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Arbitrated Shan

Arbitrated Shan is a PC played by Arbitrated.

Arbitrated Shan
  Gender Female  
  Race:   Human-Sage 
  Faction:   Independent
  Occupation:   ???
  Rank:   N/A

Physical Appearance

Arbitrated Shan is an impressively short redheaded woman, clocking in at only 132cm even though she claims herself an adult. Even then, she looks like a child with her longer-cut hair, her diminutive height, and flat chest. Her heterochromic eyes, one blue and the other green, cause her to be readily recognizable by face even in a crowd.

Arbs typically dresses herself in informal-looking sweaters, sweatshirts, and hoodies, with pants to match - even in blisteringly hot weather or when other people would typically bundle themselves up in heavy winter coats. This is mostly a side effect of her sage status - she is fairly resistant to temperature changes1). In fact, her average body temperature has been recorded to hold steady at 43 degrees Celsius2) - with no apparent detrimental effects to her health.


(OOC:I'll be making this right and proper eventually, but I want to get more comfortable before setting this up in a larger scale. The current biography will be effectively a temporary one, though it won't be thrown away.)

Arbitrated Shan was born a sage a little over two decades in the past, on a small space station far from any large establishments, organizations, or the like. Without knowing where it actually is, finding the location on a map would be incredibly difficult. From birth, she was quickly set on the move with her parents, never spending much time in any given place - and all of those places varied. She spent all but the last year or so of her life living with her family on the run - from whatever it is that they were trying to avoid.

Raised a drifter, Arbles ended up staying on the move when she finally set out on her own. She was able to learn how to pilot most common spacecraft, and as such she typically scraped together her wages from piloting all kinds of freighters and even on occasion, a mercenary cruiser or destroyer. She has also planned travel routes for many of her assignments, making her a skilled navigator as well. Being effectively a mercenary, her past became uninterestingly interesting from then on.


Arbs is rather dodgy when approached by other people. She usually tries to keep the proverbial spotlight away from herself, typically by trying to shunt it to somebody else. She often keeps to herself and does her own thing, but she's also a pretty good listener and rarely will refuse to cooperate with a plan. Rarely.

Saying that, Arbles often speaks directly when she does speak - she is not afraid of stating things as she sees them, even if there were easier ways to explain things. She does, however, know how to lie when she needs to.


  • Magic/Thermokinesis: Arbitrated, as a sage, has some control over thermal energy and heat. This includes removing heat from an object or area, or adding it. Given time and focus she can boil or freeze water with just a thought3). The power is inherently very flexible, though Shan has done little in terms of using it for any purpose.
  • Thermokinesis(Passive): Arbitrated is constantly feverish in temperature, though she is not inherently weakened by this. On the contrary, the high body heat she has significantly reduces the likelihood of her getting infected with most common diseases. As a side effect of her ability, she typically needs to consume about 4,500 calories a day to maintain her body weight.4)
  • Piloting/Navigation: Arbs is a respectably skilled pilot and an excellent navigator for starships. This is how she has earned most of her money in life, and is generally her go-to offered skill when she's looking for a new job.
  • Stealth: Surprisingly, Arbitrated is pretty good at moving quietly and hiding. Except when any thermal - based vision is involved, such as infrared technology. Then, she shines like a star.
  • Agility: Because of how short she is, Arbles had to climb a lot of things as she grew up. Consequentially, she is very nimble despite her appearance, and can freehand-climb most surfaces were it is reasonably possible to do so. This does also include moving platforms, vehicles, and sometimes even people.


  • Several outfits packed in a suitcase. Many are somewhat worn out, given that a tailor for someone of her size is difficult to afford on a minimal budget.
  • A 10mm kinetic, ballistic pistol for self-defense. She barely knows how to use it, though.
  • A seemingly endless supply of snacks as far as most people can tell. She's almost always eating something.
  • A personal electronic map noting most known star systems and other spacemarks5)
  • An assortment of knick-knacks and other memorabilia-like items of no real value outside of the sentimental.
  • A small, easy-to-remove poster of some cool stealth fighter, dramatized.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Arbitrated on Sun 21-01-18.

Her speech uses the color code “cf0062”.

She may be resistant or possibly even immune to pure thermal weapons such as lasers, but she has been predictably reluctant to willingly put herself on the business end of a weapon, and as such she doesn't know if she is.
109.4 Farenheit
And several minutes of concentrating
Consequentially she's almost always eating.
They're landmarks, but in space! Basically nebulas and crap like that.
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