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Can't believe you're all still around! I recognize lots of names, been thinking about RPing again but I truly miss the off-the-cuff nature of chat RP. Tried Althanas as Ilroc but it felt contrived..

Back in 98-02, played as dozens of characters; namely Kilrenoir (Erik Amirault) and the Van Deras line (Deras himself, Sremmos, Seria, J'hagck, a half-dozen offspring), Kragh and lots I've forgotten about.

Does anyone still do chat RP? What about a space setting?
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Hang on Kilrenoir ....That name is rather familiar. Welcome back! As for space the final frontier, I believe that there might be something along those lines in the Arcadia Complex forum, although there is always the general free form as well. As for the chat based rp We do have a discord, although not certain we have anything specifically space based at the moment.
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