides, with the addition of a small tank, enough breathable air for about 4 continuous hours of use. Good for emergencies. Earplugs included.
  • First-Aid Kits. It's amazing how often they come in handy in normal life, and that's BEFORE you get shot at!

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Arbitrated on 07/31/2021.

Her speech uses the color code E25041.

An official name for this star system and its planets has yet to be determined as of present day.
She can grant this to other people as well, but in a very limited fashion
Or until somebody tells her about doing it
This can be toggled off very easily
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