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Bakarne is a part of the Ayenee multi-verse. It's home to all sort of things dark and twisted: monsters, aberrations, demons, the unnatural, and other generally nasty stuff. Of course the climate and terrain are appropriately inhospitable.

For a long time the very existence of Bakarne has caused trouble for the rest of Ayenee. There a person could acquire all manner of vile, forbidden or nasty items and services, or find refuge from whatever forces of good might pursue them.

At some point a group of Ayenee magical elite, calling themselves "The Exile Initiative" decided to find a solution to this problem. Destroying the place wouldn't work; it's people would just congretate elsewhere. They agreed on a daring course of action: forever seal off Bakarne from the rest of Ayenee. Pooling all of their mighty resources they managed to do just that. They moved the entire world to another plane, then sealed it off so that no one could get in, or out, ever again.

In a wise move, they decided to do this on the night of the Festival of Anreill. Evil, depraved beings from all corners of Ayenee gathered yearly on Bakarne to celebrate Anreill, and so, the Ayenee elite hoped to catch as many of them as possible in their trap. And they did. The plan went off without a hitch. The usual night of sin and debauchery was had by all, and in the morning, no one could go home.

Now, the inhabitants of Bakarne must live out their lives as best as they can with what they have. And the gods help any innocent wanderers who had the ill-fortune to be on Bakarne that night.

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So there you have it. The story of Bakarne. If you'd like to join the game, come up with a Character, post it in the Characters of Bakarne thread and get started.

This welcome post is locked against replies, so if you have any questions etc, just post in the OOC Chitter Chatter Forum.
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