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Aradia Sivins

Aradia Sivins is a PC played by Arbitrated.

Aradia Sivins
  Gender Female  
  Race:   Human  
  Faction:   Independent
  Occupation:   Pilot of ISS Downrider
  Rank:   N/A

Physical Appearance

At only 135cm1), Aradia is an incredibly short person. She has chest-length reddish hair that forms loose, idle curls as it descends; one of her eyes is a stormy, silvery color, while the other is an oceanlike blue. She has the overall appearance of a child, though she is actually 53 years old. She claims to achieve this immortality-like state through a complex, decade-based ritual - she states that the ritual “heals one's body from time, but not their soul”. The ritual has no direct relation to her childlike physique; she'd have looked the same as now if she was only 30 and not extending her lifespan.

Her body has very few curves, with a nearly nonexistent chest and a very minor difference between her hips and her waist. She actually sees this as an advantage, so she wouldn't “get stuck” on something unexpectedly.


Aradia was born on the planet of Hadron-2, a small hubworld in a resource-rich star system. Living in the city for most of her childhood, Aradia often had dreams of some day traveling the stars; her parents, however, wanted her to become a powerful, professional mage instead. Reluctantly accepting a bargain with her parents - they would give her enough money to live on her own in space if she graduated from college - led the tiny woman down the path of magic and the arcane. Nearly a decade later, the 28-year-old Sivins woman had a basic degree in elemental magic, backed up with an advanced degree in the subject of spellcrafting.

The day before she had moved out of her parent's home to leave the planet of her life behind, Jacob2) handed her a small book - a freshly printed copy of a family memento on their mantle. Within the tome was a seemingly indecipherable script, which would take Aradia years to understand, that explained in detail many different magic rituals - including one for an unaging body.

For a majority of the following decades in her life, Aradia did as she pleased and desired: exploring the galaxy and stars, expanding her mind, and simply living. She would on occasion return to Hadron-2 to visit her mother and father, as well. During this time, Sivins had accrued enough spare cash to buy her own personal starship3), which she used to ferry herself between worlds quite often. Quite recently, she had met Dahlia Morgan, offering to be the primary pilot for the ISS Downrider on its adventures.


Aradia is a surprisingly carefree individual despite her age; she doesn't seem to be weighed down by the nearly two centuries of memories she has. She likes to make sure people are informed and correct about things, and will habitually attempt to correct any erroneous information she encounters. The only exception to this is the contents of her family's tome - a secret she plans to only share with her own family.

Aradia isn't afraid to use her magic in a lot of situations, though the drain on her body can significantly limit the amount of magic she can channel and use in any given time frame; as such she often tries to avoid wastefully using magic to avoid the side effects of overworking herself. She likes to prepare and plan ahead, running an organized and consistent life - for a drifter, anyways.


* Magic: Elemental Aradia has control over many magical elements, including earth, fire, electricity, metal, and ice. She can conjure physical manifestations of these elements, or an ethereal, arcane version; depending on the elements she uses, this allows Aradia to partake in combat, execute comparatively mundane tasks such as building a temporary bridge or barrier, or something else.

* Magic: Spellcraft Primarly based off her elemental control, Aradia is able to create and cast complex magic quite easily; typically, this comes in the form of combining various elemental powers into a stronger or more unique result, but this can also take the form of prolonged rituals or magical item creation.

* Starship and Astral Familiarity Aradia is quite familiar with many standard system on common starships, with an overall specialty in piloting and astral navigation.

* Agility Aradia's small size is advantageous for climbing, crawling through tight spaces, and other, similar activities involving flexibility or agility. This can be helpful in some situations, though it isn't very helpful in a fight.

* Medical/Healing Aradia has overall very basic practice in healing magic; this lets her treat people's wounds readily, but the process is intensive for anything more than a minor fleshwound. She backs up her magic with a more significant amount of standard medical knowledge, allowing her to conventionally treat wounds more effectively, if more slowly than her magic would.


  • Several outfits packed in a suitcase. Some of the outfits appear to be over a century old, but quite well taken care of. Most outfits are comfortable, informal wear; she does, however, own two cloaks that can cover her whole body, complete with hoods.
  • A silver-core, wooden wand with an emerald set in its base. This allows her to cast magic more precisely and efficiently, and the gemstone behaves like a magical “battery”, storing energy so Aradia can cast magic without exerting herself.
  • A gold-chain necklace with several tiny rubies set in the casing of the locket hanging from it; these appear to function similarly to the emerald in her wand, to a lesser extent. The inside of the locket has a handwritten note from her parents, as well as a picture of Aradia and her parents.
  • A 10mm kinetic, ballistic pistol for emergency self-defense. She usually uses magic, instead.
  • A seemingly endless supply of snacks as far as most people can tell. Why she has them, nobody can really say.
  • A personal electronic map noting most known star systems and other spacemarks4)
  • An assortment of knick-knacks and other memorabilia-like items of no real value outside of the sentimental.
  • A small, easy-to-remove poster of some cool stealth fighter, dramatized.
  • A book packed full of seemingly illegible, jumbled, and downright nearly impossible to read writing - some coming from Aradia herself. This appears to be a manual for several complicated rituals and magical interactions.

OOC Notes

This page was originally created by Arbitrated on Sun 21-01-18.

Her speech uses the color code “cc0099”.

About 4'5“ in imperial measurements
Aradia's father
More of a single-person shuttle
They're landmarks, but in space! Basically nebulas and crap like that.
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