Wow has it been a long time.

Artemis Bloodstorm. Gabriel Shadowstar. The OG Cryptkeeper. Nietzsche the Builder. The original Justin, master of the planes, lord of all that was psionic.

Putting out some feelers to see if anyone I know is still around. My ex Lady Talons. My homie SJ the Bartender. My D&D buddy Darrell 2 Ls.

Just seeing if any of my old amigos are around after 20 years. Memories and all.


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Welcome back, Although I don't think SJ has been around in a while or Darrell 2L's hasn't been by in a long while to my knowledge No idea on Lady Talons however... Although you do seem familiar to me.
Feels like the start of an Aaliyah song when Timbaland's going "It's been a long time". 20 years or thereabouts. To think I started getting into the role play via chat rooms just before college. Then I fell out when Dark Ages of Camelot mmo caught my eye. Then real life.

But ah the memories. Here's hoping I find some more! Married to Ember years later. Good times!
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I seem to recall a couple of those names. None of us has the patience necessary for me to list all of the various characters I've played over the years. lol. But yeah, SJs last post mentioned that he wouldn't be coming back for some time. Ayenee has become a memory for most people who once played it. None of us are as active as we were when we were teenagers. As you mentioned, real life.

Either way, welcome back to Ayenee. There isn't a fantasy RP going at the moment, but I'd be up for taking part in one if you're interested.
Since I'm currently running an online Pathfinder game, I definitely have the creative juices flowing! I'd be up to discussing or making another roll20 game. Since I've found and all their wonderful downloads!
I'm trying to remember what server I played on. RR6 Troll Shaman as well, stopped when they introduced the artifact system. Usually played with a skald named Renshai Foolkiller.
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