Violent Endings, New Beginnings

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No sound…that’s what Natalie heard as her body jerked around under the weight of the feeling of being submerged, no sound except that of the world seeming to come alive around her.

“NEELA!” Her scream was mumbled as she slammed her fist into the pod that held her. A tap on the glass made her stop as she fidgeted and opened her eyes to look closer. The world focused….refocused…unfocused again….then pulled slowly into view and her eyes locked onto the ex-Head Captain Rowan Genocide DeVour’s seemingly black pitted eyes.

Rowan set to work at tapping at the holographic screen that displayed Natalie’s vitals and other details. Natalie watched shivering in anticipation as Rowan continued to work. ‘Too slow.’ Natalie thought but things seemed jumbled as if memories were missing and the sudden sound of Rowan’s voice entering into her mind made her slam her body to the back of the pod, fear accelerating through her but registering the echoing thunderous words that sounded through her. ‘Cease your thrashing or I won’t let you out at all….’

Natalie’s eyes burned bright red as she opened her mouth to growl and inhaled the fluid from the pod, choking slightly and annoyed. Rowan watched her left eyebrow rose slightly as she moved her hand faster and shadows seemed to come alive from behind her. One shot forward and placed a knife to her throat, another figure appearing behind the knife holder and tugging at the shoulder.

“She is not to be released….what are you doing?” As the figure spoke Rowan flicked her wrist one inch her mind already sending the command and then the head of the figure slammed to the ground, knife dropping with a loud clatter to the ground. The wavy neuron particles blew almost like a cloth in the wind, her mind relaxing as the green light that emitted from her wrist disappeared almost instantly.

“Well….looks like the Aeli Vordyl (Ene Ribbon) works…” The other figure that had attempted to stop the person laughed out. Black hair, solemn eyes, and two swords at her hips and the Captain of Research, Development, and Stealth Forces Alina Kurotsuchi slipped into view beside Rowan, looking into Natalie’s tank as Natalie stared back amazed.

“Aye…it does and that was quite annoying. The High Priestess was informed of my intentions by me herself and the fact she does not seem to comply is beyond my logical thought process.” Rowan responded as she continued to move her fingers along the screen, keeping one eye on diagnostics.

“Maybe it’s because she doesn’t like to listen…” Another figure appeared leaning on the wall to the right of the large room. Alina tilted her head to the front so she could see the figure’s face, already knowing the sound of her comrade, the Captain of Scouting and Medical Brooke Jigura. Brooke’s slanted eyes narrowed even further as Alina leaned back.

“She’s on her way isn’t she?” Alina asked head cocked to the side as she watched Rowan’s hands work. But then another figure stepping in made Alina grin softly, knowing full well the presence of her Lieutenant and the Captain for Punishment Forces Dawn Ichimaru.

“Oh yes and she plans on giving us all the stare down of the century.” Dawn teased leaning on the opposite side of the entrance she had come through when the sound of heels clicking and the door officially sliding open made the two leaning on the wall stand erect. However, Alina and Rowan were unmoving, unwilling to bow.

“Rowan…what are you doing?” The white hair of the High Priestess Bayne Reith Duren-Owen tipped in red sat bunched up atop her head. Her body covered in tattoos dedicated to the deities they all believed in.

“I told you High Priestess….releasing Natalie DeNova from her pod. It’s time.” Rowan’s eyes flickered darker, the silver eclipse that normally rested even in calm in her eyes disappearing as the High Priestess spoke again, causing aggravation to slip into Rowan’s veins, no emotion showing on her face in the change of attitude.

“And I told you….you were not to be doing that.” Bayne shot back, moving a few steps toward Rowan, lightening crackled in soft wisps around Bayne’s body as she spoke. Rowan’s eyesight remained on the screens as she came closer to unlocking the pod.

“I have orders otherwise.” Rowan spoke with clarity as if she knew in her heart who she truly served and Bayne’s eyes darkened as she pulled a dagger from its sheath strapped around her thigh and spun it resisting the urge to stop the debacle.

“Orders? From who higher than I?” Bayne asked awaiting the answer and that’s when the air changed, and Bayne froze, the atmosphere choking her and she turned, her hand still holding the dagger and the others in the room fisted a hand placing it over their hearts and bowing their heads slightly.

“It would do you good to stand down…..High Priestess.” The voice that slipped from the one figure’s lips snaked its way through the air and sliced into Bayne’s ears. The title Bayne held was spoken in contempt and she stood stark still staring at the other figure that slid into view, a scar reaffirming her belief of that person’s identity. Her vision however slid back to the red headed, silver eyed woman that had spoken down to her.

“And who….pray tell….are you?” Bayne asked, finally finding her voice, fear radiating through it beyond her control and the woman laughed stepping forward until she stood nose to nose with Bayne.

“I am….Lorenzian Empress Neela DeNova-Eitan…..and I am the next High Priestess in line after you….now I recommend again…stand down. Neela’s eyes slitted down into angry black specks as the color of silver shattered and her annoyance filtered through. “I have been given approval on releasing my sister from there. I plan on ensuring it happens and if you have a problem with it…please take it up with the High Council. Though with your past actions and comments I dare say you are on the edge of being permanently and forcefully removed from your position. So if you wish to stand in my way, I will ensure that they need to do nothing to remove you….I’ll terminate you myself.”

Bayne stepped back her eyes wide in anger and fury as she spun the dagger and threw it, running after her claws extended as her body started to shift into the Soral form, only to be shocked as the dagger hit a shield and fell, followed by Neela’s hand catching her by the throat, squeezing tightly and lifting her.

“You are such an insubordinate…disorderly….and unruly excuse for a woman…for a Pandryl-Ialryn…you deserve this fate.” Her voice had darkened as her lips rippled away and the maw of teeth replaced it, dripping in poison and then she spat, watching as it burned Bayne’s face. She laughed coldly and set her down, placing one hand on her shoulder and moving the other to Bayne’s mouth and forcing it open. Sliding her hand in past the maw Bayne held as well from shifting and feeling the poison and wounds she was receiving barely phased her as she gripped a hold of Bayne’s tongue and grinned.

“You need to learn to hold your tongue….let me help you.” Neela growled out and yanked in one vicious motion, ripping Bayne’s tongue fully from her mouth. Bayne screamed leaving Neela the opportunity to shove her hand fully in her mouth, her claws touching the back of Bayne’s throat as Bayne coughed and gasped for air.

“And your spine…you don’t need it. You already are a spineless waste of space.” Neela’s claws penetrated through the muscle and skin around Bayne’s spine, closing her hand around the bone she tugged a little more effort going into the move as Bayne’s body spasmed in pain and shock at the sensation before her spine erupted from her mouth, Neela gripping it tightly in her hand before dropping it at the same time Bayne’s body fell down to the floor and placing her boot over Bayne’s head looking down.

“You have been….excused from your duties. We no longer require your services.” Neela laughed sickly as the boot slammed down quickly, crushing Bayne’s skull and causing her eyeballs to shoot out of their sockets and hang limply from the stems and brains to ooze from the cracks in the now crushed former Higher Priestess’ skull.

Then her body shuddered as her eyes focused back into soft silver slits and her lips reappeared. The current Head Captain Genova Jacaraques, a woman that was better known as Neela’s bodyguard, stepped forward to stand beside her. Neela’s sword, Golgesi, was still strapped to her hip opposite the side of her own sword, BaburKlara. Placing a hand on Neela’s shoulder, Genova pointed as Rowan typed in the last codes and the pod began to drain.

“Natalie…” Neela’s voice was soft and full of warmth as she spoke rushing forward to catch her twin sister as she fell from the pod, naked and shivering, her body trying to adjust to the change in temperature.

“Neela…is that really you?” Natalie asked through a cough and gripped Neela by her bare arms, staring unbelieving at her and Neela smiled nodding as she placed her forehead against her twin’s holding her tight in readiness for the transfer and the Captains all surrounded them then. Rowan’s eyes watching, the silver sliver returning as she waited for the reaction.

Natalie screamed loudly thrashing in Neela’s grasp and Neela cried then, tears flowing freely down her face. Showing the elaborate plan that had been laid out to make it seem as though she had really been on that field and died, that there had been a strong sedative in the shadow creature that took Neela’s form and caused her to black out, and how everything was all to lead up to the fact of protecting Neela.

“WHY?!” She screamed again, her claws slamming into the sides of Neela’s arms and dragging down, causing the flesh to rip apart and bleed. Neela felt Brooke step up behind her, hands on her arms and the healing was able to happen.

“I had no choice…I am sorry sister.” She whispered as Natalie pulled her claws away and breathed slowly, feeling Genova’s eyes on her she looked at her.

“You must believe her and calm yourself, Natalie.” Genova spoke with a kindness few ever lived to see as Natalie nodded shaking a little still in anger but took another deep breath and started to sit up, Neela helping her as the others watched in amazement.

"If it helps, I was in a pod myself..."She knew Natalie had seen it all though and Natalie nodded snapping her fingers as her clothes appeared on her body, Uzul and Kan strapped onto her hips. She placed a shaky hand, one on each of the hilts of her weapons as she sighed softly. However this was only the beginning….Natalie was back now. Neela was stronger and there was nothing going to stop either of them except death. The two turned heading for the doors as the others watched, Genova close behind. They were headed for home...Ayenee.
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